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Using funnels to generate leads & sales


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Just imagine if you could launch highly effective and profitable Automated Sales Funnels, in just minutes, what would the extra time and money mean for your business? Using Marketing Rocket to Launch your Marketing Campaigns, you could have a fully optimized and successful campaign growing your business, bringing in more sales and leads daily, and all on autopilot!

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Using funnels to generate leads & sales

  1. 1. Using Funnels to Generate Leads & Sales IN JOOMLA AND BEYOND! - Eden Brownlee
  2. 2. Who is Eden Brownlee  Joomla! Enthusiast & Project Manager (Working with Joomla since J1.0)  Accentuate IT – Web Dev Agency EST 2006  Certified Marketing Consultant  Joomla Extension Developer – Marketing Rocket  Certified in: Funnel Optimisation Specialist, Customer Acquisition Specialist & Social and Community Management.
  3. 3. Whats Joomlas role? Joomla is a Vessel which can aid the delivery of your Marketing Strategy
  4. 4. The Big Picture  Technology is important, but its only a piece of the puzzle.  Customers know what they want from their business if you ask the right questions!  Web and Marketing is confusing for most clients, they need someone willing to offer a holistic approach - SEO, Content Marketing, Marketing Based Web Design, Organic and Paid Social/Advertising
  5. 5. Question: What Industry are you in?
  6. 6. Value Based Selling How can you charge more, and have the client thanking you for it? - Stop pricing based on what your competition is doing. - Offer a USP (hint: Offer a Holistic Approach) - STOP PRICING/SELLING BY THE HOUR! - Sell based on value and desired results (this may be solving pain points or achieving goals)
  7. 7. Resistance to change! We all need to adapt! Or be left behind. - ITS OK!! You don’t need to do everything yourself! - Bring a team together (partner with other specialists/companies) - You can either study for 100’s of hours and spend countless $ on training, or, simply find someone who has! - Create a package.
  8. 8. Recap Where are we at? - We all work in sales - Sell from a VALUE based approach (stop trading time for money) - Bring a Team together and formulate a package/s But… this cant be all… what's missing?
  9. 9. The Strategy! Most strategies I build are dynamic, so how do we do this? - Learn the basic 5 step funnel process (remember, something is better than NOTHING!!!) - Work with your team to formulate a cohesive plan. - Track, Measure and Report.
  10. 10. Sounds like a lot of work? For very little extra work, you can earn much more… (I've done $5,000-$25,000 implementations with ongoing cashflow opps, happy clients!) - Most all the extra work is sourced to those who are skilled in that area: - Copyrighters, Content writers, Social Media Managers, Funnel/Sales Strategists. - We just add this content to the site, it actually saves us time as we just bring it together (instead of waiting on the client for content)
  11. 11. The Tools: What do we need? - Landing Pages - Auto Responders - Lead Management (CRMs/List managers) - Tracking Tools - Reporting
  12. 12. The Tools: What do we need? - Landing Pages - Auto Responders - Lead Management (CRMs/List managers) - Tracking Tools - Reporting - …. Marketing Rocket! Create a LEAD FUNNEL IN MINUTES (including email nurturing!!!)
  13. 13. So whats next? Attend the workshop! - Lets get actionable! - Discuss/explore strategy, tools and pricing - Totally Dynamic Workshop – Ask questions, get answers. On anything!! - Time to Explore our Joomla Marketing Component, Marketing Rocket.
  14. 14. FREE VALUE!!! I’ve decided to give away some AWESOME FREE value… - Step by Step 5 Step Sales Funnel Ebook (short, sweet and to the point). - The Ebook/Lead Magnet Guide, A simple step by step writers guide (give it to your copy guy or client or do it yourself!) - Copy Swipe – Step by steps or exact copy paste templates for simple yet effective emails and sales copy! BRING YOUR BUISNESS CARD OR PUT YOUR DETAILS ON THE SIGNUP SHEET!