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Jmj final-mag

  1. 1. CouGar Table of Contents Computer Graphics Class of Fall 2011 Image Creators...........................................................2-3 Cougar Hat (Jordan Juarez)..................................4-9 Technology Open and SEE for yourself• Adobe Illustrator what young students can do Teapots in Light (Jordan Juarez).......................10-13• In Design with Technology when given Realistic vs Unrealistic (Roxy Wasiunec).......14-15 the opportunity. The 3 C’s (Roxy Wasiunec)...................................16-17 Nike’s on My Feet (Nico Krajecki)....................18-21 Brush Strokes (Shawnita Montgomery)...........22-23 Incredible Hulk (Tom Zwarcyz)........................24-25 Working With the Hand (Tom Zwarcyz)........26-27 Converse (Allison Horn)......................................28-33 A Night Downtown (Christian Rosales).........34-37 Hoops (Giovanni Diaz)........................................38-39 Tea-Pots (Giovanni Diaz)........................................40
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  3. 3. Reppin’ Them Cougars, #1 In The Nation!!! Going into my senior year in high school all the talk was about College. Where are you going? Are you playing on the field 4 short weeks later. I finished off my senior year strong, so I had high hopes for being recruited the next few “My hat reminds SXU sports? Is it far from home? months. me of the journey I All these questions everyday Recruiting didn’t go made thinking about college to well for me untill I heard very stressful. My plan was to from Saint Xavier University. I made to get where I go somewhere on scholarship knew they were a top program to play football. As a Junior I in NAIA. I took a visit loved it, had a break-out year and I was loved the coaches, and 6 weeks am today.” getting some attention by some later signed to play football at colleges and I was even more Saint Xavier, and I couldn’t be excited for my senior year. All happier. my hopes went crashing down Now my hat that you one night. see to the right means alot It was September to me. It may just seem like 3, 2010, my third game of a normal hat with the Saint the my senior year. I knew Xavier cougar on it, but its not. it would be a good game, I It is much more to me. My hat came out jacked and ready to reminds me of the journey I play. I started the game with made to get where I am today. a 40 Kick-Off Return and two I reached my goal of play plays later broke a run for a 45 college football, and on the #1 yard touchdown run. What a team in the nation. As soon as great start. Now it was time for I got here I bought this hat to defense, as the first few series represent the cougar nation at went by I had 6 tackles and a Saint Xavier University and to sack, No one could stop me. show that I am proud of what I The clock began to run down am and where I am today. to half time when my number got called to run the ball again. -Jordan Juarez- I took the ball up the left side line for a 10 gain before I was tackled. Unfortunately when I was falling to the ground I stuck out my arm to try and remain standing and keep Cougars running. This probably was the dumbest thing I could have done at the time. I dislocated my elbow and torn the liga- ments around my elbow on that play. It was the worse thing that could have possibly hap- pened to me. Lucky I made a speedy recovery and got back4 5
  4. 4. V a c r o i l a o t i r o n Brush Stroke Hat For this variation of my hat, I changed my lines into Colorful Hat brush strokes with different colors. However I didn’t focus on the lines from the seats, I want my audience to focus more on the hat and also the seat designs. Even thought the hat is the main part This variation was my favorite today. I knew right away of my image I gave the seat designs a more vibrant color because I wanted to have vibrant colors for this variaiton. I immediately in the original picture the seat designs had the more vibrant color made the seats as black as I could so all the colors would pop. than the hat. Lastly I didn’t touch the cougar because I wanted My main focus once again was the hat and the seat designs. I you to see that clearly because it is my favorite part. went for the brightest and most vibrant colors for my hat, starting with hot pink and making my way to neon yellow. I finished it off with the vibrant blue color you see on the cougar and I added the white to make it stand out more. The seats weren’t as vibrant Green Hat because I wanted my audience to focus more on my hat. -Jordan Juarez- Obviously for this variation is different shades of green. This variation was very fun to play with, even though you are only using one color it still catches my eye every time I look at it. I used darker shades for the darker colors, lighter shades for the lighter colors, and vibrant colors for the vibrant colors, pretty simply. But just like my other variation I wanted my cougar to stand out so I used the closest color green to white I could find and I hope that catches your eye first.6 7
  5. 5. The Favorite! The Cougar Its no suprise that this variation is the croud favorite. The vabrant colors just jump right off the page but one thing I was told by the students in my class was that they loved the detail of the cougar. Its easy to tell that most of my time was spent on the cougar. I zoomed in until I couldn’t zoom any- more so that I could get the shape as perfect as I could. Turns out I did a good jump. I would have to agree with everyone as well, the cougar is my favorite part. -Jordan Juarez- Cougar Hat Created by Jordan Juarez ->8 9
  6. 6. S 1 4 T E P 2 B on making more and more lines and it will look better. Turns out Just Keep on Keepin’ On he was right. And I guess this is a lesson for this type of art and also life in general. In life there is always more you can do, so For all the lines that were involved in this project I just you just gotta keep on keepin’ on. got to say one thing. Just keep on keepin’ on. There were many times when I was ready to stop cause I was tired of doing the -Jordan Juarez- same thing over and over again. Professor Peck told me to keep Y 5 3 S T E P10 11
  7. 7. Tea Pots in Light Now what you might highlights and the shades. For and darks hit in unusal spots. not realize from the first pic- example the the sticks have Finally I added the big shade ture to this one is that there are one dark side and one dark that the object is projecting to hundreds of more lines added. side. But it gets more compli- the right, and I did it in a dark I know it doesn’t seem like it cated when you start looking green so that it flows with the but if you look close enough at the tea pots. One side isn’t background. you can tell that I try to perfect light and the other dark. They the lines or shapes of the object are really both mixed into both -Jordan Juarez- by drawing the same line sides because of the shape of multiple times until its what I the object. Sure they look flush want. The picture underneath is to the touch but they aren’t my final of draft of this project. they groves and detail added As you can see I added the into the object that lets lights after Before For this assignment In the picture of above is sticks sitting inside of both of we were to start of with a where I started off. This was them and hanging out from the background of 5’s in differ- before I did all the light and top. ent shades of green. Its hard even added the fact that you to see but if you look hard can see the sticks through the -Jordan Juarez- enough you can tell. Then we tea pots. So it would be safe to had to create the tea pots we say that my first draft above is were looking at with nothing to help me get an idea of ev- but lines. No outlines, just erything that is going on in the lines that give the shape of the Picture. Just a general out look, object we are trying to portray. such as they are tea pots, with Tea Pots in Light12 13
  8. 8. Realistic “We got to We got to play around with reality. We were allowed to manipulate the image in anyway in terms of lines and color. I decided to make two of my shoe images kind of believ- play around able. The bright colored shoes that have many vs colors in them to me could be believable be- cause there are crazy shoes like this out there. Where as the green piece with yellow back- ground isn’t believable. It have just enough with reality.” detail that we know they are nike shoes, but I was able to take out a lot of detail to make the image more abstract and crazy. Each of these Unrealistic images do something different to the viewers eye in terms of movement. Text and Images by: -Roxy Wasiunec-14 15
  9. 9. The 3 C’s Craft: to create these images I used illustrator. in Illustrator I chose the brush tool and and made two layers. The first layer was made with a green pallet and its all 5s. the second (bowls) layer was made with different size brushed ranging from .25-10. The color pallet used for that was orange monochromatic 2. Composition: The hue that was used in this was green and orange because they are on opposite side of the color spectrum. The image has a lot of darker values on the left side of the left image and right side as well. where on the opposite side has a lot more lighter values. The reason the two colors were chosen were because they create a very nice contrast. Concept: the left image was a tall and wide vase that had natural lines and branches. The right side has a short more narrow vase with more lines and branches as well. both have natrual shapes to them. Text and Image by: -Roxy Wasiunec-16 17
  10. 10. Nikes On My Feet The white shoe on the black background makes the shoe stick out as much as possible and makes the viewer forget about everything else. The plain white helps the viewer to appreciate the design in the shoe and with the black background gives it a plain but interesting look. Text and Image by: -Nico Krajecki- Just Do It18 19
  11. 11. Shades of Green Paint Brush Outline This picture was made by using a “look at the shoe- I used a change in stroke of design from Adobe Illustrator as the green background and using different shades of green on the shoe to give the picture an all the outline of the shoelaces and the background to emphasize the shoe. The viewer should look at the shoelaces first laces first and green look. With the background all green and having a black circular object in the middle of the page where the shoe is, it should draw the eye straight to the shoe. The and how they look unrealistic but stick out the most. The different colors in the background are unimportant, they just how they look un- add emphasis to the shoe and the laces. background is made from different strokes on the outlines of the objects, made to not draw too much attention to it. It is a nike shoe with an outline around some of the shoe and laces. Text and Image by: realistic but Text and Image by: -Nico Krajecki- -Nico Krajecki- stick out the most”20 21
  12. 12. Brush Strokes Created by: Craft: Adobe Illustrator, the brush tool, color and color gradients were used in these im- ages. Composition: I want the viewers eyes to focus on the different colors and the different Shawnita Montgomery strokes being used in each image. I also want the to see how thick the lines are compared to the oth- ers. Concept: Buildings of different colors and different strokes.22 23
  13. 13. House of the Incredible Hulk Craft: To variate the colors of the objects, I used the pointer tool to select certain objects. I then used the color swatches and different color pallets to change the color and feel of the work. Again, this is still using the same program, Adobe Illustrator. I also used gradients where needed to show depth and shade. Composition: In some works that use color, I use light tints of each color to make objects stand out more, such as windows and bricks. This trick emphasizes more on the center object or point of interest and less on the background. Concept: The whole idea with adding lighter colors allows me to control what the viewer will see first and where the viewer’s eye will go next. If I make a certain object stand out by giving it a high contrast, the viewer will look at that object int the work first. I also used color to change the whole mood of the picture, for example, when I made the photo look like it was taken in the dark or on the scorching sun. By: Tom Zwarcyz24 25
  14. 14. Working with the Hand Steady Hand I used a number 2 pencil on white paper. I set up 3 different liquid holding vessels under a fixed light to cast different value. I then outlined the object on the “I used a number paper and then added the varying values of light by rapidly moving the pencil, pressing harder in darker areas and pressing very light over light shades. The 2 objective of this work is to experiment with value and shading on simple objects. Text and Images by: pencil” -Tom Zwarcyz-26 27
  15. 15. Picture *Converse* Computer Graphic Copy Craft Concept The subject is a pair of shoes. That is what I want In Adobe Illustrator, I used the pen tool to create shapes viewers to be able to recognize. Everything surrounding then and I used a camera to take a picture of the image I was going to will be more clear once I add more detail because right now it is create. hard to tell what the shoes are setting on. Composition By: The converse shoes are obviously the main subject of the piece and they are sitting right in the center of the page. They are set on a step stool and there is a sense of depth since I made Allison Horn a wall in the background. I wanted the viewer’s eye to focus first on the shoes and probably follow along the wavy laces, then to look towards the background.28 29
  16. 16. Texture Craft: I used Adobe Illustrator and played around with lines, colors, and textures to create the images. Composition: I wanted to see how the shoe would look with a bunch of different textures so I looked through all the dif- ferent possible textures and create compositions I thought looked interesting. I also took into account the colors because I still wanted the shoe to remain their black color and have a nice contrast with the background. Concept: My variation is simply my converse shoes. I did not intend for people to think of anything specific when seeing my shoes. Viewers can view them any way they want. By: Allison Horn30 31
  17. 17. Line Drawing Techniques’ Limited number of lines Unlimited number of lines Ou t line Craft: Concept: I used Adobe Illustrator and the paintbrush tool in the When someone looks at the drawings, i want them to be program. able to know they are teapots. Text and Images by: -Allison Horn- Composition: For the teapots I drew the ones using outlines first a couple times, because that is the main way beginners learn how to draw--they repeat the shapes they see. The teapots I drew filled with lines are sometimes more interesting to me, though, because they suggest volume. Using curved lines gives you an idea of what areas of an object bulge out or curve in. I have been drawing for a long time, so I am surprised I never used that method until about half a year ago.32 33
  18. 18. Wow, Cool. CRAFT: So, using Adobe Illustrator, I took my original picture and went crazy with it. As you can see with version 1, I changed all the colors. I did this by using the swatches window and open- ing up the swatches library. I picked color combinations and went to town. COMPOSITION: In version 1, I chose colors that were very bright so that the picture pops out at you and just draws your attention to all the various color combinations. For me, my eyes go directly to the building on the left because of the three colors that were used. CONCEPT: This week, for me, is going to be called: Creative Free- dom. By: Christian Rosales34 35
  19. 19. A Night Downtown! Craft: Concept: Craft: I did the same with version 3, I just I play with both color and stroke. added more , like the background is a gradient For the stroke, I opened up the brushes win- color. Creative dow and chose arrows. Compostion: Composition: With version 3, the first thing i see is the The arrow gives this cool outline and white circle in the background. It kinda of seems shows where the line starts and ends. When like a the sun setting in the evening. Freedom. I look at the picture, I eyes go to the middle building. The white arrow outline stands out Text and Images by: more than the others. -Christian Rosales-36 37
  20. 20. By: Giovanni Diaz Hoops Craft- The way I used my hand to compose this picture was by carefully following lines to draw everything. The tools I used to create this piece was Adobe Illustrator, and the pen tool. Composition- What I did to draw peoples atten- tionwas add different values of colors. The background dark, and then a little lighter as it the eye gets to the middle. Concept- What I want people to see when they see this picture is a beachball stuck in a basketball hoop during the day.38 39
  21. 21. The End Thank you for viewing my magazine. I hope you Tea-Pots enjoyed it. To look at more of my work go to my blog. Concept blog: progress This drawing has an object that is tall and an object that is short. It also has an object that is natural and an object that is hand-made. What I want people to think when they see this drawing is a colorful draw- Magazine: ing, with two handmade objects holding twigs. Product Text and Image by: -Giovanni Diaz-40