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  1. 1. A devoted Android developer offering experience designing, implementing, integrating and supporting applications developed in both autonomous and collaborative environments for mobile and tablet devices on the Android platform. Professional & Personal Attributes  Developed user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and fully functional applications for Android.  Proficient in object-oriented programming, data structures, problem solving and debugging.  Developed, published and maintained a ground breaking mobile application for TOPDOX with apploximately 80K downloads and 1000 daily users.  Developed two only professional and non published Android applications to CimSoft – Tecnologias de informação, only used by their customers.  Knowledge in UI performance technics and experience leading with mobile and specific Android platform issues.  Highly motivated, flexible team memeber who loves to learn, computer savvy.  Passionate to update my knowledge and skills through continuous self learning Some Skills Java RESTful, JSON Git, SCRUM C# JavaScript      Experience TOPDOX – Porto October 2015 – Present Android Lead Developer I joined TOPDOX in October 5th to build the Android application, in late November we launched the very first version to the Google Play Store. In four or five months we got the 50K users badge and at the moment we have almost 100.000 users only in the Android platform and about 1150 daily users. The fast pace I’ve been working to archive our goals is one of the most challenging things and is leading me to a fast personal and professional growth. Beside all the technical challenges I had to solve, this project is also allowing me to be aware of the marketing and business side of a product. TOPDOX Android app @ Google Play Store: Technologies and Resources: Java for Android, Android Studio, REST, Material Design, Git, Agile methodologies, Picasso, Stetho, MVP/MVC design patterns, billing system (in-app purchases), Volley and Retrofit 2.0.. João Miguel Mariz de Barros Zão Software Developer, Mobile, Android – 919238221
  2. 2. Edward Hloomstrong / RESUME P a g e | 2 CimSoft – Porto February 2015 – July 2015  Internship 1. Intern project: Módulo ’O meu Mordomo’ para aplicações móveis e domótica. This challenging project took place over the entirety of the final semester in my MSc in Electrical and Computers Engineering. It required excellent planning and organizational skills, and the ability to teach myself an entirely new and complex subject. The project was a sccess, with the system being able to easily allow users to monitor and control domestic devices through a mobile device. Technologies and Resources: Xamarin, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, SOAP, PostgreSQL, LDAP, Raspberry,Pi, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. 2. Mobile business applications: MediaDoc and MediaPOS Mobile In order to increase my learning curve in multi-platform mobile development, the company challenged me to build the mobile application for two of their main products. One of these projects is MediaDoc which is a Document Management Processes and Workflow software, mainly used in the law firms and solicitors sector. The other product is MediaPOS which is a point of sales software available for several economic activities. the main goal was to develop beauty, clean and user-friendly UIs and funcional applications for their business customers. These apps integrated the product package to their business customers so they are not published at public stores but they are referenced in the company website: Technologies and Resources: Xamarin, Visual Studio 2013, C#, .NET, LDAP, PostgreSQL. Education FACULTY OF ENGINEERING, UNIVERSITY OF PORTO – Porto, PT MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering Interests and extra activities  Google LaunchPad Summit Day(May 2016, at Beta-i Lisbon), a restrict and development oriented event by google. I had the opportunity to learn and share knowledge about best practices in Android development and many other things with Andrés Ortiz(Developer Program Manager at Google) and with two GDE(Google Developers Experts) Jorge Barroso Carmona and David González.  I was a federate football athlete since I was nine. I played as a professional when I reach the senior age but two years later I had to quit so I could focus on my studies.  I seek for computers and technologies since I remember myself. I really enjoy a good computer game and lately the interest for game development started to grow.