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Schedule for HRMG 241 A 2013


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Schedule for HRMG 241 A 2013

  1. 1. Schedule for HRMG 241 AWeek beginning Session type Topics thMarch 4 Face to Face Introduction to241March 11thonline Attitudes, Values and BeliefsMarch 18th online Perception and decision makingMarch 25th online Learning and BehaviourApril 1st Face to face Individual motivationApril 8th online LeadershipApril 15th & 22nd 2 week recessApril 29th Face to Face Groups and teamsMay 6th Online Organizational structureMay 13th Face to Face Organizational cultureMay 20th Online Organizational changeMay 27th Online Managing 21st century organizations,Paper wrap upJune 3rd Online In class test