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Monitoring of security camera


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Monitoring of Security camera is very important in our effort to keep the safety of our home/office environment.

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Monitoring of security camera

  1. 1. Monitoring of Security Camera
  2. 2. • Monitoring of Security camera is very important in our effort to keep the safety of our home/office environment. • We have to buy the proper monitor to do the best security work. • We are really needed to be sure that our camera and monitor is matching. • It will give us such benefit like saving more money. • As we know that so many security systems out in the market today, we have difficult to find one that is really suitable for our needs.
  3. 3. Variety of security camera types • Infrared (IR) Security Cameras • Dome Cameras • Bullet Cameras • Hidden Cameras
  4. 4. Advantages – Infrared Security Camera • It is a trendy type of camera for both business and home. • IR security cameras make high resolution color video during the day • Being used indoor or outdoor • They are weatherproofed & can withstand hot and cold temperatures without any additional camera housing needed. • Gives a clear video image in the light and in the dark.
  5. 5. Advantages - Dome Cameras • Infrared domes, indoor/outdoor domes, vandal proof domes, and pan tilt zoom controllable domes are the different styles of domes camera • Camera can zoom in or out on selected areas. It covers large areas view It is a weather proof & vandal proof • Easy to installed
  6. 6. Advantages - Bullet Cameras • Sensitivity increasing during night time • You can see from a distance in total darkness • It’s a sun visor, weatherproof • Ideal for outdoor use
  7. 7. Benefits - Hidden Cameras • Smoke detectors, motion detectors, clocks, sprinklers etc are examples of the type of hidden cameras that are used. • Help of awareness in the workplace
  8. 8. • Decide the cameras according to your use. All of the cameras vary & offer outdoor, indoor, or infrared capabilities. Inquire about the most popular cameras, with high ratings from customers, installers or CCTV Providers Company.
  9. 9. Thank You….. Business Address: Security Surveillance System 2620 S. Parker Road, Suite 210, Aurora, CO 80014 United States 720-535-5803