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JooinK Presentation


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JooinK Presentation

  1. 1. “Dead simple map-mashup” | Francesca Tosi | +39 3806587378 |
  2. 2. Team Francesca Tosi - CEO - PhD Applied Math - She worked on CFD (jointly with Ferrari & at Ansys Germany) - She published papers on Num. Analysis;Alberto Mancini - CTO - PhD Computational Math - Papers on Applied & Comp Math - He works at the Dept of Math (Florence) Alessandro Santo – Advisory Board/CFO - BA in Finance (Bocconi) & MBA from Columbia Business School (NY) - He worked on Financial markets, consulting & VC (3 years) - He is Kauffman fellow
  3. 3. The Pain- A “gazillion” of tematic mashups on the web - hundreds just on on - thousands on Tons of geo-tagged info sparse on the net with the emergence of SoLoMo websites and apps.- Info are tied to different personal identities (FBs friends; Twitters followers; 4SQRs friends; ...), most of them “lost in the cloud” (with specific app born to search in the cloud (e.g. Greplin, YC 2010 and funded by Sequoia) Looking for geo-tagged data is a mess
  4. 4. Charting the leading concept – from UGC to aggregated & curated mobile/web geotagged data
  5. 5. The projectOur mission: Creating a unique reference point for curated geotagged dataBuilding • Internally developed mashupblocks: engine • Geo-focused crawling engine • Semantic-based curating engine • Direct expertise with real time data projects (e.g. Google Wave) And an insane passion for managing big chunk of data
  6. 6. Jooink: a first view1. Add your Video/Sample (geo)dataset2.Look for any data using our search engine Video3.Mashup and create Url: Enjoy and share!
  7. 7. Tecnologies Mobile-AppWeb-App (HTML5 compliant)
  8. 8. Business Model(s)Freemium • Premium features on groups & categories management, data sharing (size, collaborators), adv • Exepecting 5k premium users by FY1, 100k by FY3 paying 1,99 Euro per month (1,5M sales by FY3)Transaction • Users will be able to sell each own map; Jooink will become unique reference point for premium maps and will retain a 20% transaction fee. • 5000 paid maps hosted by FY3 generating 150k transaction per month with a 20% fee on a 2,99 eur map, 700k Euro by FY3 • Direct sales to medium and big companies of geotagged mapsB2B • 7 customers by FY1, 160+ by FY3 with average contract value of 20k Eur
  9. 9. CompetitorsSearch & mash app Check-in apps Thematic maps Rating on a map Ugc collectors
  10. 10. Milestones• Working Capital by Telecom Italia 2009-2010 (one out of 7 winners and achieved 700+ participants)• Developed web client (90%) and mobile HTML5 client (70%)• UX & graphics development (Q411)• Getting feedback from top European start up competition (Q411 & Q112)• Advisory board (Q411)• B2B direct sales hiring (Q112)• Beta release in Jan 2012• 100k user by Jun 2012, 1M users by Q1 2013
  11. 11. Financials€ 6.000 € 5.311 BEP in Q4 FY2€ 4.000 Sales€ 2.000 € 1.665 EBIT € 986 € 186 €0 FY1 FY2 FY3 -€ 411 -€ 721-€ 2.000