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Continuous Improvement With Value Stream Mapping


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A talk given at Agile Manchester 2019. Using value stream mapping to visualise and direct continuous improvement in agile teams.

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Continuous Improvement With Value Stream Mapping

  1. 1. @_jonvines@_jonvines Continuous Improvement with Value Stream Mapping
  2. 2. @_jonvines talking about… • What is a value stream • How does value stream mapping apply to software delivery • How to draw a value stream map • Measurements to know your making progress • The future state – and how to get there
  3. 3. @_jonvines Jon Vines Software Engineer and Team Lead Co-organiser DevOps Manchester Loves reading
  4. 4. @_jonvines what is a Value Stream?
  5. 5. @_jonvines a value stream is the sequence of activities an organisation undertakes to deliver on a customer request Value Stream Mapping, Martin & Osterling
  6. 6. @_jonvines what is a Value Stream Map?
  7. 7. @_jonvines
  8. 8. @_jonvines connect with the customer
  9. 9. @_jonvines visualisation of flow through your system of work
  10. 10. @_jonvines deepens understanding of the system
  11. 11. @_jonvines identify opportunities for improvement
  12. 12. @_jonvines better decision making
  13. 13. @_jonvines
  14. 14. @_jonvines thinking about your value stream, what examples of waste can you think of?
  15. 15. @_jonvines how does Value Stream Mapping apply to software delivery?
  16. 16. @_jonvines Manufacturing Software Inventory Partially Done Work Extra Processing Extra Processes Overproduction Extra Features Transportation Task Switching Waiting Waiting Motion Motion Defects Defects Source: Lean Software Development, Mary & Tom Poppendieck
  17. 17. @_jonvines manual work & heroics
  18. 18. @_jonvines focus on creating and delivering value
  19. 19. @_jonvines we are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Agile Manifesto
  20. 20. @_jonvines the three ways 1. flow of work through the system 2. increasing feedback loops 3. continual experimentation and learning
  21. 21. @_jonvines thinking beyond your area of work, what other areas of your organisation impact your value stream?
  22. 22. @_jonvines how do you draw a Value Stream Map?
  23. 23. @_jonvines go see, ask why, show respect Shook, 2011
  24. 24. @_jonvines an example
  25. 25. @_jonvines define the activities in your value stream
  26. 26. @_jonvines how long does it take to do the work?
  27. 27. @_jonvines how long does it take to do the work, including the time it waits?
  28. 28. @_jonvines how many items are sat waiting at a given time?
  29. 29. @_jonvines let’s us identify bottlenecks?
  30. 30. @_jonvines let’s us identify bottlenecks
  31. 31. @_jonvines include quality indicators
  32. 32. @_jonvines don’t spend too much time drawing your map or making it pretty
  33. 33. @_jonvines
  34. 34. @_jonvines@_jonvines
  35. 35. @_jonvines be roughly right rather than precisely wrong
  36. 36. @_jonvines automate lead time, processing time and percent complete and accurate where possible
  37. 37. @_jonvines some more examples
  38. 38. @_jonvines
  39. 39. @_jonvines
  40. 40. @_jonvines
  41. 41. @_jonvines
  42. 42. @_jonvines thinking about your value stream, what measurements could you use to show you’re adding value?
  43. 43. @_jonvines
  44. 44. @_jonvines
  45. 45. @_jonvines
  46. 46. @_jonvines
  47. 47. @_jonvines Flow Time
  48. 48. @_jonvines
  49. 49. @_jonvines pick the biggest opportunities to increase flow and value-added time, and send your team after them Lean Software Development, Poppendieck, Poppendieck
  50. 50. @_jonvines busyness does not equate to growth or improvement or value. Making Work Visible, Dominica Degrandis
  51. 51. @_jonvines
  52. 52. @_jonvines if there was one improvement you would introduce, what would it be, how would you measure it?
  53. 53. @_jonvines the future state – how to get there
  54. 54. @_jonvines define high level goals, true north
  55. 55. @_jonvines we can deploy on-demand, with a delivery lead time (from code commit) of less than 30 minutes. we have a change fail rate of less than 2% in a rolling month period. when an incident occurs, we can recover service in less than 60 minutes.
  56. 56. @_jonvines identify an improvement that can be made and hypothesise the impact
  57. 57. @_jonvines make the improvement
  58. 58. @_jonvines compare the outcome against your hypothesis
  59. 59. @_jonvines stabilise what works / start again
  60. 60. @_jonvines
  61. 61. @_jonvines Current condition True North
  62. 62. @_jonvines each target condition takes you closer to true north
  63. 63. @_jonvines it matters more that you take a step than what that first step is Mike Rother, Toyota Kata
  64. 64. @_jonvines value stream maps are only part of the answer
  65. 65. @_jonvines
  66. 66. @_jonvines
  67. 67. @_jonvines Recap
  68. 68. @_jonvines the first way flow of work through the system
  69. 69. @_jonvines the second way increasing feedback loops
  70. 70. @_jonvines the third way continual experimentation and learning
  71. 71. @_jonvines improving daily work is even more important than doing daily work Gene Kim
  72. 72. @_jonvines the most dangerous phrase a person can use is “We’ve always done it that way” Grace Hopper, 1976
  73. 73. @_jonvines do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought Matsuo Bashō
  74. 74. @_jonvines Recap • What is a value stream • How does value stream mapping apply to software delivery • How do you draw a value stream map • Measurements to know your making progress • The future state – and how to get there
  75. 75. @_jonvines Further Resources • The Machine That Changed The World, Womack, Jones, Roos • Lean Thinking, Womack, Jones • Learning to See, Rother • Lead Software Development, Poppendieck, Poppendieck • Continuous Delivery, Humble, Farley • Lean Enterprise, Humble, Molesky • Value Stream Mapping, Martin, Osterling • Making Work Visible, Degrandis • The DevOps Handbook, Kim, Humble, Debois, Willis • The Phoenix Project, Kim, Behr, Spafford • Accelerate, Forsgren, Humble, Kim • Toyota Kata, Rother • Project to Product, Kersten • Value Stream Mapping, (Wikipedia) • DevOps Metrics, Degrandis (slides) • The Key to High Performance, Forsgren (video) • State of DevOps 2018, DORA (pdf) • The Agile Warfighter, Cote (slides) • Muda, Muri, Mura, (website)
  76. 76. @_jonvines@_jonvines thank you