40. Audience Feedback


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Audience feedback of music magazine

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40. Audience Feedback

  1. 1. 40. Audience Feedback By Jordan Sibley
  2. 2. For my Audience feedback I made a questionnaire on survey monkey and posted on my facebook my magazine blog address and my address for the survey. With this it has helped stimulate a wide range of opinions of what my target audience thought about it and if it appealed to them or not. I have also made a video of three people and also asked them questions about my magazine and what they thought about it.
  3. 3. Survey Monkey Results http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5JTLD9P
  4. 4. For my first question I asked: What do you think about my magazine at first site? These are the results I got This shows that my audience likes my magazine at a first glance. This is a good result as it means that they would take interest in it if it were to be on a shops shelf and that they would at least pick it up and look more into it. I haven't had any negative results from this which means that I have been successful in making it eye catching and interesting to my audiences eye.
  5. 5. For my second question I asked Who do you think my magazine is aimed at? These are the results I got From these results it shows that the majority of the people thought that my magazine was aimed at indie fans and that closely was aimed at rock fans, which is a good result as it shows that my magazine is stylised like and indie and rock magazine should but also the there was a clue in the title of the magazine as well ‘Indie & Rock Magazine’ . It shows that I have used the right sort of house style, typefaces and pictures for my magazine to give it that indie and rock style.
  6. 6. For my third question I asked What do you like most about my Magazine? These are the results I got From these results most people liked my layout of the magazine, this could be because they could see things easily, it is neat, not over done and is clear. Along with this they also liked my photography, this could be because it was easy to tell what the pictures were telling and what they represented. I don’t think they likes my features very much or just cause they liked something else better.
  7. 7. For my fourth question I asked Would you buy my magazine? My results for this was that 90% said Yes they would & 10% said No they wouldn’t These results show that majority of people would buy my magazine. This means that my magazine does appeal to people and would be willing to pay for the content of the magazine and what is in it. It must stand out to them as well, which I made sure that the important things I wanted to stand out were in red as this is a bold colour that stands on the page practically on a black or white background.
  8. 8. For my Fifth question I asked Do you think my price is right? My results are These results show that my price for my magazine is just right for the quality of it, and also shows that my previous survey was helpful at pricing it right as majority of people chose £ 2.50 on that as well. The results also show that some people aren’t so bothered about how much it is but what is actually in the magazine, if its something that’s worth buying then it don’t matter about the price if they really want it.
  9. 9. For my sixth question I asked Do freebies interest you more into buying a magazine? My results are 80% said Yes they do & 20% said No they don’t This shows that having a freebie on my magazine than more people would be more attracted to it to buy the magazine for the freebie. This is a good result as in my previous survey my results showed that people liked freebies in a magazine as well as the other things in a magazine.
  10. 10. For my Seventh question I asked What would you change most about my magazine? My results for this From these results the majority of people said they would change my masthead, layout and feature. I would agree on the masthead as I could make it more fancy or even use a different typeface to go with the genre of music and make it more graphic. The layout on the contents I would change as it is a bit bear and take some better photographs for it, also the cover could have another photo on it so it doesn’t look so bear just the one. I agree with the features as I could of put more thought to them and make them more interesting to the reader.
  11. 11. For my Eighth question I asked Who would you say be the closest competitor to my magazine? These are the results I got These show that NME would be my closest competitor as they are similar magazines. Also when I was creating my magazine I used NME as an inspiration to my magazine also along with that I also used Kerrang! . As both of these magazine represent Indie and Rock most and were really good help in making my own music magazine.
  12. 12. For my Ninth question I asked Where would you expect to find my magazine? The results I got from this These results show that my audience would mostly expect that my magazine would be sold in a News agents, as my magazine isn’t such a main stream magazine as it is specialised in only Indie and Rock genre of music so it wouldn’t be as big ad NME would be. Also the readership of it wouldn’t be as bit as again it is a specialised magazine.
  13. 13. For my Last question I asked Is there a distinctive house style? The result that I go for this This shows that there is a distinctive house style and that it is easy to tell that every part of the magazine is part of that magazine and doesn’t look part of something else. I kept the house style to black, white and red as these are bold and simple colours to use in a magazine. Also I kept the typefaces similar to each other. Also with the main storey photos I have used on the front cover and on the double page spread so that they link together.
  14. 14. Video