Venecia project


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Venecia project

  1. 1. Venice By Jordi Vallbona Ylla-Català1r B Teresa Pietx
  2. 2. Where is it? Venice is a city in northeast Italy, near Milan, Turin and Bologna.
  3. 3. Parts and places ● The city is divided into seven areas or "sestiere". There are...
  4. 4. How many people live and what languages speak?● 268.736 inhabitans live in Venice, and has an area of 412 km2. 2● Venice has got a densety of 652,27 hab/km .● The main language is "Venetian".● Two milion people speak "Venetian".● Other languages spoken are: Veneto, Trentino, Friuli, Venezia Guiulia and Istria.
  5. 5. Bridges and canals● Venice is a group of 118 small islands separated by narrow and romantic canals and connected by old and pedestrian bridges.
  6. 6. The weather● In Venice the weather hasnt Mediterranean climate, as the winters are cold and it rains more.● Venice has a humid subtropical climate.
  7. 7. Suburbs● Murano and Burano are two islands near Venice.
  8. 8. Burano & Murano● Burano is famous for its painted houses.● Murano is famous for its glass making, particularly lampworking.
  9. 9. Curiosities● A lot of people think that Venice is the most romantic city in Europe● In the canals there ara a lot of gondolas for the tourist. There are very narrow and long.
  10. 10. Curiosities● In 1987 UNESCO declared World Heritage Site, the city of Venice.