Maersk Line and why social media still matter. E-commerce 2014 in Stockholm on April 2 2014.


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My presentation from the e-commerce conference in Stockholm on 2 April 2014. I talked about first the Maersk Line in social media case study, secondly about trends and topics that are important moving forward, e.g. about employee engagement and how to create a social media presence that ads business value to your business.

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Maersk Line and why social media still matter. E-commerce 2014 in Stockholm on April 2 2014.

  1. 1. MAERSK LINE AND WHY SOCIAL MEDIA STILL MATTER e-commerce 2014 / Stockholm / @JonathanWich / 02.04.2014
  2. 2. Chapter1: MaerskLine
  3. 3. •  World’s largest shipping company •  600 container ships & 2.5 million containers •  150 countries, 325 offices & 25,000 employees •  Yearly revenue of 27 billion USD Who is Maersk Line?
  4. 4. •  Listening phase for 2-3 years •  The communications department •  Not an add-on, but close to business •  Insourcing rather than agency Before we got started
  5. 5. Watch the video on
  6. 6. Dollar signs and tears •  From singular to complex •  “Detrimental not to adapt” •  “Getting the culture on board” •  Let’s look ahead
  7. 7. Dollar signs and tears •  Facebook: A ROI of >1500% •  Twitter: Worth $ 1 million?
  8. 8. •  10 areas where it can add value •  Biggest potential is enterprise collaboration •  20-25% productivity improvement Hanging out with McKinsey
  9. 9. •  Look, it’s a mirror! •  Humanization and influence •  Corporate media •  Don’t manufacture •  It’s like jazz •  Lean is fun Communication: The official accounts
  10. 10. Pinterest Instagram Facebook LinkedInGoogle+ Vimeo Twitter YouTube TumblrFlickr Least corporate Most corporate Mapping the platforms
  11. 11. EMPLOYEES CUSTOMERS FANS EXPERTS Pinterest Instagram Facebook (global) LinkedIn (groups) Google+ Vimeo Twitter YouTube Tumblr Flickr Facebook (local) LinkedIn (news, products) Chatter Chatter (customer invite) Maersk Line Social
  12. 12. Watch the video on
  13. 13. Internal collaboration •  A cultural journey •  From ‘me’ to ‘we’ •  Passion, not money or power
  14. 14. Chapter2: Listenandhelp
  15. 15. St. Peter’s Square, 2005
  16. 16. St. Peter’s Square, 2013
  18. 18. New ways of listening •  From listening comes understanding customers and improving products and services. •  Listening an integral part of social for most experienced corporations, especially in ”low engagement” industries. •  Many ways to listen, depending on what you want to achieve, e.g. R&D, CSAT, competition, influencers etc. •  Dell is the absolute frontrunner in this field.
  19. 19. The curious bank •  "The tenets of good social media are the same anywhere: start with listening, tune in to your consumers, supply utility to your followers.”
  20. 20. From CRM over Social CRM to Audience •  Next up: A total view of your audiences, incl. customers, fans, followers, subscribers and employees. •  Improve Sales and Service while reducing your media spend. •  A new role is about to arrive: Audience Development Manager. DM Social Web TV CRM Audience
  21. 21. OOOOOXOOOO
  22. 22. Youtility – It’s about help, not hype •  The concept of ”Youtility” is changing the way marketers think. •  It’s about developing valuable relationships between brands and consumers by sharing content that’s helpful, relevant and sharable.
  23. 23. Watch the video on
  24. 24. Why is content marketing so important? •  The customer decision journey has changed dramatically in recent years. •  Today, buyers (except FMCG buyers) do up to 70% of their research online (websites, P2P, social media). •  In many cases they make their purchasing decision without contacting the supplier / sales rep. The average purchase decision is 57% complete, and more than 10 information sources have been consulted, by the time a supplier is engaged. Learn Define Needs Access Options Make Decision Source: CEB, 2012
  25. 25. Storytelling & the rise of content marketing •  Content marketing is on the rise, and with that comes the need to improve the storytelling skills. •  Companies are hiring corporate journalists: “Discover, tell, share. Don’t invent.” •  It has to be authentic and real. •  Define your content infrastructure, get clear on the formats and the channels, and start producing content that works (i.e. is sharable).
  26. 26. It all begins with having a content infrastructure Content Dedicated staff Internal copywriters, journalists, campaign managers, videographers etc. Voluntary staff From all functions – contributing with blog posts, photos, video etc. External voluntary professionals Journalists, bloggers etc. publishing on own site or doing guest posts External hired professionals Agencies or freelance content producers hired by the company Engaged fans and followers All sorts of stakeholders – e.g. photos via Instagram or retweetable tweets
  27. 27. You need your colleagues (now more than ever) •  Most important people to engage? •  Reach out •  Get the organization on board •  Empower the employees (your best brand advocates) •  Identify hidden influencers
  28. 28. Brimfield Police Department •  Small Ohio town of 10,000 people. •  A police force which wants to build trust in its community. •  Continuity, authenticity, tone-of-voice, community focus, boldness.
  29. 29. Timeisup…Anyquestions?! Twitter: @JonathanWich www: /