Facebook Pages Guide for Politics and Elections


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As Political Outreach Manager at Facebook, I led the project to produce an updated Facebook Pages Guide for Politics and Elections for campaigns and candidates around the world to use in 2014. I developed the content, collaborated with the public policy and sales teams from international Facebook offices, and worked with a contracted external designer, Maya Whitman, to design a concise guide. The guide displayed is localized for the US market, but additional guides were developed and translated for use in markets such as EMEA and South America.

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Facebook Pages Guide for Politics and Elections

  1. 1. Win Your Election on Facebook A Guide for Politicians and Campaigns
  2. 2. Win Your Election on Facebook Facebook helps politicians and campaigns reach the people who matter to them and accomplish their goals. From your Facebook Page, you can connect with core supporters to build the capacity of your campaign, persuade target voters, and mobilize on Election Day. Organize between elections Engage your supporters consistently between elections. It'll maximize your impact on Facebook when the campaign season begins. Activate the people who love what you’re doing Facebook has a complete direct response marketing solution to help build your email list, raise money and activate people to support your campaign on Facebook and in their communities. Help people decide Introduce yourself to undecided voters. Let them know who you are, what's at stake, and how you're different. Get out the vote! Facebook allows you to scale your “get out the vote” effort. You can rally your supporters and remind voters to cast a ballot on their desktop and mobile devices. 151 MILLIONMONTHLY ACTIVE USERS ON MOBILE IN THE US 1 OUT OF 5MOBILE MINUTES ARE SPENT ON FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM * 182MILLIONMONTHLY ACTIVE USERS IN THE US 20 Politics Guide | 1
  3. 3. Be authentic on Facebook 77 Share candid, behind the scenes photos and videos 77 Speak in an authentic voice about the issues that matter to you 77 Break news or give your supporters a chance to take action Engage with your audience 77 Host a Q&A to have a conversation between you and your fans 77 Post photos throughout an important day using the hashtag #DayInTheLife 77 Use ranked comments to surface your responses to fans to the top of the discussion Capture the world’s moments on Instagram 77 Snap a photo or video with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image 77 Share with your supporters on Instagram and across social media platforms 77 To create an account, open the Instagram app on iOS or Android and register your username Share What Matters Every day on Facebook, people connect with causes that matter to them. To engage your supporters, create a page and start posting content that they will like and share. 200 MILLIONINSTAGRAM USERS & GROWING Politics Guide | 2
  4. 4. Target advertising to reach the people you want to reach 77 Demographic factors such as age, gender, location and more help you narrow your audience 77 Use your existing contact list to target custom or look-a-like audiences 77 Reach core campaign constituencies with tailored messages Measure your success with Page Insights 77 See metrics such as reach and engagement about the performance of your Page 77 Learn which posts resonate with your audience, as well as their key demographics 77 Optimize how you publish to reach more people Optimize your advertisements to engage the most people 77 Facebook advertisements are optimized for your goals, such as clicks to your website or impressions on your content 77 Test creative such as copy or images to see what resonates with your audience 77 Use conversion pixels to help measure the granular results of the actions people take on your website when they engage with a Facebook ad Reach the People Who Matter to You Insights and advertising will help you reach the people who matter to your campaign and inform your creative decisions with actionable metrics. THE AVERAGE ONLINE REACH FOR A NARROWLY TARGETED CAMPAIGN 1 1. Source: Nielson OCR, August 2013 89%FACEBOOK 38%INDUSTRY Politics Guide | 3
  5. 5. Join the public conversation 77 Use #hashtags to drive discussion within your community of fans 77 Follow the issues and topics that are trending to post relevant content Post regularly to your Page 77 Schedule content to be shared at prime times of the day (9pm to 10pm is when many people are on Facebook) 77 Develop a content calendar to post consistently Respond to comments on your Page honestly and fairly 77 Include a comments policy in the About section of your Page to foster a constructive discourse 77 Responses from an admin to individual comments builds trust over time and show that you are listening 77 Learn what content is and is not allowed on Facebook by reviewing Facebook’s Community Standards Build Meaningful & Lasting Relationships Your fans are a community of supporters. You should join the conversation to engage them on the topics that matter to you. ELECTIONS WERE THE TOPIC ON FACEBOOK IN 2013 facebook.com/communitystandards 2NDMOSTTALKEDABOUT Politics Guide | 4
  6. 6. How to Get Started 1 Create a Page: Go to facebook.com/ pages/create and select the category that best suits you to get started 2 Edit Settings: Once you’ve created your Page, go to the Edit Settings section at the top of the admin panel to edit admin, privacy, and comment settings and more… 3 Establish your identity: Pick a Profile Picture to represent you across Facebook and a creative cover photo for your Page 4 Connect your Instagram account to your Page: Go to http://bit.ly/ Insta-to-FB for full instructions 5 Market your Page with a custom URL: Create a custom URL for your Page to include in offline marketing materials 6 Start building your fanbase with who you know: Invite your friends and contact list such as email addresses to Like your Page 7 Build your audience with Facebook advertising: Go to facebook.com/ads/ create to begin advertising from your Page 8 Start posting engaging content from your Page: Develop a content schedule, engage with your early fans, and post regularly Get started in 8 steps Profiles 77 Must be real name of a person 77 Profiles have friends and followers 77 Managed by the real person, not staff 77 5000 friend limit, unlimited followers Pages 77 Can be public figure, brand, organization, or community 77 Pages have fans 77 Managed by the real person and/or staff 77 Offer enterprise products like Insights and Ads Comparing Profiles to Pages Get your questions answered Go to facebook.com/help for help with questions about using Facebook Pages Stay informed about the latest Check out facebook.com/marketing and facebook.com/business for the latest case studies and product updates Politics Guide | 5
  7. 7. Proven Results Campaigns across the world are using Facebook to win their elections. To learn more, go to: facebook.com/business/industries/politics 494,000high-value voters were matched and reached on Facebook via managed custom audiences $4.60raised for every $1 spent on Facebook Ads driving email acquisition and donations4 11Xgreater reach achieved through Facebook ads, compared to regular Facebook posts 66%of News Feed impressions were served on mobile devices 72.7 MILLIONAmericans saw Barack Obama’s Facebook content5 in the week leading up to and including Election Day6 5Xcost per video play with the Facebook logout experience 58%of Facebook-lead acquisition cost was immediately recovered by directly linking new email subscribers to a contribution form 3.8X GREATERaverage weekly reach penetration in battleground states’ major cities, where the campaign focused its paid advertising efforts, versus non-battleground states’ major cities7 1/3of all BC Liberal voters in B.C. engaged with campaign content Terry McAuliffe for Virginia Reaching the right voters to win Virginia The 2013 Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe, reached nearly 500,000 of his most likely voters using Facebook Ads, ultimately winning the hotly contested race. Obama for America Raising funds and reaching swing state voters President Barack Obama’s successful 2012 re-election bid hinged in part on an unprecedented Facebook advertising strategy that reached 47%1 of voting-age Americans in all battleground states combined2 and raised nearly $5 for every $1 the campaign spent on ads.3 BC Liberal Party Winning the vote British Columbia’s Premier Christy Clark and Today’s BC Liberals used Facebook to stage the “biggest comeback in Canadian political history,” winning a number of key battleground districts by only 200 votes. Politics Guide | 6