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NEWFOTOSCAPES: A case study for new business models


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New Business Models for Photographers
Stephen Mayes, strategy and application for visual communication
Fiona Rogers, Magnum and Firecracker
Jonathan Shaw, Centre for Disruptive Media
Nathan Tromans Birmingham City University

About the Symposium
The National Photography Symposium explores the most critical and talked-about subjects for photography and photographers. Top experts, thinkers and commentators offer the most interesting perspectives on what’s happening now and next in photography, as it affects anyone working in the medium. This year’s Symposium focuses on integrity in photography, and features three days of talks, debates, seminars and discussions.

In the spirit of today’s mobile and connected world NEWFOTOSCAPES will be simultaneously available on the web under a Creative Commons license and versioned in online, eBook and Print formats.

NEWFOTOSCAPES seeks to navigate the evolving topography surrounding the image in the twenty-first century; offering a focused eye on the contemporary creative author-curator and image-maker and on the possibilities afforded by an increasingly complex professional landscape. Jonathan Shaw advocates a new way of thinking about photographic production and education in a post-digital era.

NEWFOTOSCAPES is a collection of curated texts arising from a series of in-depth conversations with key stakeholders in, and influential commentators on, photography; including Andy Adams (Flakphoto), David Campbell, Charlotte Cotton, Dónall Curtin, Nathaniel Pitt, Mishka Henner, Francis Hodgson, Dewi Lewis, Stephen Mayes and Katrina Sluis. Perspectives and views cover a wide range of topics such as; agencies, appropriation, archives, community, curation, governance, licensing, mobile, networked-image, open education, photobooks, power and value.

Published in: Education, Business, Lifestyle
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NEWFOTOSCAPES: A case study for new business models

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