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Opening the doors to visible and connected learning v.2


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This is an updated talk which reflects upon and explores the motivations, rational and strategies for development and support of open, online courses using arts, media and design education as a case study.
It's original audience came from a wide variety of backgrounds from, arts, architecture, engineering, medicine and nursing. It therefore seeks to explore how the practitioner led educator may have privileged insights into defining new practices for a fast changing higher education landscape.

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Opening the doors to visible and connected learning v.2

  1. 1. OPENING THE DOORS TO VISIBLE AND CONNECTED LEARNING 28/11/13 Seminar on Higher Education KU Leuven Association, Belgium JONATHAN SHAW @time_motion
  2. 2. Slides ...can be found here!
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Handout is available here...
  5. 5. Alternative solutions...
  6. 6. Being biased... For me digital media enabled this...
  7. 7. Being biased... transform into this!
  8. 8. “There is a lot of the ‘education is broken’ meme around at the moment, and you should always ask ‘what do they have to gain from it being so?’. You'll usually find it's someone selling a new single solution to education. Which is not to say everything is fine. But I think all of these things (elearning, MOOCs, Flipped) are much better couched in terms of opportunity than crisis.” Prof. Martin Weller Open University
  9. 9. Image: Mathieu Plourde {(Mathplourde on Flickr) cc-by-2.0 What is a MOOC?
  11. 11. “...the challenge as we see it is to invent and institute approaches to Open Education that are pragmatic yet critical, ambitious about their visibility yet inventive and experimental.” We Are All Game-Changers Now: Open Education A Study in Disruption
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Approach tactical sustainable engaged visible collaborative Om #OpenMedia the 21st century university an OpenMedia policy
  14. 14. “ 1948 - 2012 ABC, CBS, NBC TV networks broadcast c.1.6 Million hours of programme content 2012 1.6 Million hours uploaded every 6 months to Mashable
  15. 15. bedroom to £8 million boardroom
  16. 16. Image:
  17. 17. Facebook buys Instagram photo sharing network for $1bn
  18. 18. Image: Agaumont
  19. 19. Times Higher App
  20. 20. The Conductor: Rattle
  21. 21. Develop a relationship which is more based on our discipline rather than this hierarchy of student and lecturer Sean Carroll’s interview for Sony Ericsson on the Networked Society attitudes subject
  22. 22. Voltolina
  23. 23. 21st century teacher what does this look like... #RedeyeNetwork
  24. 24. Hybrid Approach: The Physical Classroom
  25. 25. David Campbell, Director World Press Photo Multimedia Research Project (Image: Dean O’Brien)
  26. 26. Connected Hybrid Approach: The Flexible/Digital Classroom
  27. 27. Globally visible in 10 weeks had 15,000 people from 152 cities
  28. 28. Thinking differently... What can happen when you consider your approach and invite people join you!
  29. 29. Provenance of arts education craft © Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum
  30. 30. Relevance... ...Google Search App interview
  31. 31. “ Shaking up photoeducation ”
  32. 32. We should be openly engaged ...politically, socially and culturally
  33. 33. “ What does it mean to be a 21st century photographer? Networked ...Image: Jenny Swerdlow & Rachel Appleby
  34. 34. Open door ...establishing new rules
  35. 35. Connected ...conversational #AdobeEdu12
  36. 36. We asked some questions?
  37. 37. Unexpected happened!
  38. 38. Collaborative ...internationally
  39. 39. Personal the tutors Jonathan Worth and Matt Johnston
  40. 40. Open resources ...freely available
  41. 41. Conversations ...before the doors of the classroom are open, dialogues have already been shared.
  42. 42. Integrated ...featured in What’s Hot in Photography apps!
  43. 43. The ‘Reading List’ is now the most visited post in the class...(Friends of Phonar Book List)
  44. 44. #PhonarEd - staffroom
  45. 45. Picbod Google+
  46. 46. #Picbod - Santander
  47. 47. New Partnerships! ...a ‘living’ book-project
  48. 48. LESSONS LEARN’T... #PEDARE2013
  49. 49. Creative Commons #PEDARE2013
  50. 50. Step by step
  51. 51. Don’t worry help is on hand...
  52. 52. “ In fact, the more engaging social media becomes, the less scale it delivers. Think about it. We all know that social media is essentially conversational and personalised. But conversations only work with a small group of people: the more people you add to a conversation (the more scale you add to it), the less effective it becomes. Richard Stacy ...Why social media is a dangerous concept
  53. 53. Open experiences Sharing resources Conversations with communities Critically engaged Principles think about
  54. 54. Open experiences Sharing resources Conversations with communities Critically engaged Principles think about Trusted Connected/Networked Hub (rather than supplier)
  55. 55. Effective ...does not equal to scale!
  56. 56. Jonathan Shaw @time_motion Presentation available at: