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Unicom - BPM - Agile Portfolio Management in the Cloud


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Enterprise ‘Agile Portfolio Management’ in the hybrid cloud (public / private) platform;

Introducing ‘Social enterprise’ platforms within a global technology landscape;

Implementation of enterprise collaboration tools using industry standards – Introduction to BPMNv2.2 (Business Process Modelling Notation) and xPDL (extendable Process Definition Language);

Effectively communicating to all business echelons utilising ‘Funnel Virtualisation’ leveraging BPM;

Workflow management/solutions using XAML (Extensible Application Mark-up Language);

Challenges faced with introducing ‘Agile Portfolio Management’ across multi-platforms / BYOD / mobile devices;

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Unicom - BPM - Agile Portfolio Management in the Cloud

  1. 1. Jonathon Wright ( Unicom BPM Conference (Thursday @ 11:45 AM, 20th March 2014) Agile Portfolio Management in the Cloud @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM
  2. 2. @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM Background – About me LinkedIn + Email (
  3. 3. platform, technology, client, browser, version, language, test type agnostic Executing Cloud Tests VM Dispenser Technology Cloud Test Environments written natural language (ATDD, BDD, TDD, Waterfall) Creating Cloud Tests Background – What I do service-oriented architecture Built in the Cloud @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM “Over the past three years we have been developing an Azure cloud based solution to provide "Test Automaton as a Service" using a hybrid automation approach specifically designed with the Hybrid Cloud (Private/Public) in mind to utilise the instant scalability, flexibility and availability of the Cloud.”
  4. 4. Information on-demand The traditional enterprise is changing - Information must be available anytime, anywhere - Information must be easily retrievable - Information is essential for enabling productivity - Speed of change in the enterprise - Speed of change in the workforce - Speed of change in processes Speed of change @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM
  5. 5. Distributed Agile – Change of mind set Dashboards Funnel Virtualisation “Encourage simplicity” Documentation Living Meta Data “Master the Data” Team Working Remote collaboration “Collaborate inventively” Activity Streams Real-time info “Embrace cloud workforces” @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM “...true innovation is not always new.” - Jonathon Wright, Founder of – ‘Create Labs’ (Yesterday) Imperial Collage (UK)
  6. 6. Organisational Agile - Challenges Tier 0 - Programme – Executive Level (x4) Tier 1 - Workstream – Portfolio Level (x8) Tier 2 - Domains – Solution Level (x330) Tier 3 - Sub-Domains – Application Level (x2,738) Tier 4 - Project Level (x7,324) CIO VP CIO-1 ITDO Chairman ITPO ITPO-1 ITDO-1 ITAO ITAO-1 ITPM VP-1 ITPM-1 VP-2 VP-3 CIO-2 CIO-3 ITPO-2 ITPO-3 ITDO-2 ITDO-3 ITAO-2 ITAO-4 ITPM-2 ITPM-3
  7. 7. Effective communication through „Funnel Virtualisation‟ leveraging BPM Funnel Virtualisation Business Insight Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data DataData @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM “Everyday business and consumer life creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day and 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years?”
  8. 8. Tier 3 - Sub-Domains – Application Level (x2,738) ALM ProductsApplication Lifecycle Management 12 Tier 1 - Workstream – Portfolio Level (x8) PLM ProductsHP Executive Scorecard Tier 2 - Domains – Solution Level (x330) SLM ProductsHP ALI & Agile Manager PLM Products Organisational -wide wAgile Portfolio Reporting Hybrid Cloud Distributed wAgileProject ArtefactsALM ProductsLocal Network PLM Products Global-wide wAgile Public Cloud Executive (Business Insight) SLM Products Enterprise- wide wAgile Private Cloud Enterprise Reporting Organisational Agile – Opportunities Tier 0 - Programme – Executive Level (x4) Tier 4 - Project Level (x7,324)
  9. 9. PLM Ready? Cloud Power Portfolio Lifecycle Management in the Cloud Where are we going next?@jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM
  10. 10. @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM Enterprise Agile Portfolio Management Risk Dashboard (Presentation Layer) Benefit Analysis (Presentation Layer) Story Board (Presentation Layer) Business Risk Project Risk Technical Risk Business Domain Language Test Domain Language Business Stories Business Workflow Business Rules Business Process Intelligence (BPI) (HP Application Lifecycle intelligence(ALI)) Business Process Management (BPM) (HP Application Lifecycle Management 12 (ALM)) Business Process Modelling (BPMN) (Business Process Modelling Notation v2.2 (xPDL)) Business Process Scenarios (BPS) (extendable Application Markup Language (XAML)) Business Process Testing (BPT) (Dynamic Data Source (xPDL)) Business Epic Themes (BET) (HP Agile Manager (SaaS Platform)) Business Users Stories (BUS) (Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)) Business Process Data (BPD) (Business Data Cube (LINQ statements)) Business Process Components (BPC) (Dynamic Data Source (xPDL)) Business Transaction Layer Solution Under Test (SUT) Layer Dynamic Data Adapters Dynamic Test Adapters Business Questions Business Process Management (BPM) - Overview
  11. 11. Business Process Management (BPM) - Executive Level (T0) @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM Charter “Improve reporting of Business-Oriented Metrics to demonstrate the value – more organisations are beginning to centralise practices and develop TCOEs most still need to prove the business value by reporting operational metrics linked to specific business outcomes” - World Quality Report (2013-14)
  12. 12. Business Process Management (BPM) - Portfolio Level (T1) @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM Blueprint "Build it, test it, and fix the things that go wrong. Repeat the process until the desired reliability is achieved. It is a feedback process and there is no other way." David Packard – July 1972
  13. 13. Business Process Management (BPM) - Solution Level (T2) @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM KOP
  14. 14. @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM Business Process Management (BPM) – Application Level (T3) ALM
  15. 15. @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM Business Process Management (BPM) – Project Level (T4) B1 Login.Process Request.VM Access.VM Manage.VM Logout.Process B3 B2 C1 C3 D2 C2D1 C4 E2 D4 E1 E3 E4 D3 Accept.TermsA1 (Release 2.0 = A1>B1>C3>E1>D4>E3>C4) (Release 1.0 = A1>C3>E1>D4>E3>C4) BPT
  16. 16. PLM Ready Cloud Power Portfolio Lifecycle Management in the Cloud “To the cloud”@jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM
  17. 17. TESTING AS A SERVICE (TaaS) INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE (IaaS)SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SaaS) REAL-TIME VISIBILITY AND CONTROL INSTANT SCALABILITY SCALE UP AND DOWN HIGH AVAILABILITY CMMI PLATFORM AS A SERVICE (PaaS) ISO 29119 PAY AS YOU USE (PAYU) SLA’s My Journey to the Cloud @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM “We‟ve all heard the claims that cloud computing will, without any up-front investment, provide instant scalability, flexibility, and availability for testing-on-demand. But how well does this work in practice?” - Jonathon Wright, Co-founder of – ‘Big Idea’ Winner (2014) Google HQ (UK)
  18. 18. @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM Private Combination Public SUT SUTSUT Community Clouds Public Clouds Private Clouds “... the prediction that 60% of the average enterprise will have 60% of its applications in the cloud.” - Karl Flinders, Computer Weekly (2011) - Cloud Type
  19. 19. Instant scalability Flexible Test Execution Flexible Test Assets Environments on-demand Geo-based execution Instant Accessibility 99.9% Availability (100% Web) Instant Portability Best of Breed (BoB) tools on demand No upfront investment Pay As You Use (PAYU) New Opportunities
  20. 20. What is „Portfolio Lifecycle Management‟ in the Cloud? @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM Portfolio Lifecycle Management “Existing technologies of virtualisation, business process modelling, cloud based „portfolio lifecycle management‟ solutions and rapid and easy internet access allow for the development of approaches that allow companies to leverage „Software as a Service‟ and pay only for what they use (PAYU).”
  21. 21. – Which - „Portfolio Lifecycle Management‟ Tools? @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM “Hybrid Approach – utilising the best technologies and resources to do the job…..” - Jonathon Wright, Founder of Automation Development Services (2003)-
  22. 22. HP ALM Unified, Automated, Collaborative Manual tester Business analyst Quality Control Developer (Oracle) Developer (Java/J2EE) App Security tester Performance engineer VP of AppsScrum master Functional test engineer HP Unified Functional Testing HP Sprinter HP Agile Manager HP ALM Dashboard HP Performance Testing HP Fortify HP ALI (Continuous Delivery) HP ALM Requirements Management HP Quality Center Stakeholders use their tool of choice, while sharing resources with complete traceability for a unified SLM experience – Which - „Portfolio Lifecycle Management‟ Platform? @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM Source: HP Application Delivery Management – SIG (2014) – ALM 12 – Launch (48hrs ago)
  23. 23. – Which - „Portfolio Lifecycle Management‟ Solution? @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM Source: HP Application Delivery Management – SIG (2014) – ALM 12 – Launch (48hrs ago)
  24. 24. PLM Ready Cloud Power Portfolio Lifecycle Management in the Cloud You are here@jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM
  25. 25. @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM “The best aspects of these proven approaches demonstrate how they have evolved over the past decade, and this echoes some of the changes towards more lean and agile business methodologies. They are in a constant state of evolution – just as the underpinning technology evolves over time.” My section in the „Experiences in Test Automation‟ book (Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster) 2012. Final Thoughts – Agile Portfolio Management in the Cloud
  26. 26. Q&A @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM
  27. 27. ( @jonathon_wright #UnicomBPM