Latest Digital Invention 2011 - The SquareSometimes when I contemplate about the whiz speed at which technology is advanci...
For example, a card holdercan place a photograph of themselves on his account account which willappearon the cell phone fo...
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Latest Digital Invention 2011 - The Square


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Latest Digital Invention 2011 - The Square

  1. 1. Latest Digital Invention 2011 - The SquareSometimes when I contemplate about the whiz speed at which technology is advancing within thispresent generation I sort of develop some goose pimples coupled with dizzy head. It has promptedme to research therefore decided to write series of hubs that speak of the latest inventions wevearound the globe. If you ask any pre-primary school child just what his idea of invention can be , don’tbe surprised if this individual gives you a clear blueprint inside a jiffy. The pace at which wiz kiddieswith super-bionic brains enter this specific realm of creation called earth scares me and I know itcould make one murfle several psalms out of his jaws.We have many creators and inventions about now which had been invented given that on earth andare still very much being used up till this moment such as electricity, radio, computers , electric fans,ipods, notebook computers , refrigerators, cell phones, microchips, cars, plasma television, solarenergy , lamps, palm tops, cars , factory equipments, softwares, microchips, electric generators, etc.In this hub called Latest Digital Invention 2011 - The Square i would like us to look at one particularscientific invention called Square. Guess what ? Instinctively I know that one of these days man willsoon always be communicating via a discovery and invention of an neurotech device that could sendout signals through the air and space. Jokes you think? delay and see in the next couple of manyyears if Christ tarries his coming it shall come to pass. This is a prophecy.The name of the wizzy brain guy behind the invention is Jack Dorsey. He is the partner inventor of theelectronic web ‘megaphone’around today called Twitter. The Square happens to be his latestinvention and is at present one of the most popular on the encounter of the earth these days. This sq.Works byattachment in your mobile cell phone and one of its main features is to open anentrygateway that allows you to accept credit card payments while doing business especially the one thatrequires you to move about. Speak of about how he acquired this cracky idea. An associate of his,Jim McKelvey was not able to market some products to his customer simply because his credit scoremachine could not accept the card in useduring the business transaction and he consequently lostthe deal. One of thedifficulties one encounters in e-business which dominates the market nows inthepayment and reception of money or credit and it’s not always that easy accepting creditcards,especially if your own type of business is a mobile one such as supply service or a vendor of somesort.There is really a small scanner that isplugged in into the audio input jack port on your mobile cellphone. We have numerous inthe market and are of varied types. This reads info and information onthecredit card as soon as it is sent in. The information is not permitted space inyour safe-keeping butis encrypted and sent through a secure funnel to the bank. Thistoday makes your mobile phone turnto a cash register for obtaining credit cardobligations. You receive online payment notice via emailinstantaneouslywhich is often accessed online on the same cell phone or pc securely. You can alsouse sms on exact same mobile phone toauthorize payment stay ! As a retailer, you can build apayer’s account foryour customers this also will in turn accelerate your own payment process in ajiffy!
  2. 2. For example, a card holdercan place a photograph of themselves on his account account which willappearon the cell phone for visibility and identification confirmation. You can even use aportabledevice that has a touch screen feature to allow you sign for products viayour fingerprints. There areno cumbersome contract protocols, zero monthly fees, orhidden costs to accept payments whenusing the sq.. The plug-in attachmentis also free free. Nevertheless a penny will be subtracted fromyouraccount at every financial transaction.The Square Inc. Is situated in San Francisco, Saint Louisand New York, and the invention is currentlyundergoing user review testing with United States retailers. Itll soon be released to the remainingworld to use.Now thinking of buying latest inventionsintroduced for the public use? a strategy to adhere that youvisit this page in HubPages tosearch series of adverts placed in the hub. I promise in order to alwaysplace Amazonadvertisements on latest invention in my hubs. I will in addition research and write a lotmore hubs featuring the latest creations on earth. I trust lets consider google adsense intuitiveeffortstoo to set latest invention adverts on this page and many types of other pages that has the newestinventions articles. So dear , see you then.For More Info Click Here