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"Design" vs Design


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Though everyone isn't a "designer", we can all learn to design better products and experiences for our customers.

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"Design" vs Design

  1. 1. Hi, I’m Jordan aka the “designer”
  2. 2. • Layout • Type • Color • Grid • Pattern • Shape • Size • Emphasis • Etc.
  3. 3. the visual elements used by Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Interior Decorators, Artists, Fashion Designers, Architects…
  4. 4. the experience
  5. 5. the principles of making an experience better, easier, or more enjoyable through improved graphics, code, content, sound, etc., and especially process
  6. 6. Brands that design great experiences:
  7. 7. Two things all of those companies do: i. Map customers’ experiences ii. Create habitual users
  8. 8. i. Mapping the customer experience
  9. 9. Customer experience for defective product
  10. 10. Customer experience for defective product
  11. 11. Customer experience for defective product
  12. 12. Customer experience for defective product
  13. 13. How to map the experience 1. Make smarter decisions • User feedback should drive decisions, not our presumptions 2. Bring teams together • Collaboration drives the best ideas 3. Build deeper empathy • Discover and design to improve the customer’s pain-points 4. Clarify the bigger picture • “I understand & can help” – Simplify to singular improvements -Adaptive Path (an entire company doing just UX)
  14. 14. Customer experience: Landing pages
  15. 15. ii. Creating habitual users
  16. 16. 5 goals of business: 1. Increase revenue 2. Decrease costs 3. Increase new business 4. Increase existing business 5. Increasing shareholder value
  17. 17. As a marketing company, what determines our success? Who are our customers?
  18. 18. To create habitual customers/users/readers: Make the desired behaviors you want them to do easier to accomplish
  19. 19. So let’s follow TA’s lead… Shawn Butler Social Media Director | Problem Solver 801.555.1234 Justin Reynolds Project Manager | Solution Designer 801.555.1234 …after all, everyone’s a designer