Media studies building photographs


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Media studies building photographs

  1. 1. Media Studies Building photographs By Jordan Rivett
  2. 2. A low angled close up shot This piece of textile work created by one of the students, shows the function of the building, this photo also complies with the rule of thirds by not just covering the centre and going quite far into the lower corner of the photo.
  3. 3. A high angled mid shot This photo shows an eagle eye view of what the building looks like from another perspective. This photo shows an angle that many would not otherwise see. I like this photo because it is a lot different to all of the others we took.
  4. 4. A shot with shallow depth of field This photograph shows a lot of different things in close proximity to each other, this is known as a ‘shallow depth of field.’ I like this photo because it shows a lot of different elements, and captures the feel of the art rooms.
  5. 5. Wide angled shot or wide depth of field This photo captures elements of the building that are very close to the lense as well as others that are very far away. This is known as a ‘wide depth of view’. I like this photo because it shows the old and the new together, with the new Media block and the English Block shown together.
  6. 6. Four shots which demonstrate the rule of thirds In these photos, the main feature of them are not always directly in the centre of the photograph. This is known as ‘The Rule of Thirds’. I like these photographs because they show the College’s new building from a variety of different angles.
  7. 7. A shot with juxtaposed elements This shot shows two of the College’s main buildings together, this is known as juxtaposed elements. The photo captures a new era in the College’s history, showing the College’s aspiration to improve and to move forward. For the purpose of their students’ success.
  8. 8. Shots which show texture and shape These photographs show the variety of new textures in and around the new building, in the first photo it shows some plastic seating areas that were included after the new building was built, for the convenience of the students. The second photo shows the metal stairs in the new building, they help to make the building look more modern.
  9. 9. Shots which show function of the building This photograph captures the most important part of the building, one of the classrooms. This is one of the main purposes of the building and it is vitally important to students who are taking Media Studies as well as a variety of other subjects. I like this photograph because it shows how the building is used, and why it is so important.
  10. 10. Shot which shows the position (situation) of the building This photograph shows the building and where it is in relation to the rest of the College. This photograph shows that the building is positioned directly in front of the English and Drama building. What I like about this photograph is that it captures two different generations of the College, both old and new. This helps to show the College’s progress.