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Ancillary task


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Ancillary task

  1. 1. Ancillary Task Fran Matthews & Jordan Cruickshank
  2. 2. Film Poster Main image is going to be the 3 main characters stood against a brick wall, the image is going to be edited with quite a low saturation with the main titles in brighter colouring such as red and white. These colours are our main feature throughout the film because they ‘re colours which are representative of the mod culture. The first three letters are going to be in capitals and in red, so that the word “Ska” stands out most on the title. The image in the top right hand corner is going to be used as our institutional reference, the company is a British film institution. We chose this particular company because it is owned by Guy Ritchie and has produced many of the films which we researched and analysed therefore we thought it would be more appropriate to use this as our institution. We have chosen to make our short film a certificate 15, this is due to the fact there are numerous references to sex and violence, with frequent swearing. The main image will be very reflective of the film, the fact that the main characters are going to be stood against a wall will make the image look quite urban and gritty. The surroundings and editing techniques which we would like to use are going to be very reflective upon the film. We would like the image to look quite grainy and generally quite raw. Our target audience for our short film is going to be people around our age group, who possibly have a bit of interest in 80’s fashion and other Guy Ritchie films. It will appeal to people of an older age group also who were teenagers in the 80;s and therefore can relate to the clothing and calm lifestyle.
  3. 3. Our Film Poster
  4. 4. Magazine Review In the 2 film reviews shown images take up a majority of the page, in the top review there are images directly from the film meanwhile in the review below the image taking up the majority of the screen is a behind the scenes shot which has been taken whilst they are filming. Many film reviews use this technique of having a large main image, other ways in which a film review can be set out is by having a majority being text with smaller pictures placed around the text to break it up slightly. Mainly the ration between image and text is about ¾ of the page being image meanwhile the other quarter is just text. Magazine reviews are generally used to tell the audience about the film, the reviewers are all very honest. Usually the give and overview and introduce the characters but make sure that they do not give away any endings, sometimes they even have interviews with the actors who starred in the film. Frequently they will give the film a rating, mostly this is done with small star symbols at the end of the review. The highest amount of stars given is 5 and obviously the lowest is 1. I have found that the film reviews change according to which ever magazine they are featuring in, for example I found that when looking at film reviews in woman’s magazines the way in which it is written is in a way in which it relates to women. In Glamour magazine they would relate to the actors looks and whether they thought they were good looking or not. Meanwhile in magazines such as Empire they take a much more formal approach, they do not relate to the actors looks instead they focus on the film itself and whether or not it is genuinely worth seeing, along with some background information about the filming and cast. The magazines which we think we should review our film in are Glamour & GQ, they are from the same institution and are basically the equivalent to each other but Glamour is the woman's magazine meanwhile GQ is a typical mans magazine. The reason why we decided to choose these magazines to review our film is because they have quite a similar target audience, both audiences are quite broad therefore our film could be appreciated by some of their audience. The film would work well in a GQ film review because it is quite typical young males, meanwhile it would be appreciated by Glamour readers because they might find the characters featured attractive. I think that another film which would produce a review of our magazine is Empire, this is because it is quite a legit film review magazine meaning that its opinions are taken quite seriously. It’s quite a formal magazine so they wouldn’t be commenting on the characters looks, just on their acting performance and it’s content.
  5. 5. Our Magazine Review
  6. 6. Extension Task: Marketing Campaign We got the idea for our marketing campaign through looking at other fashion label campaigns, this particular Fred Perry campaign stood out to me because it was simple yet looked really effective. I also liked the fact that the models name is featured on the campaign, the make itself name isn't featured. For example in this particular range, it has the name of the designer who has worked with Fred Perry to create this specific line of clothing. We also looked at a couple of clothing campaigns for specific designer labels which were featured within the film. Our main character wears a very distinctive Sergio Tacchini piece of clothing, therefore I had a look at a few of their advertising campaigns. This particular poster stood out to me because it is very simple but looks good, much like the Fred Perry poster I have also analysed. These advertising campaigns are quite similar, they both only feature one model and the brand logo with a very small amount of text. The Sergio Tacchini advert shows where you can actually get the clothing from, this shows that the brand is more reachable to the public meanwhile the Fred Perry campaign doesn’t tell us where that clothing line is stocked which gives it quite an exclusive feel. The exclusive feel for the Fred Perry campaign is also shown by the dark editing and quirky looking model that is featured. The picture has been captured in a studio and the white background makes the advert look a bit more sophisticated. Meanwhile the Tacchini advert seems more down to earth, the model is captured against quite an urban background. The model himself also looks like a normal guy, this down to earth theme is running throughout the entire advert. We are mixing quite a down to earth and normal brand into the exclusive style of the Fred Perry advert. I think that a photograph of our main character wearing his outfit from the short film but edited in a way in which looks like the Fred Perry campaign would be quite effective, we will take a photograph of his against a plain white background and edit the image in a way that hopefully will look quite professional.
  7. 7. Our Marketing Campaign