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Creating a winning brand - Wider


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Presentation made at 'Growing your business through marketing' Solihull Chamber of Commerce conference 25th May 2016.

Published in: Design
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Creating a winning brand - Wider

  1. 1. How to create and develop a winning brand Jonny Allbut Digital Director James Newland Creative Director
  2. 2. • A brand is a persona - not just a logo • Consistency is the key to a professional image • You CAN compete with the big boys! What is a brand?
  3. 3. • Be clear and honest about your service • Create your values (4-6 keywords) • Define and understand your clients needs and concerns Understand your brand & customers
  4. 4. Define the
 how, where and why
  5. 5. • Unique and ownable • Avoid clichés! • Distance yourself from your competitors • Be inspired but don’t copy! What makes an effective logo?
  6. 6. Logo design buzzword bingo! ICONIC IMPACTFUL DYNAMIC MEMORABLE
  7. 7. • Legibility • Gimmicky fonts/font overload! • Not representable in a single colour/too complex • Size ratios/proportions/clear space • Not considering cultural/market influences Logo design pitfalls
  8. 8. • Inconsistencies in materials/quality • Securing online identities • Spreading yourself too thin Brand development pitfalls
  9. 9. • Create your values • Understand your customers and marketplace • Develop a professional logo and supporting elements • Be consistent • Be agile Brand development takeaways
  10. 10. Thanks! Jonny Allbut Digital Director James Newland Creative Director