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Intern Focus Group Presentation


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Intern focus group results prepared for Post Consumer Brands.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Intern Focus Group Presentation

  1. 1. Intern Focus Group Corporate Communications June 28-29, 2017
  2. 2. Main Themes More information and direction Independence Positive experience Interns desired standardized logistical information from HR and managers and more housing guidance. Most interns agreed this is more independent than other experiences. This was viewed positively, except for lack of project clarification. From the interview process to the actual internship, interns reported an extremely positive experience.
  3. 3. Q1. What is going well with the PCB internship program or what needs improvement? • “HR was not particularly clear on logistical things.” • “I could have had more information beforehand.” • “My manager has been crazy busy.” • “In that packet they handed out I feel like there could have been more useful stuff in there.”
  4. 4. Q2. Was there anything you didn’t receive that might be helpful? Anything you did receive that was not helpful? • “A tour of the plant for us working at corporate.” • “I would have liked was a general overview of clock Trak.” • “I didn’t know where the bathroom was, I didn’t know where to put my lunch, little things like that.” • “An internship should be getting as much experience as you can in a short amount of time.”
  5. 5. Q3. How did your expectations from the interview process align with the actual experience? • “The key thing more me in interviews is that I got to meet with managers in my department so I knew who I was going to be working with, I got to listen to them talk about the business and what they like about their job, it sold me pretty instantly.” • “Knowing the project during the interview process would have helped make the decision process easier.” • “This internship has been more than I expected during the interview process.”
  6. 6. Q4. How are you settling in outside of your internship work day? • “The intern events they have already have were good and helped me become more familiar with the other interns and managers.” • “I struggled finding a place to live.” • “A little bit more direction would have been helpful.” • “When they sent out the list of people they only said if people were local or not local to Minnesota. Minnesota is a really big place so that wasn’t very helpful.”
  7. 7. Q5. Would you recommend or refer others to apply and if so, what would you say? • “They want to see you succeed.” • “This culture and this atmosphere is really supportive and really helpful in a lot of ways so I definitely recommend it for that reason.” • “I kind of wish it almost had a little more direction and day to day, but everyone in this office is some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.” • “It's a lot less structured than then other experiences I've had.”
  8. 8. Conclusion and Suggestions • Standardized check-list for managers • More focus on cross-functional learning and broad company operations • Establish department key contact individuals for interns • More housing guidance • Add facility maps, org charts and info about the local area to packets • Continue fostering the successful company culture and intern projects