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How my magazine appeals to the target audience


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How my magazine appeals to the target audience

  1. 1. How My MagazineAppeals To The TargetAudienceBy Jonathan Larham
  2. 2. A big, bold, capitalised masthead draws in the readers attention, by being striking to the eye.Having a catchy slogan which hasthe name of the magazineincorporated in it, makes theaudience remember it more easily Having a low price of £2.00 is very appealing to the audience
  3. 3. Big, easy-to-read coverlines draw the reader in a want more from the magazineHaving a sub-image relieves thereader to look at an image that’s notas important as the main image.Having a competition with such agreat reward on the front cover is agreat way to appeal to the audiencebecause they are immediately drawin by the contest
  4. 4. This main image appeals to theaudience because it is an artist thatthey can easily recognise, on the frontcover and he is playing a instrumentthat they like to listen to. Having an easy, readable and big font coverstory attracts the reader because they are drawn in by it.
  5. 5. Having a big, capitalised headline also attracts the audienceHaving the bands and artists in boldappeals to the audience because ithighlights to them the important bitsof their interest so then they canimmediately be drawn to the part ofthe contents that attracts them i.e.Their favourite band
  6. 6. Having little images on the contents page appeals to the audience because it shows their favourite artists in a different light from what their used to or it could be a conventional image.Having captions underneath theimages appeals to the audiencebecause it informs them on whatthe images they see are about. Like on the previous slide, having a competition on the page helps the reader to try and win a prize. And on this page it show who’s guitar it actually is and that it is signed by that person.
  7. 7. Having two different font stylesfor the headlines is good becauseit appeals to the audience byshowing variation and that it isdifferentHaving a standfirstappeals to theaudience becauseit informs theaudience who is Having a kickerwriting the article attracts the reader because it shows you where the body copy starts These pull quotes attract the audience by showing them little snippets of the article in quotation marks away from the article and they are appealing to the audience when they split up big bodies of text
  8. 8. The main image of the double pagespread is good for attracting as it is apicture into the current life of theartist and also some fans can usethis as a poster for them to stickonto wallsThe body copy is appealing to theaudience as it helps inform theaudience on the artist andespecially when it is an interviewwith different coloured font thismakes it easier to read and easilyaccessible
  9. 9. Having a sub-image isanother way in which adouble page spread appealsto its audience because itsanother image of theirfavourite artist Having captions appeals because it has information in them that appeals to them by informing them on information they’d want to know