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Jonathan Michael Shepherd

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Jonathan Michael Shepherd

  1. 1. Mr. Jonathan M. Shepherd Queen's University BA.H (Global Development/ Philosophy) Candidate E: P: (343) 363-8247 Experience and Areas of Expertise: (1) Working With Marginalized Or Vulnerable Groups/Social Justice Program Assistant (October 2012- May 2013) Working with London Children’s Connection afforded me the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of children from different social circumstances including vulnerable sectors. As a program assistant I was able to develop fun and educational programming for children aged 3-7. Programming included varied activities from outdoor games, to reading circles, to crafts. My responsibilities included planning, supervision, attending child-minding workshops, snack preparation, communicating with parents and teachers, as well as first aid. Camp Counselor (June 2012- September 2012) Working with Camp Kintail my responsibilities included: Life guarding, supervision, outdoor food prep, coordinating games, and first aid. I had the most incredible time getting to know my campers, and it was an awesome feeling to know you had been a positive role model in a young person’s life. Camp Kintail was oriented toward sports and outdoor education. In this context I was also entrusted to instruct the Outdoor adventure camp—a weeklong introduction to outdoor living skills. Support Staff (June 2014- September 2014) As support staff with Rocky Mountain YMCA my responsibilities included: developing and delivering an outdoor education program for people of diverse cultural heritage. I touched on issues of environmental significance, basic first aid, and outdoor living skills (i.e. which plants are edible, how to build a fire, how to cook outdoors). I incorporated storytelling into my programming, touching on the strong cultural traditions and mythology of Canada’s Native Peoples. Furthermore on sessions-off I aided in waterfront education, provided relief to sick or injured counselors, or worked on new and creative ideas to integrate into my program. I also served in the programming of a flood relief program for children victimized by the Albertan floods of 2013 Right To Play Queen's University (September 2013-present) Volunteering with Queen’s Right to Play. Allowedme to help plan and promote fundraising events across Queen’s Campus. In this capacity I managed to create and strengthen relations between Queen’s Quidditch Club and Queen’s Right Play.Having a significant impact on the success of both organizations. (2) Cross Cultural/ International Experience Scholarly (2012-Present) As a student at Queen's University my studies in Canadian Politics, Gender Studies, and Global Development have yielded insight into national and trans-national issues of inequity and oppression. I have studied how the process of marginalization has occurred in Canada, and what groups are affected by systemic biases—both at home and globally. This study includes how Canada’s internal prejudices manifest themselves in our foreign policy. I am incredibly passionate about shaping a better future for everyone whom I come in contact with; and I want my employment performance to aid in this progress. ESL Counselor (June 2011- August 2011) Working as an ESL counselor for Centre Communautaire de Drummondville Sud, was an enriching and powerful endeavor. I was entrusted to help teach an English Immersion program for non-native speakers. In this capacity I was able to greatly improve my communication skills inboth English and French. I was challenged to use and develop my French in order to provide a more
  2. 2. welcoming educational environment. I also fulfilled other camp related activities, such as snack preparation, game, supervision, and planning activities. This level of cultural integration has aided in my professional development, and the creation of my ambitions. (3) Administrative/ Program Delivery Assembly Line (May 2013- September 2013) Working for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada was an introduction to the high demands of a manufacturing environment. This included rotating shift, working a car line, and dealing with unforeseen quality control issues. TMMC was a highly regimented environment with high expectations, and I managed to not only meet but also exceed expectations in producing high quality efficient work, work which helped advance Toyota as global leader in corporate social responsibility and manufacturing—through their policy of “Kaizen”. Field Research Assistant (September 2014- October 2014) Serving as a research assistant with a Queen’s University PhD candidate was a fantastic experience for me. The work was both mentally stimulating, and physically challenging. I worked one-on-one with my supervisor and therefore had the opportunity to undertake high responsibility tasks, while also being given immediate feedback. The research we were conducting involved overnight field excursions, with shifts lasting upwards of 12 hours at times. The work included hiking batteries to the isolated research location, observing/capturing specimens, maintaining robotics, first aid, driving a company vehicle and small vessel operation. Contact Centre Representative (0ctober 2014- present) As a contact center representative, with the Queen’s University office of advancement, my responsibilities included: Research, Alumni Relations, Event Registration, and stewardship of donations. In this capacity I demonstrated my abilities in clientele research, lead generation, switchboard operation, Microsoft office suite, mail-outs, use of intranet and self-monitoring. Interpreter (May 2014- July 2014) I served as interpreter, maintenance, and compliance officer with Thousand Islands National Park. My mandate was to protect and preserve Canada’s Crown Holdings in a state that all visitors could benefit from them. My responsibilities included, trail maintenance, facility maintenance, ensuring compliance with Parks Canada regulations, garbage collection, addressing visitors concerns, and providing historical, cultural and natural interpretation. Working with parks Canada I also gained competency in small vessel operation having crewed the maintenance vessel, this includes familiarity with nautical procedures and hierarchies. Volunteer Coach (June 2014- present) As a member of one of Canada’s top ranked Quidditch teams—Queen’s Quidditch Club— I have had the opportunity to run many community-outreach programs. I have run these programs in cooperation with ASUS summer camps, as well as Girl Guides of Canada. I was able to introduce the sport I love to future generations, whilst also fostering teamwork skills and building relationships amongst youth. Quidditch is a young sport, and I have been honoured to take a leadership role in the coordination of its growth.