Analysis Of Film


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Analysis Of Film

  1. 1. This screen shot particularly stood out to us as a viewer and as a producer as the shot fits with the story line we have based our film trailer on which consists of settings of a wooded area. The mise-en-scene in the foreground consisting of branches and trees links with that of the background and shows the graphic match in the next few shots. The Mid Shot is also a Point of view shot of someone on looking the car implying there may be a stalker involved in the storyline. This is used more then once in the trailer. The fact the car is a large jeep/ people carrier styled vehicle suggests the car is a family car and the victims are more then one person. The tinted windows of the car helps to maintain the mystery by not revealing any characters in the car this suggestion anchors with the genre which is thriller, and adds confusion and a sense of a cliff-hanger which is a technique specifically used in trailers to make the audience go and view the films. The wooded area anchor with the setting and location of the film, being set in America. American Films typically portray rural American homes to be large and surrounded in wooded land informing the audience of one of the main sets.
  2. 2. Twigs in foreground signify that there is woodland nearby: this has connotations of mystery and danger anchoring with the genre of thriller. POV – the point of view mid-shot signify that somebody is onlooking the characters giving an insight to the plot of the film suggesting a stalker leading to murder. The Iconic American mise-en-scene consists of signifiers such as: a large porch; cabin housing; large chairs and a wooded location surrounding the house linking with the large housing land America is notorious for. This emphasising the sympathy from the audience for the characters and builds a character profile of the onlooker as being portrayed as evil even though the characters is not revealed. This anchors with the thriller genre. The costume Is also very casual and typical of what many people would wear suggesting this situation can happen to anyone adding to the horror . The costume of the characters are both plain and simple colours such as white and pastel/ pale colours connoting innocence reinforced by the shot used. The use of props in the mise-en-scene, such as the large quantity of flowers signifies the feminism and innocence of the female victims.