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LinkedIn is transforming the way companies hire, market and sell.

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LinkedIn Playbook

  1. 1. for BusinessYour guide to getting started
  2. 2. Table of contentsIntroduction0301 0306 Why choose LinkedIn? 34Hire: let the talent economypropel your businessGetting started begins with you 0914Market: build relationships withthe world’s professionals04 2002 Sell: engage the world’sdecision makers05 28LinkedIn for Business | 2
  3. 3. 01Transforming theway companies hire,market and sellThe world of work has changed.The Internet has transformed how peoplecommunicate, consume information and buildrelationships.As a result of this global phenomenon, the way theworld works is fundamentally changing:• Professionals need to be more responsive.They have to make faster, and better informed,decisions in order to perform in this acceleratedbusiness environment. • Critical business information is fragmented acrossa massive number of digital channels, includingonline networking platforms.• There is a rapid and permanent shift in howprofessionals consume and share content.Online networking sites enable individuals to connectand share information and insights more effectively.The future of work is in these networks.McKinsey Global Instituteestimates suggest that by fullyimplementing social technologies,companies have an opportunityto raise the productivity ofinteraction workers—high-skillknowledge workers, includingmanagers and professionals—by20 to 25 per cent.20% to 25%Source: McKinsey and Company, The social economy: Unlocking value and productivitythrough social technologies LinkedIn for Business | 3
  4. 4. 01Enter LinkedInThere is now a single, global community ofprofessionals from which a wealth of newdata emerges. LinkedIn is the world’s largestprofessional network on the Internet with morethan 225 million members in over 200 countriesand territories, growing at a rate of about twonew members per second. As you read this,millions of professionals are adding informationto their profiles, sharing important insights andconnecting with each other on LinkedIn.LinkedIn has accomplished this as a result of theconvergence of two key factors:1. A scalable infrastructure that connects hundreds ofmillions of people in milliseconds.2. The increasing importance of online professionalbrands for both individual professionals and businesses.Professionals know that building their networks, sharinginformation and finding the right experts can transformnot only their careers, but also the trajectory of theircompanies. And that’s where LinkedIn is focused:fundamentally transforming the way the world works.LinkedIn for Business | 4
  5. 5. 01Companies that engage on LinkedIn driverelationships and superior results.2xmore likely topurchase andrecommend1CompanyFollowers4xbetter vs.Twitter andFacebook2B2BConversions50%more likely topurchase froma companythey engagewith onLinkedIn3CompanyPresenceRelationships countmore than everRelationships matter. They matter online andoffline. For companies, relationships mean moretoday than they ever have.For years, LinkedIn has helped professionalsforge mutually beneficial relationships with otherprofessionals – thereby enabling them to buildbrand equity and convert their social efforts intonew business opportunities.Your employees are some of your organization’smost valuable evangelists. By distributing relevantinformation and news to employees, companiescan reduce the friction inherent in traditionalcommunication channels and subsequentlyincrease the likelihood that the right messages areshared with the right audiences at the right time.Sources: 1. Client Follower research study in the U.S., 2012; 2. Hubspot study of 3,128 B2Bcompanies in 2011; LinkedIn Follower Research, 2012. LinkedIn for Business | 5
  6. 6. 01Relationships matter,so does contextThe mindset of an individual is very differentwhen engaging on a personal network versus aprofessional network.Personal Networks: Users are looking for contentthat gives immediate gratification such as coupons,games or entertainment.Professional Networks: Members want content andinformation that will help them work smarter andmake better decisions.Professionals typically engage in activities focusedon networking and searching for new opportunities.These behaviors revolve around achievement,happiness, goals and security.On a professional network, members buildknowledge to strengthen their identity, makingthem more purposeful and goal oriented in theircareers. In this context, people actually expect toreceive updates, information, and tools from thecompanies and brands that they want to work foror do business with. In fact, they’re 26 percentmore likely to want to hear from a company in aprofessional environment.Users have 2x more trustin LinkedIn than in othernetworks12xof users keep theirprofessional and personalnetworks separate83%LinkedIn reached 225M members in 2013 and isadding approximately 6M new members per monthSources: 1. LinkedIn Audience 360 Survey, December 2011. LinkedIn for Business | 6
  7. 7. 01We’re on a Mission“To connect the world’sprofessionals to makethem more productiveand successful.”By providing professionals with the ability to buildan online identity, share insights and be accessibleeverywhere, LinkedIn is helping professionals – namelyyour employees – do their jobs better than ever before.What does this mean for your business?LinkedIn for Business | 7
  8. 8. 01Delivering valueThe functions of hiring, marketing and selling arecrucial to the success of any enterprise, large orsmall.Whether it’s finding the right talent, securing awarm introduction to a target customer, engagingthe right professional with the right brand messageor closing the sale, the needs are the same. Youhave to be able to:• Identify the right person.• Engage them with content that is compelling.• Spur them to action.LinkedIn is the definitive platform for theseactivities.LinkedIn is not only fundamentally changing howcompanies find talent, but also how they marketand sell their products and services to customers.LinkedIn’s extensive network of hundreds ofmillions of professionals, and the graph of howthey’re connected to each other, is a criticalplatform that companies like yours can leverageto grow your business, increase revenues anddrive momentum.Engage the world’s best passive talentHireEngage most effectively with professionalsMarketEngage the world’s decision makersSellLinkedIn for Business | 8
  9. 9. Getting started begins with you02
  10. 10. 02LinkedIn countsexecutives from all 2012Fortune 500 companiesas membersYour employees arebrand ambassadorsLinkedIn provides you with an easy way to activateand harness your most valuable influencersand evangelists – your employees – who areincreasingly using and relying on LinkedIn. Youremployees are your ambassadors who can provideyou with significant opportunities to showcase yourbrand with potential candidates and customers.Your employees are conduits who can help yourcompany virally distribute relevant and valuablenews and information to the right audiences.Each time an employee changes their profile orshares an update, members of their network arenotified – and you have the opportunity get yourbrand messages out to key decision makers andprospects.But it all begins with YOU. Lead by example, andcreate or complete your own LinkedIn profile.This sets the stage for your company’s talentambassadors to engage on LinkedIn, where theycan showcase your company, products, and brand.LinkedIn for Business | 10
  11. 11. 02A complete LinkedInprofile establishesyour professionalbrand onlineA rich, complete profile makes you a discoverablebrand on LinkedIn. Being discoverable on LinkedInmakes it easier to share your expertise, cultivatevaluable relationships, gain actionable businessinsights and be more professionally productive.Today finding the right people, locating the rightinformation, and cultivating the right relationshipsincreasingly occurs online. As the world’s mostpowerful professional network, LinkedIn is aversatile online platform that can make you andyour company more competitive in an open market.• Showcases your personal professional brand• Helps you build your network and gain businessinsights• Organizes and secures your professional contacts• Educates colleagues and customers about yourqualifications and credentials• Makes it easier to communicate and collaboratewith your internal and external business contactsAs a valuable professional resource, LinkedIn:LinkedIn for Business | 11
  12. 12. 02Building a strongnetworkQuality is more important than quantity. Yournetwork is an important part of your professionalidentity. Deep relationships with relevantconnections will yield better results than a broad,but shallow network of unrelated connections ordistant acquaintances. Keep your network usefuland meaningful by connecting with people youknow and trust.It’s important to establish rapport with customersand prospects before sending them connectionrequests. Rapport helps frame your connectionrequests as natural relationship building ratherthan a sales tactic.Consider how your employees are connectedon LinkedIn. What is the extent or reach of theirnetworks? Do they have a robust connectiondensity? Are others viewing their profiles? Areyour employees sharing their business insights?Who are they connected to?• Have closer relationships• Provide increased knowledge flow• Allow for faster access to valuable contacts forbusiness development or talent pipelining• Collaborate more• Have a stronger voice as brand ambassadors foryour organizationConnected employees:LinkedIn for Business | 12
  13. 13. 02Drive thoughtleadership andamplify youremployees’ voicesBeing active on LinkedIn is important in buildingyour network and extending your company’sreach. Ensuring your employees keep theirLinkedIn profiles up to date and relevant isimportant, but so is the content they share sinceit adds tremendous value from a corporatebranding perspective.Content keeps employees connected and drivesengagement with their professional network,including current and prospective customers.Encourage your employees to talk about excitingchanges in your business, to share industryinsights and to promote the events you host,sponsor, or attend.Fostering a sense of community through yourCompany Page, employee profiles, and LinkedInGroups makes strategic business sense. LinkedInGroups in particular are an effective way foremployees to connect with peers, collaborate withother professionals, and engage potential customers.Fostering a sense of communityLinkedIn for Business | 13
  14. 14. Hire: let the talent economypropel your business03
  15. 15. 03Engage the world’sbest passive talentMillions of skilled professionals are on LinkedInand 80 percent of them are passive talent –peoplewho are already working and aren’t proactivelylooking for their next opportunity. Passivecandidates are too busy changing the world withintheir current positions, so engaging with these topprofessionals requires a different approach.LinkedIn can help your recruiting team find andretain the best talent by matching the right personwith the right opportunity. LinkedIn empowersorganizations like yours to do more with less byunlocking the world’s largest professional networkto discover the best-fit candidates for your priorityroles and to help you build a trusted talent brand.There’s no better way to find quality candidatesquickly and more cost-effectively.With LinkedIn Talent Solutions, you’ll also receivereal time access to powerful data, analytic andreporting tools to better understand how youcompare to your competitors in your recruitingefforts.“It’s not until someone taps a happilyemployed top performer on the shoulderwith a stronger opportunity that they lifttheir head up from what they’re doing on aday-to-day basis and consider a change.”Jim SchnyderGlobal Process & Tools Lead, PepsiCoLinkedIn for Business | 15
  16. 16. 03Talent is essential toorganizational successTalent is the most critical asset of any organization. It’s your corporate DNA. With LinkedInyou can source and build relationships with top talent, even if they aren’t actively lookingfor new opportunities.LinkedIn’s flagship Recruiter product enables companies to recruit passive talent at scaleand find the ideal candidate from among LinkedIn’s over 225 million members, regardlessof whether or not they are actively looking for a new role.With the most powerful searchfunctionality available on LinkedInRecruiter, you can expand searchesbeyond your personal connections toaccess the entire LinkedIn network.Master even the toughest searcheswith powerful filters that helpyou immediately zero in on idealcandidates.Expand your reachContact candidates through InMail®– LinkedIn’s trusted messagingenvironment. Work more efficientlywith InMail message templates andone-to-many InMails. Get higherresponse rates than cold calling andemail.Contact anyoneBuild, track, and manage talent youwant to hire now or in the future withfolders, reminders and smart to dolists. Synchronize team activities withshared projects, searches, profiles,and candidate notes.Manage your pipelineLinkedIn for Business | 16
  17. 17. 03Target relevant jobsto best-fit candidatesHelp your HR team say goodbye to post and praycandidate searches. Imagine if your job postingscould do your sourcing for you - with LinkedIn, theycan!LinkedIn has re-invented what it means to post jobopenings online – helping you put the right positionsin front of only the right candidates.With the LinkedIn Jobs Network, you’re tapping intothe world’s largest pool of professional talent.Other job posting services provide access to only20 percent of the workforce that is actively lookingto make a move.Passive talent, employees who are happy andproductive in their current jobs make the bestcandidates, and they represent 80 percent of theworkforce.These passive candidates in LinkedIn’s networkrepresent a whole new talent pool. LinkedIn lets youtarget the right candidates automatically and everyLinkedIn profile lets you see their job experience,skills and career goals.Let your jobs find the best candidatesEighty percent of professionals are open tojob opportunities, but not actively looking.Use LinkedIn Job Slots to share personalizedjobs with professionals when they visit theirhomepage, an employee profile, or yourcareers tab. Automatically target the mostrelevant candidates using LinkedIn’s matchingalgorithms and profile data.Get top billing for high-priority jobsDrive great candidates to your high priorityroles with a Sponsored Jobs placement. Bidfor premium placement of your roles and onlypay when a candidate clicks to view your job.Reach the best candidates anywhereDistribute your jobs to thousands of otherwebsites and enjoy the same, exact targetingability you enjoy on LinkedIn with Jobs ForYou Web Ads.✓✓✓LinkedIn for Business | 17
  18. 18. 03Create a talent brandthat appeals to topcandidatesLinkedIn will help you develop your talent brand andestablish why your company is the best place to work.This is a key advantage given the fierce competitionfor the best and brightest minds on the planet. In thisera of increasing transparency, your talent brand is nolonger just about recruiting.Consumers are making purchasing decisions basedon more than the quality of your products andservices. Now they’re interested in the companybehind your product – your mission and vision,culture and values, where and how you sourceproducts, what you’re affecting the environment, andhow you give back to your community.These qualities, while historically falling underthe purview of HR to communicate to potentialprospects, are now a key part of your overall brandequity. This brings your CMO into the talent brandfold, while also putting HR at the center of buildingyour brand. This is where LinkedIn can help you craftyour approach.Show offCreate a hub where you can tell a rich storyabout who you are using images, video,employee testimonials, and more. Keepcandidates in the loop by encouraging themto “follow” your company on LinkedIn.Customize your messageTailor the experience to viewers with dynamicmessaging, based on their LinkedIn profiles.Now you’re highly relevant to your priorityaudiences.Showcase your most relevant jobsAutomatically showcase your most relevantjobs to each visitor of your careers tab.✓✓✓“A strong employment brand reduces cost perhire by up to 50 percent.”Source (slide 4): for Business | 18
  19. 19. 03With LinkedIn, Standard Chartered had a full talentsolutions package that bolstered their Careers Page by40,000 new followers. They saw a 100 percent increasein page views, a 3X increase in profile views, 5X increasein job views and 8X increase in job applications versusits competitors. Today, Standard’s Talent Brand Indexscore is up 24 percent – the highest in Asia.Dell has reduced its external, annual executive recruitingspend by $28.4 million using LinkedIn! LinkedIn hasbeen credited as the number one external source forthis reduction, impacting over 8,000 hires per year. Infact, employee referral is the number one source ofnew hires (30 to 40 percent). Now Dell leverages its107,000+ employees for talent branding.Using LinkedIn, L’Oreal expanded its reach for newtalent far beyond the candidates in their database.They tackled passive candidate recruiting on a largescale. L’Oreal increased the quality and diversity of theircandidates and reached prospective hires that wouldnot normally apply directly. In addition to improvingtheir own LinkedIn Company Page and in turn bolsteringtheir reputation, L’Oreal also hired the right peoplefaster by reaching out to them directly.LinkedIn has helped Banco Itau completely transformthe way they search and recruit new employees.One of Brazil’s largest banks, Banco Itau, has usedLinkedIn to reduce time to hire, cut agency costs, andinternalize their recruiting function while buildingmarket intelligence and gaining credibility with hiringmanagers.Proven successLinkedIn for Business | 19
  20. 20. Market: build relationships withthe world’s professionals04
  21. 21. 04Not just customers…relationshipsLinkedIn builds relationships between brands andthe world’s professionals to make them both moresuccessful.From all across today’s increasingly connecteddigital landscape, LinkedIn has earned thegenuine trust of global professionals. Your brandcan now leverage that trust to build relationshipsand achieve a full range of marketing objectives:generating awareness, building community,increasing consideration and preference, drivingtraffic and leads, and creating advocacy. That’s because your campaigns will resonate moreif they’re targeted to specific professionals withour targeted advertising products. Your contentwill have greater impact and sharing when it’spublished in the professional context. And you canextend through the social sharing that happensnaturally on LinkedIn, and extend authenticLinkedIn data to your branded channel.Brands build relationships by using LinkedIn totarget, publish, and extend:Target with accuracy to reach a high qualityaudience1Publish to specific members with relevant contentin a professional context2Extend through social sharing and extend qualitytraffic and data to a brand’s sites3LinkedIn for Business | 21
  22. 22. 04Use accuratetargeting to reach ahigh quality audienceCombining massive scale with data integrity andaccurate targeting is the foundation of the LinkedInsocial platform.With LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, you can targetour full suite of products to a global population of themost influential, educated, and affluent on the web.LinkedIn enables companies like yours to engage withprofessionals in unprecedented ways – by seniority,functional area, type of company, size of company,geography, as well as who they know in their network,and how they behave. LinkedIn’s targeting is accurate because it draws fromactual profile data provided and continually updatedby our 225 million members.In this way, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helps brandmarketers capture “the personal in the professional”by leveraging the absolute integrity of LinkedIn data.Now brands have a proven way to directly target fromwithin the most affluent, influential, and educatedaudience on the social web.median household incomeof a LinkedIn member1$83Kbusiness decision makersin the U.S.25MMembers have 2X more buyingpower than average, more thanthe other top 5 social media sites32xof LinkedIn monthly visitors havea college or graduate degree452%LinkedIn’s premium audience at a glance:Sources: 1. comScore US PlanMetrix, February 2013; 2. comScore PlanMetrix, December 2012.Business decision makers with $1M+ budget; 3. comScore US Media Metrix Data, September2012; 4. comScore US Plan Metrix, December 2013 LinkedIn for Business | 22
  23. 23. 04Publish with purposeWe know that content marketing is an important wayfor brands to engage with professional audiences.Professionals seek out ideas and opportunities fromthe people and brands they trust. But what does thatreally mean for your business?Simply stated, content marketing comes downto sharing, connecting, and discovering what’simportant to your customers and prospects.But not all audiences are created equal. With ourmore than 225 million global professionals activelyseeking content in a professional context, LinkedInis the definitive professional publishing platform.Sharing among a high quality professional audienceis truly unique to LinkedIn. Our members receivethe most relevant content from brands and morethan 1.3 million publishers connected to LinkedIn.Our members then share this compelling contentthrough the network.We help brands and organizations like yours toincrease engagement by maximizing relevance withyour audience. Marketers use our data and contentmarketing solutions to publish tailored content andmessages best suited for relevant engagements.And they enhance the relationship building with acombination of paid and organic solutions.Over 85 per cent ofmarketers at B2B andB2C brands are engagedin some form of contentmarketing now.185%Source: 1. 2013 Content Marketing Benchmarks – North America, Content Marketing Institute/Marketing Profs LinkedIn for Business | 23
  24. 24. 04Establish acompany presenceAs you build relationships with professionals, acore content solution is a great Company Page –your company’s home on LinkedIn.Your Company Page connects your business withmillions of professionals. It’s the one, centralizedsource for millions of LinkedIn members will stayin the loop on your company news, productsand services, business opportunities, and jobopportunities.Spread the wordYour team can easily post status updates, stay top of mindwith followers, build product/service recommendationsand promote career opportunities through your LinkedInCompany Page.• Status updates empower you to engage directly withexisting customers and prospects. Spread the wordabout company news or offers. Start a conversationaround a hot topic in your industry or share aninteresting article or video.• Customer recommendations provide an authenticendorsement of your products and services, making iteasy for prospective customers to feel confident aboutdoing business with you.• Career opportunities can be showcased, along witha spotlight on key employees and a view into yourcompany’s culture.Build meaningful relationshipsUse analytics to find out who’s visiting your Company Page,who’s attracted to your company, and what visitors andfollowers are interested in learning about your business. Usethese insights to hone your messages, drive more traffic toyour page, and create new leads and customers.LinkedIn for Business | 24
  25. 25. 04Extend engagementon and off LinkedinBrands on LinkedIn don’t simply tell their storiesonce. Those stories drive ongoing engagementand brand exposure across the world’s largestprofessional network.Unlike traditional media vehicles, LinkedIn wasdesigned for social engagement. Once publishedon LinkedIn, your content, advertising andexperiences work to reach specific audienceswith relevant messages. As your communicationsmove across the LinkedIn network, they arecontinually endorsed and socialized from brandto professional, remaining relevant to connectionsand groups at every step.You can also extend the quality traffic of LinkedInprofessionals to your own branded sites.Embedding Calls-to-Action in your creative onLinkedIn ensures the flow of influential, affluentand educated professionals to your otheronline properties. You also have the ability touse LinkedIn’s API to create custom brandedexperiences that allow members to sign in to anapp using their LinkedIn login. This enables you totailor their experience and it simplifies the need forthem to enter additional data.LikeCommentShare✓LinkedIn for Business | 25
  26. 26. 04Analyze and refineSuccess depends on your ability to measureperformance and optimize efforts. LinkedIn’sanalytics tools empower your organization to dojust that, ensuring you have the insights you needto strengthen your relationships.Take note: what content drives conversation?For example, the best way to increase content engagementand amplification is to experiment with different kindsof content. Once you understand what works, you caneasily refine your approach. You gain access to statistics(engagement rate, impressions, likes, shares and comments)below each status update 24 hours after each post.Measuring engagementAn important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a post’sengagement rate – the ratio of clicks, likes, comments, andshares to total update impressions. This is an importantmetric for understanding how often members take actionon your updates. If you include a link in an update, be sureto generate it with a link-shortening service like bitly This way you can keep track of total click-throughs.Measuring amplificationAs you post updates, you can see which subjects andformats are driving the greatest amplification and reach.With insights into engagement, you understand howoften members are amplifying your content. For example,you might notice that your reach is higher whenever youpost about your company’s philanthropic initiatives. Thismight tell you that many of your followers are interested inlearning more about your company values and culture.LinkedIn for Business | 26
  27. 27. 04Samsung Mobile developed a successfulcampaign on LinkedIn to buildrelationships with early adopters andinfluencers with a passion for consumertechnology. Using LinkedIn’s CompanyPage and status updates, SamsungMobile built valuable relationships withits most desired audiences, acquiring165,000 new followers and boostingword-of-mouth for its latest products.Fifty-five percent of these followersfollow Samsung Mobile only on LinkedInand not on other social platforms.HP built a LinkedIn follower communityof over one million professionalsconsisting of many C-level decisionmakers who are highly engaged andactive. They keep their communityinformed with new brand messages,custom content and display ads. HPreaches precise audiences in 15 targetmarkets and their followers are 2.5xmore likely to recommend HP solutions.Connect: Professional Women’s Network,Powered by Citi is a collaborationbetween Citi and LinkedIn to bringprofessional women the best curatedoriginal content as well as resourceson topics that matter most to them.Connect encourages conversationsabout business and financial topicswhile increasing Citi’s brand favorably.It attracted 43,000 highly engagedand active group members in just fourmonths with 30-50 percent returningweekly – over 2X the engagement of anyother LinkedIn Group.Proven successLinkedIn for Business | 27
  28. 28. Sell: engage the world’sdecision makers05
  29. 29. 05A new generationof sales successLinkedIn helps companies increase sales throughrelationships and insights. It empowers salesprofessionals to find the right person, the bestpath in, and the right thing to say.A typical sales team gets up to 30% of its leadsfrom marketing. To be successful, individual salesreps need to fill their own pipeline with high-quality prospects.LinkedIn provides unparalleled prospectingcapabilities, enabling sales professionals toquickly and easily discover decision-makers andinfluencers. Moreover, reaching those buyers iseasier because LinkedIn Sales Navigator surfacesinsights and uncovers hidden connections tofind the best and most efficient path to higherquality prospects. By instantly and automaticallybroadening a sales professional’s network toinclude everyone in the company, teams canincrease the number of reachable prospectsexponentially.LinkedIn enables sales reps to discover actionableinsights in real-time to provide personal context fortheir first discussion. ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’,alerts, and the ability to view full names and profileinformation allows reps to know more about prospectsbefore reaching out.What do I say?LinkedIn’s TeamLink helps sales teams find decisionmakers by leveraging team connections. TeamLinkuncovers hidden connections to help you find andreach higher quality prospects more quickly.How do I get in?An easy-to-use advanced search allows salesprofessionals to leverage the accurate and completeprofiles of over 225M LinkedIn members to identifythe right prospect.Who’s the right person?LinkedIn for Business | 29
  30. 30. 05Identify and engagethe best prospectsFinding the right person is half the battle, andLinkedIn streamlines that process to make salesteams more successful and help drive newbusiness opportunities. LinkedIn provides salesprofessionals with a fast and easy way to identifykey prospects. With over 220 million membersand extensive advanced search filters help salespeople simultaneously cast a wide net andpinpoint the right person to talk to.In addition to searching, sales professionals canalso leverage current activities and insights toidentify new prospects. These insights aboutindividuals provide personal context for the firstdiscussion with a potential customer.LinkedIn members arepurchasing decision-makers7.9Mof those are C-level execsor VPs3.9MLinkedIn is fundamentally transformingthe way the world works and the waycompanies do business. The stats speakfor themselves:LinkedIn for Business | 30
  31. 31. 05Sales is a team sportLinkedIn revolutionizes team selling, making it apowerful team sport. Through LinkedIn, a salesteam is transformed from a collection of individualsleveraging their own networks to a team leveraginga company-wide network. The power of collectivenetworks can help teams reach new people andopen new doors.In LinkedIn Sales Navigator, TeamLink uncovershidden connections to find the best path tohigher quality prospects more quickly. By instantlybroadening a sales professional’s network toinclude everyone in the company, teams canexponentially increase the number of reachableprospects. The TeamLink Connections search filteryields prospects who have connections to yourteam, helping you focus on the best prospects.“The best reps are not just present insocial media, they position themselves ascredible and influential sources in customernetworks.”Sales Executive Council“The B2B social buyer relies on socialmedia and online communities during thepurchase process.”ITSMA“Effective use of sales intelligenceincreases revenue productivity per salesrep by 17%.”CSO InsightsLinkedIn for Business | 31
  32. 32. 05Scalable socialsellingMillions of sales professionals use LinkedIn everyday for prospecting and networking, but onlyLinkedIn Sales Navigator helps companies createscalable social selling programs. With enterprisetools like Usage Reporting, leaders can gainvaluable insights to build and scale a social sellingprogram across their company with confidence.Usage Reporting provides visibility into salesteam’s activity on LinkedIn. Critical informationto drive adoption of best practices and identifycoaching opportunities.InsightsSell with social sales intelligenceDiscoveryIdentify leads and reveal common connections EngagementGet in touch with decision makersEverywhereUse LinkedIn seamlessly within your CRM LinkedIn for Business | 32
  33. 33. 05Proven SuccessWith 400 employeesworldwide, Eloquahas grown steadily since it wasfounded in 1999. Its RevenuePerformance Management solutionshelp companies uncover businessinsights that inform marketing andsales strategies. Using LinkedIn SalesNavigator, Eloqua has increasedconversion rates of leads to salesby 25% and reduced cycle times by20 days. Over 15% of reps are nowexceeding their quotas.“LinkedIn Sales Navigator is thebest tool that our sales team hasfor our social and target accountselling initiative.”Dennis DresserVP of Sales/ Americas for EloquaSavo wanted to growits new customerbusiness aggressively. With LinkedInSales Navigator, Savo can now findaccurate information about prospectsand target organizations; craft salescampaigns with deeper intelligence;and shorten sales cycle times.LinkedIn’s TeamLink also enablesthem to expand the power of salesteam connections and helped raisethe level of engagement with VPsfrom 20% to 50%.“LinkedIn Sales Navigator hasenabled our sales organization toconduct prospecting faster andmore precisely. The net result is ahigher quality pipeline, which helpsus capture a greater share of ourmarketplace.”Eric MarcyDirector, Sales Development andPerformance,The SAVO GroupThe industrystandard for legal,electronic signatures, DocuSignneeded to forge deeper connectionswith key decision makers andenhance prospecting and leadqualification. They selected LinkedInFor Salesforce and have acceleratedlead qualification, profiling, andaccount development. The seamlessintegration between LinkedIn andSalesforce enhances their salesteam’s knowledge by providing real-time access to companies, profiles,and activities of LinkedIn members.“More than 80 per cent of ourreps found important LinkedIninformation that they would nothave known otherwise because ofLinkedIn’s seamless integrationwith Salesforce.”Bob DeSantisVice President of Sales, DocuSignLinkedIn for Business | 33
  34. 34. Why choose LinkedIn?06
  35. 35. 06Driving success as you hire,market and sellLinkedIn has already fundamentally changed how companies find talent. As the threecore business functions of Hire, Market and Sell converge, LinkedIn’s core data assets ofmillions of professional profiles and the graph of how they are connected to each otherwill be a critical tool that helps companies succeed at all of them.LinkedIn is the platform to transform your business into a social business to help drivegrowth and productivity for your organization. Let us help your team succeed in waysyou never thought possible.Get started today at for Business | 35
  36. 36. List all jobs on LinkedIn to maximize strong talent brand Leverage employees as brand ambassadors Maximize recruiters using LinkedIn to find and engagethe best passive talentHire06A checklist to get you started today Brand, connect and engage your employee’s profiles Build a rock star LinkedIn Company Page as the basis foryour community (see the company page guide book)Build your presence Continue to grow your follower base and communities Increase number of relevant and targeted status updates Share engaging and professionally relevant content AmplifyMarket Encourage sales reps to continue to grow theirprofessional network and build their professional brand Leverage strong internal connections Gather and contribute insightsSellLinkedIn for Business | 36
  37. 37. 06Want more?Check out some of these additional resources.Top tips to establish a rock star profile. the LinkedIn Company Page Guide,which includes 5 Steps to engaging followers.Sales solutions information.http://sales.linkedin.comDownload the LinkedIn Employer BrandPlaybook for the 5 steps to crafting a highlysocial talent brand.10 Tips to engage passive talent. for Business | 37
  38. 38. So, that’s it! Ready to get started? Great!Go to to beginyour journey today.And remember – we’re always here to help!