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Facebook marketing on $1 a day


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Do you want to promote to audiences that will eat up your content?

Let’s lay the groundwork for you to do this through boosting – what we call the digital marketer’s “easy button”.

Whether you’re a musician, a non-profit, a fortune 500 company, or a small business there’s no difference. The Dollar A Day Strategy will become one of the most powerful advertising tools in your repertoire. The best part is that it can be made quick and painless, saving you time to focus on what really matters to you.

"The idea of amplification is not a paid only strategy-- it’s how to make things 10X more powerful."

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Facebook marketing on $1 a day

  1. 1. Connect Serena dot RyanⓇ Digital Marketing Education Specialist Facebook Marketing on $1 a day
  2. 2. ConnectConnect ★ Where to start ★ Why we’re going there ★ Your Action Plan ★ Next Steps Success in the Digital Age
  3. 3. ConnectConnect Have Patience It takes an average of 12 times someone is in contact before they are a customer.
  4. 4. ConnectConnect A Social Cup Of Coffee Twitter // I’m drinking a coffee Facebook // I like coffee Google+ // I’m a google employee who drinks coffee Instagram // Here’s a vintage photo of my coffee Pinterest // Here’s how to make the perfect coffee LinkedIn // My skills include drinking lots of coffee YouTube // Watch me drink my coffee Snapchat // Watch my coffee disappear
  5. 5. ConnectConnect The World We Live In “In Australia Facebook has 17,000,000 unique users per month.” “91% of people in Australia use a mobile device or smart phone.” “Australians have an average of 4.7 devices per person.”
  6. 6. ConnectConnect Getting Introduced
  7. 7. ConnectConnect
  8. 8. ConnectConnect
  9. 9. ConnectConnect
  10. 10. ConnectConnect
  11. 11. ConnectConnect
  12. 12. ConnectConnect
  13. 13. ConnectConnect Amplify Your Results
  14. 14. ConnectConnect Summary Use Digital as a tool to achieve what you really want.
  15. 15. ConnectConnect Next Steps ★ Get the Facebook $1 a Day Course at ○ ★ Use Code ○ blitz500
  16. 16. ConnectConnect Educate and Empower Digital Marketing Education 0437 016 395 How I can help Connect