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Character costume

  1. 1. Character Costume Choice By Jordan Booker
  2. 2. Main character - Normal Gear • The reason for this is because we want our character to seem like an average teenager male, possibly 18- 20, with a 9 to 5 job, and blends in easily with a crowd, and seems like someone who isn’t a super villain. This also links to certain superheroes who dress like civilians, such as peter parker (Spiderman) Clark Kent (superman) and Bruce Wayne (batman). Main Character normal gear: Suit and tie, as if he’s just got out of work/ school.
  3. 3. Clark Kent to superman • Batman is an interesting character to look at when focusing on our costume, because his civilian alter ego costume is a suit, because he is a billionaire, whereas his superhero costume is a black bat suit, which is very similar to our main characters normal gear and villain costume. Also, the choice of a suit suggests that he works in an office, somewhere important such as a legal building, or that he is still a student in school, but has to wear a suit.
  4. 4. Villain gear: black trench coat, black combat trousers, hood, black face mask, black boots • The reason for this we have chosen to use these items of clothing for our villains costume is because when thinking of a super villain, you must first look at the colour of his costume, and black is a very negative colour, because it represents mourning, the end, secrets, magic, power, violence, evil, and elegance, which link well to a villain. Super villains that support this are magneto, venom, and black mask.
  5. 5. • From left to right: magneto, black mask, and venom • Also, another reason we chose to go with these costume ideas is because they look like something a minor villain would wear, and also links to the idea that he is very young, and has only just started out in the super villain world, and has no idea what villains would usually wear, suggesting his youth and innocence throughout the video, possibly suggesting it will have an impact on his choices.
  6. 6. • We also based our costumes off of other anti-heroes who look similar to our costume, such as noir spider man (left) and Corvo (right). The reason we based it off of these is because when looking at these costumes, they seem fearful, and just by looking at them, you can tell that they are potentially evil characters, which is the look we are going for in our music video. When all of our costume is completed, we are hoping that our costumes final outcome will look similar to these, but with individual aspects to it, to differentiate it from other villain costumes.
  7. 7. Present/future gear: Not very presentable clothes, plain t-shirt, jeans etc. Typical teenage boy. • The reason for this is because we want to play on the main characters youth, and use it as an aspect in our music video, so that the audience can tell that he is just an ordinary teenage boy, just by looking at his costume choices. Also, we want the audience to see how much of a stereotype he is for a teenage boy, who does drastic things for attention because he is a confusing time of his life, but is fine towards the end, which can be seen from our costume choices.
  8. 8. Main Woman, lover of main character: This character would features heavily in the music video as she is a main part of the narrative. She would be wearing very typical clothing that a female teenager would wear. She is also the hero to the main character. • The reason we have chosen this as her costume is because we want her to appeal to our female audience in a positive way, and not represent her in a negative and sexist way, and we felt the way to make her appeal in a positive way was to dress her in casual and everyday informal clothing, the sort of thing a teenage girl would wear.
  9. 9. Main woman, hero costume: basing off of costumes such as poison ivy and cat woman from batman, and black widow from iron man, however, we want the suit/ costume to be entirely white. • We have chosen to use these as basis for our female superhero costume for a few reasons. Firstly, we want our female superhero to seem empowering yet still feminine, and we think the best way to do this is to base it on female super hero/villains through history, such as black widow, poison ivy and cat woman, who are mainly known for their sexy appearance, and also their power, which is exactly what we want for our main girl. • Also, the reason we want the suit to be entire suit/ costume to be white is because the colour white represents many things that represent our character, such as purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. Also, in colour psychology white is the colour of new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, so to speak. It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon. While white isn't stimulating to the senses, it opens the way for the creation of anything the mind can conceive, showing that the colour contrasts our main characters suit and personality, making them complete opposites, but also an interesting pair together.
  10. 10. • Friends: Two friends are featured at the start of the music video when the main character is walking up the stairs. These characters would be wearing very normal clothing that male teenagers would wear, jeans, t-shirt etc. We chose these costumes for the friends because we don’t want the main focus of the audience to be on them, but we also want them to be noticed, so we chose to dress as stereotypical teenagers.
  11. 11. Thugs: Up to three thugs could be in the music video, wearing typical criminal type clothing. • We chose to dress the thugs up like this because it a stereotypical thug costume, and the audience feel comfortable knowing what the stereotype is, and therefore understand the scene a lot better.
  12. 12. Hostage: During the fight scene there will be a hostage tied up in formal gear to represent that he is important. Black suit. • We chose to dress the hostages like this because they look like a stereotypical man in a hostage situation, and therefore make the audience feel comfortable watching the scene.