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#neighbourhoodplanning - the story so far


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#neighbourhoodplanning - the story so far

  1. 1. #neighbourhoodplanning The Story So Far
  2. 2. #neighbourhoodplanning A quick reminder of what neighbourhood planning is… • POWER to make planning policy • RESPONSIBILITY to meet need and support growth • INVESTMENT through Community Infrastructure Levy* * Communities with a neighbourhood plan in place receive 25% of CIL
  3. 3. Planning Application
  4. 4. Stage 1: Designating your neighbourhood area (and forum)
  5. 5. Stage 2: Consultation and plan making
  6. 6. Thame VISION Thame must maintain its character as a real market town • Continue to feel ‘compact’ • Continue to have a close relationship with open countryside around it • Retain its markets • Continue to act as a centre for the surrounding area, not just residents • Remain attractive to residents and visitors
  7. 7. Stage 3: Examination
  8. 8. Stage 4: Referendum
  9. 9. 90% 21% turnout 40% turnout34% turnout Yes 92% Yes 76% Yes
  10. 10. new Applications: Cradley; Lower Bullingham; Orleton; Pyons (all Herefordshire); Haddenham (Aylesbury Vale); Shaftesbury (North Dorset); Whaley Bridge (High Peak) Desborough (Kettering) * signifies first in LA 16 new Designations: Cherry Willingham (West Lindsey); Bankside (Southwark*); Cottingham (East Riding of Yorkshire*); Hoylake (Wirral); Ditchling; Peacehaven and Telscombe (Lewes); Bow Brickhill; Campbell Park; Castlethorpe (all Milton Keynes); Deeping Gate; Glinton; Northborough; Peakirk (all Peterborough*); Kineton; Long Compton; Shipston on Stour (all Stratford); Draft plans: Ferring, Sprowston, Cockermouth (First NDO!) Norland – until 26/07/13 Slaugham – 25/07/13 Tattenhall – 17/07/13; Lynton & Lynmouth –12/07/13; Much Wenlock – 26/06/13 3 3 8 32 391 577 PIPELINE
  11. 11. This data was informally gathered from internet monitoring and is being constantly updated
  12. 12. #NP100 + 22 local authorities have designated areas so far
  13. 13. #neighbourhoodplanning • Upper Eden in Cumbria • Exeter St James • Thame in Oxfordshire • Cringleford in Norfolk • Tattenhall in Cheshire
  14. 14. Planning Application
  15. 15. Thame SAMPLE OBJECTIVE “Support Thame’s Shops” The best way to support Thame’s shops is to focus new retail development in the town centre. Other ways of supporting retail are to make sure people live and work in the town centre. This can be done by supporting employment and encouraging residential uses, especially above shops.
  16. 16. Thame POLICIES 10 on Housing 15 on Working and Shopping 6 on Getting Around 4 on Community, Leisure and Well Being 24 on Environment, Sustainability and Design Quality But remember: Upper Eden Neighbourhood Plan contains seven policies in total Neighbourhood planning is a flexible tool
  17. 17. • Village on the edge of Norwich. Core Strategy allocates 1200 new homes • Pre submission consultation completed • Policies on general issues, the environment, housing, local economy, community and transport
  18. 18. Publicity underway. Examination soon. Six topics, six policies: including housing growth and the local economy
  19. 19. SUPPORT Local planning authority has a legal duty to provide advice and assistance
  20. 20. Communities Bespoke direct support and/or £7k
  21. 21. LPA = £30k £5k @ designation £5k @ submission £20k @ successful examination Support, Examination and Referendum
  22. 22. #neighbourhoodplanning LinkedIn – Neighbourhood Planning
  23. 23. Resources And Networking DCLG page #what-is-neighbourhood-planning Support programme LinkedIn Group =3741603&trk=myg_ugrp_ovr Twitter /CommunitiesUK Much Wenlock’s List /other-neighbourhood- planning-frontrunners/ Planning Aid’s Up Front bulletin http://www.ourneighbourhood Planning Advisory Service FAQs / Locality Roadmap /neighbourhood-planning- roadmap-guide/