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Rei kawakubo


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Rei kawakubo

  2. 2. About Rei Kawakubo • Born in 11 october 1942 in Tokyo, japan. • She went to Keio University, Tokyo. She studied fine arts and literature. • No training in fashion. • Bob hair cut and black cloth is her trademark and identity. • She is a rebel with a cause. • Comme Des Garcons is her label.
  3. 3. Work of Rei Kawakubo • Started working in a textile company. • In 1967, she worked as a freelance stylist. • In 1969, she started her own label, Comme Des Garcons. • In 1975, the first boutique in Tokyo was opened. • In 1981, she presented her collection for the first time in Paris.
  4. 4. CommeDesGarconslookbook1981
  5. 5. • Her designs were not well accepted and came to be known as “Hiroshima Chic”. • In 2004, she opened a store in London which also included garments from other designers. • In 2008, she collaborated with H&M, designing men’s and woman’s clothes along with a unisex perfume which sold out within hours. • She also collaborated with Louis Vuitton to celebrate it’s 30 years in Japan. • The company’s website has no online sales but very decorative interface.
  6. 6. • In 2011, she launched t-shirts collaborating with Matt Groening. the project was with “The Simpsons” creator. • In 2014, she collaborated with Pharrel Williams and launched the unisex perfume called “girl”.
  7. 7. Identity Of Rei Kawakubo Her brand is known by a an iconic cute heart which was founded in 2002 with the help of graphic artist, Filip Pagowski.
  8. 8. Sample Work of Rei kawakubo Rei kawakubo completely believes that fashion is not an art. But we can sure notice arts in her work, such as: Surrealism Cubism
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