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CMS Showdown WordPress vs Joomla


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In this talk, we are going to take a look at some of the ways in which WordPress is currently better than Joomla, and what we can do about it. We'll also take a look at some of the ways in which Joomla is better than WordPress.

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CMS Showdown WordPress vs Joomla

  1. 1. CMS Showdown WordPress vs Joomla
  2. 2. Disclaimer I
  3. 3. Why WordPress is better than Joomla
  4. 4. Download count of popular Joomla Extension Pro + Free (latest version) downloaded 54,266 times in 3 weeks
  5. 5. Download count of popular WordPress plugin 67,461 downloads in one day
  6. 6. What can Joomla do? Better marketing You could join Joomla marketing team Continue improving UX
  7. 7. Project Revenue Drupal Foundation (2015) $5.1 million WordPress Foundation (2014) $1.7 million Open Source Matters (2016) (aka Joomla) $435 thousand Source:
  8. 8. What can Joomla do? Did you know that you can now send money to the Joomla project Scroll to bottom Click Support Joomla OR
  9. 9. Australian Community
  10. 10. What can Joomla do? Regularly attend you local Joomla User Group (JUG) Support events like JoomlaDay Australia
  11. 11. Version usage WordPress v4.x 92.1% WordPress v3.x 6.9% WordPress v2.x 1.0% WordPress v1.x less than 0.1% Source:
  12. 12. What can Joomla do? Make transition from Joomla 3.x to Joomla 4.x as simple as possible
  13. 13. Image manipulation in WordPress
  14. 14. What can Joomla do? New Media Manager (coming in Joomla 4)
  15. 15. Why Joomla is better than WordPress
  16. 16. Core features Granular ACL Custom fields Ability to override everything Menu manager
  17. 17. Code standards MVC Design Pattern Namespacing PSR-1 PHP 7 support LESS CSS and SCSS pre-processor support
  18. 18. Ask any PHP developer and 95% will tell you that WordPress is not their choice for a CMS. If you don’t understand this, then you are probably not a coder. Source:
  19. 19. Plugin Architecture With WordPress every plugin you install has to load with every page Only Joomla system plugins load with every page. Events trigger other plugins as needed.
  20. 20. Customisation to Joomla extension Template overrides for every view, model and controller in any extension. Not affected by updates.
  21. 21. Example of customisation to WordPress plugin We want to override file WC Booking override: themes/enfold- child/woocommerce-bookings/includes/booking-form/class-wc- booking-form.php Can we override files that are not inside templates folder on woocommerce-booking plugin? No, there is no way to protect that file from updates. It will need to be changed every time there is an update.
  22. 22. Extension / plugin directory WordPress Plugin Directory only allows free plugins. Forces free/pro business model. Joomla Extension Directory allows both free and commercial extensions. Any business model you like.
  23. 23. Summary WordPress is more popular WordPress has more $ BUT Joomla is easier to customise and maintain