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Generate Leads and Sales with a Sales Funnel


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This workshop will give you a more indepth look at Marketing Rocket extension for Joomla and how you can use it to generate leads and sales.

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Generate Leads and Sales with a Sales Funnel

  1. 1. Dynamic Workshop: Generate Leads and Sales with a Sales Funnel
  2. 2. Review: The 5 Step Sales Funnel Strategy Today were going to work through the core concepts of creating a sales funnel Lead Magnet Tripwire Core Offer Profit Maximiser Return Path LOOK FAMILIAR?????
  3. 3. Intro to Landing Pages Effective Landing Pages are laser focused A single conversion behaviour. One page, One offer! Try for Zero distractions -> No exit links. No sidebar. No fancy headers etc NOTE: Sending Traffic DIRECTLY to landing pages is not always an elegant solution. Lets build a relationship first……
  4. 4. Wait…. How do I Target? How to target if you cant send ads to a landing page? A very simple way… 3 Simple Steps to Content Marketing! 1) Create a blog article that people interested in your core offer would like (for example, a Solar Panel Installer might write an article the top things to know before buying a solar panel setup or a calculator that shows expected savings) 2) Send Paid traffic to that article 3) Pixel Audience / retarget and offer them your lead magnet!
  5. 5. Compelling page/offer and copy. Consists of usually just a few Sections: 1) Solid Headline Calling out the offer 2) Sub Headline Giving more clarity on the offer 3) Bullet points advising on benefits (not features) 4) Social Proof (testimonials, videos, screenshot examples) Landing Page Content
  6. 6. Lets Build Your Funnel! Step 1) Building a List – The Lead Magnet • Congruent with Core Offer • High Value • Quickly Consumed & Specific Examples: Lists, Checklists, Short Guides, Catalogues, Coupons, How-To’s, Free Tickets, Samples, Trials, Contests, Online Tools, Plugins, ‘Swipe Files’.
  7. 7. 2) Tripwire Step 2) Creating Customers • Congruent with Core Offer • High Value/Low Cost • Low Barrier of Entry, leads into core offer. Examples: Physical Products, eBooks, Paid Webinars, Software, Cheap Done for you Services (Cheap Domain Registration, or Resturaunt Groupon Deals etc)
  8. 8. Tripwire Examples
  9. 9. 3) Core Offer Step 3) Make the Sale – The Core Offer:  What is your core business offering  If you have multiple tiers, aim for the middle, upsell to premium, down-sell for others.  Your Lead Magnet & Tripwire should be congruent with this!
  10. 10. 4) Profit Maximiser Step 4) Maximising Profits!  Increase average Transaction per customer!  Offer even more value to your customers by asking them if you can help with anything else? Examples: Subscriptions, Upsells, Cross-Sells, Bundles & Kits, High Ticket Items or Services, Warranties, Service & Support, Affiliate Offers for congruent or complimentary products & services.
  11. 11. Profit Maximiser Examples
  12. 12. 5) Return Path Step 5) Increase Transactions Per Customer  Exit Offers  Organic Social Media (like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)  Loyalty Programs  Content Marketing  Outbound Sales Calling  Ad Retargeting
  13. 13. Improving your bottom line using Metrics CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation  How many leads become sales  Often optimised per page  Can help yield more sales with the same traffic  Split testing and minor tweaks can help CVO Customer Value Optimisation  Calculation of an average customers value through the sales process  Little known metric but highly valuable to track  When combined with other metrics, Allows us to evaluate the most we can afford to pay per lead VS.
  14. 14. Are you tracking yours or your clients funnel performance metrics? (hint you should be, and its easy & FREE!)
  15. 15. What Technology does a common Sales Funnel Consist of? Traffic Sources Page Creation Lead Management Auto Responders Examples: Social Media Ads, Search Engine Ads, Content Marketing Ads, SEO Examples: Lead Pages, Content Management Systems, Unbounce Examples: CRM’s such as Zoho, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Sage Examples: Infusionsoft, Aweber Mailchimp, Getresponse, Analytics Examples: Google Analytics VWO, Hotjar, Crazy Egg. All in one: (still pair with analytics) Examples: Marketing Rocket (Joomla), Clickfunnels (SaaS), SamCart (SaaS), Infusionsoft (SaaS)
  16. 16. • Create a Funnel using a step by step wizard • Deploy Landing Pages & Auto Responders • We deploy this for ALL websites! All our new sites have lead gen! Live Demonstration
  17. 17. Question Time! Special Joomla! Day Offer 10% off ANY Marketing Rocket Subscription Purchase! Enter Coupon Code JDAY2017
  18. 18. Ideas for Discussion: - Closing the deal, the bulletproof client meeting to close the sale. - Pricing Strategy, GET PAID MORE! (Value Based). - What about traffic? Go the to traffic store and buy it!!! - Building out a package. - How to scale for large or small clients, is holistic approach achievable for small business? - Copywriting and websites, why your website isn’t working! (benefits, features, pain points and more!) - Website Critique – Someone put their website up for critique!!
  19. 19. FREE VALUE!!! I’ve decided to give away some AWESOME FREE value… - Step by Step 5 Step Sales Funnel Ebook (short, sweet and to the point). - The Ebook/Lead Magnet Guide, A simple step by step writers guide (give it to your copy guy or client or do it yourself!) - Copy Swipe – Step by steps or exact copy paste templates for simple yet effective emails and sales copy! BRING YOUR BUISNESS CARD OR PUT YOUR DETAILS ON THE SIGNUP SHEET!