Space tourism presentation


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Presentation made at the first annual South African Space Association Conference

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Space tourism presentation

  1. 1. Space Tourism<br />The past, the present and the future of<br />Jonathan WeltmanCEO – TSG Tourism Services Group<br />8 October 2010 – SASA Conference<br />
  2. 2. The Past<br />30 April 2001 Space became a Tourism Destination<br />ST1 - Dennis Tito aboard a Soyuz capsule launched by Space Adventures<br />$20 million price tag<br />7 day return trip <br />Stayed at the ungraded International Space Station (no swimming pool or room service)<br />Apparently the service was poor (Tito was considered a Cosmonaut and not an Astronaut thus the yanks on ISS were less than friendly)<br />All inclusive – bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, oxygen & Spacesuit (Tips not included )<br />
  3. 3. The Past<br />Between 2001 and 2007, 4 more Space Tourists – all at a $20 million price tag<br />ST2 Mark Shuttleworth<br />ST3 Greg Olson<br />ST4 AnoushehAnsari<br />ST5 Charles Simonyi<br />Some argue that John Glenn was ST1 aboard Discovery in 1998<br />
  4. 4. The Past<br />In 1997, NASA published a report concluding that selling trips to space to private citizens could be worth billions of dollars.<br />A Japanese report supports these findings, and projects that space tourism could be a $10 billion per year industry within the two decades. <br />The only obstacles to opening up space to tourists are the space agencies, who are concerned with safety and the development of a reliable, reusable launch vehicle. <br />
  5. 5. The Present<br />Key Sectors for Space Tourism<br />Transportation (Rockets, Capsules and Planes)<br />Accommodation (Hotels and Habitats)<br />Entertainment<br />Space Walks<br />Sight Seeing<br />Sports?<br />Spaceports<br />Training<br />Zero G<br />Spaceport America<br />Space Diving<br />
  6. 6. The Present<br />Several Commercial Companies have been / still are involved in preparation for a burgeoning Space Tourism market:<br />Armadillo AerospaceSuborbital Spacecraft<br />Space DevDream Chaser – Jim Benson designer passed away<br />Blue OriginNew Shepard - Manned Rocket Jeff Bezos (<br />Dream Chaser<br />New Shepard<br />
  7. 7. The Present<br />Constellation Services InternationalLunar Express<br />EADS AstriumSpace Plane<br />Boeing CST-100 Capsule<br />Planet SpaceCanadian Arrow Rocket<br />BigelowSundancer Space Hotel<br />Space IslandSpace Hotel Designs<br />Astrium<br />Sundancer Hotel<br />
  8. 8. The Present<br />RocketPlane XPSub-Orbital flights offered at $250,000<br />Virgin/Scaled CompositesVirgin Galactic - $200,000<br />Space Adventures Only company that has fulfilled so far – current cost of the same package is now $30 - $40 million<br />Space FleetSpace Vehicles<br />SpaceXFalcon & Dragon Capsule – Elon Musk (Paypal)<br />XCORSpace Planes<br />Spaceports<br />America, Sweden, Dubai....RSA?<br />RocketPlane<br />
  9. 9. The Future<br />The Average cost of a space package was $20 million (Now $30-$40 million for the same trip)<br />Virgin, RocketPlane and others are selling Space trips from $200,000 (340 + booked on Virgin)<br />Cost of going to space down 99% since 2009<br />Virgin estimates that after 1,000 trips cost will come down to $20,000 – another 90% reduction<br />Bigelow is testing inflatable structures in Space right now<br />Boeing has announced entry by 2015<br />Russians have announced a Space Hotel by 2016 (ISS without the science equipment)<br />SpacePortAmerica runway will be commissioned on 22 October 2010<br />Point to Point opportunities will abound (Xmas at the Ice Hotel, new years in Cape Town – travel time 2hrs)<br />
  10. 10. My Prediction<br />“Ten to Fifteen years from now going on holiday to Space will be as common place as going on holiday to Europe!”<br />