241 t decision time for ella


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241 t decision time for ella

  1. 1. Decision time for EllaElla went to university straight from school and spent four years workingtowards a Bachelor of Management Studies degree.She was a highly motivated,‘go-getter’ student, Dux of her school. At university she set her sights on gettingFirst Class Honours. From the first semester, she looked for everyopportunity togain experience both on and off campus. She got involved in research for alecturer which led to a co-author paper. She worked part-time in a fashion outletin the city (where she also spent most of her salary!). Ella believed that the keyto success was to differentiate herself from other graduates. She set out to dress‘business-like’ which did not always endear her to her peers. Lookinggood,travelling and studying meant that by the end of her third year of study she hadbuilt up a student loan of $50,000.While looking for full time positions at the end of her third year Ella cameacross a one year, fully paid graduate internship with one of the world’s leadingsoftware companies. Ella thoroughly researched the company and applied forthe position and as the candidate list dropped from 48, to six and finally to two,her optimism increased. Within an hour of the final interview, she received acall offering her a marketing internship with the company.The decision however was not straightforward. Taking up the internship meantabandoning, even temporarily, her Honours study. This meant that at the end ofthe internship she would not have completed all the papers for her degree. Shewas also concerned about whether she would ever complete her degree afterexperiencing the financial freedom of working. She was also worried about thehigh level of specialization that went with the internship in the IT marketingfield which might narrow her prospects and wondered if she would be better tomaintain a broader approach to developing her career. On the other hand, giventhe competitive nature of the graduate market, such openings were few and farbetween. Ella decided to take theplunge, leave university and take up theinternship.One year later Ella had another major decision to make when she was offeredfull time employment with the company including six months further training inSydney. Ella was in a quandary; should she take up the permanent position withthe company or return to university? She had enjoyed being a well-paidemployee and the prospect ofagain becoming a penniless student again did notappeal. On the other hand, the unfinished Honours qualification would help herleverage the years’ work experience and create options.But how should she weigh up the options? Return to her studies? Stay and gainmore valuable experience, building a career in a top company? What
  2. 2. otheroptions might there be?Task 1. Put yourself in Ella’s position; how would you go about making the decision? What would be the key issues for you as an undergraduate student? How would you identify them? How would you weight them? 2. Using this information, create a decision tree to help Ella reach a decision.You have a maximum of 90 minutes to complete and post this task