Jordan's Down and Dirty Off Road Adventure


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  • Always wanted to travel to OzExperience doing door to door sales – trying something new and learning something about yourself that you didn’t think you could do
  • Middle of recession in 2009Knew I needed to do something differentPlanned the street corner stunt and called the media – landed job
  • Picked Coast over banks and entry level jobs at corporationsKnew I needed to expand my network and wanted to meet more small business owners – Also knew I wanted to start something on my own and wouldn’t have made those connections at the bank
  • Would have been easy to take Shiny Big job. Easy road isn’t always the best roadCoast was 100% commission – used to that already
  • Left Coast to work for Precision in November 2010 In December, convinced parents to invest $15,000Hired first developer (contract) in January 2011
  • Laid off in MarchEI Benefits. Got stuff off the groundAndrew quit
  • Spring of 2011, Still on EIFound Developer #2 on KijijiSuggested to rebuild software. Production cut by 75% and would only take $4000 to completeFAILED TO SEE RED FLAGSBLACKMAILED ME
  • 17,000 on a product that doesn’t workStill on EIStill living with my parentsStart applying for jobs – Got hired with an ad agency
  • Reference Ice T video on youtube.
  • 35,000 for web development and marketingFirst time they loaned money for softwareTook 6 months Hired 3rd developer to finish first developers work
  • Onelobby goes Live on Nov 1. Very exciting, show it off like its my first born.
  • November 17, diagnosed
  • Breakup, Diabetes, all the struggles from the year Mother tells me to decide Diabetes Is 400/month w/ no insuranceFound association for entrepreneurs for insurance and I kept going.STILL LIVING AT HOME
  • January 2012 moved into cottage in East Chezzetcook, NSFOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS
  • Pitching idea to companies for OneLobby while also working at the agencyExciting – finally got some tractionAll cold call prospects, all free account, needed to build credibility in the marketplace and have people using the product
  • Having a foot in both worlds was taking its toll – sat down with boss at agency after the holidays and decided that I couldn’t be only giving 50% to each job, needed to dedicate myself 100% to one thing and chose OneLobby
  • Still a one person show, outsourcing developmentStarted to live off credit cards and lines of creditContinuing to make cold calls and gain interest
  • My savior. He changed my life.start up weekend, but it wasn’t until May when I called him to talk about investing that we really clicked
  • Talk more with BrianHe gets me to start pitching all these people and tells me he’s interested in joining the team and wants to talk more about it
  • meet in Halifax and we decide to go for it, he brought Jason with him
  • Summer of 2012 – Lots of press, lots of attention. Begin to fundraise $500,000
  • Seedcamp is an investing competitionOnly one from Canada invitedDidn’t get investment, but met a TON of connections like Birchmere and people I still keep in contact with today.
  • Move to Fredericton
  • Pivot from social network to event management. DebbieLanda
  • Hired 2 key developers incentives for good people to join start ups – risking security and leaving well paying jobs
  • Continue to meet with angel investorsClosed $500,000 in Nov. APPLY for EVERY Gov. program
  • Go to dreamforce to meet key people and early adoptersTeam buildingContinue to do interviews with early adopters via Clarity.
  • We used clarity while in San Fran to connect with early adopters.
  • Jordan's Down and Dirty Off Road Adventure

    1. 1. Jordan’s Down & Dirty Off-Road Adventure From Business School to Beta Testing @JordanYFC @OneLobby
    2. 2. Down and Dirty Off Road Adventure13 Lessons LearnedQ/A
    3. 3. Business School
    4. 4. Australia
    5. 5. Lesson Learned #1 When you get out of your comfort zone, you learn newthings about yourself and what you are capable of.
    6. 6. Jobless in Canada
    7. 7. Lesson Learned #2It’s not enough to be better, you have to be different
    8. 8. The Coast
    9. 9. Lesson Learned #3 Every decision, no matter howsmall, you must consider how itwill affect your life, not only six months down the road, but six years down the road.
    10. 10. New Job, New Money
    11. 11. Laid Off
    12. 12. Lesson Learned #4 Getting laid off, not always a bad thing – one door shutsanother door opens and how to deal with the unexpected
    13. 13. The Second Developer
    14. 14. Lesson Learned #5Hiring is the most importantthing you will do. Be picky.
    15. 15. $17,000 in the Hole
    16. 16. Lesson Learned #6People will expect you to quit. Ifyou feel its time to let it go do it foryourself, not others.There is going to be a point in yourlife when you have to say F*&% IT!
    17. 17. Finally, Funding!
    18. 18. Lesson Learned #7People invest in you first and the idea second
    19. 19. Here We Go!
    20. 20. Big Decisions
    21. 21. Breaking Point
    22. 22. Lesson Learned #8 There is going to be a point where you’ll have to decide ifyou really believe in what you’re doing, you will have to make some really hard decisions to pursue it.
    23. 23. Picking Three
    24. 24. The entrepreneur’s dilemma:Maintaining friendships, building agreat company, spending time withfamily, staying fit, getting sleep –Pick 3 -Randi Zuckerberg
    25. 25. Lesson Learned #9How to get really focused and prioritized – the earlier you can, the better.
    26. 26. Finally, Customers!
    27. 27. A Foot in Two Worlds
    28. 28. Lesson Learned #10At some point you have to make a risky move, you can choose security or you can choose your start-up. You can’t have both.
    29. 29. January – March 2012
    30. 30. @BrianDunphy
    31. 31. Demo Day – Launch 36
    32. 32. Lesson Learned #11 Have to keep networking. You never know whatpossibilities will come from the smallest event.
    33. 33. July 1, 2012
    34. 34. Press
    35. 35. SeedCamp
    36. 36. SeedCamp
    37. 37. Halifax To Fredericton
    38. 38. The New OneLobby Is Born
    39. 39. Lesson Learned #12 Accepting failure.Also learned to listen to your customer. Don’t let a hit to your ego get in the way of a collaboration that could be a profitable move.
    40. 40. Developers on Deck
    41. 41. Finding Investors
    42. 42. Lesson Learned #13Confidence – Fake it until you make it. Coachable. Team.
    43. 43. Dreamforce
    44. 44. Key Connections
    45. 45.
    46. 46. OneLobby Today
    47. 47. Beta Testing
    48. 48. ConclusionThe Entrepreneur’s Dilemma.Team is EVERYTHING.Trust your gut.Hardest part is getting started.Mark Suster Blog – Entrepreneurshit.
    49. 49. @JordanYFC