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Disruptive media learning - Expression of Interest


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The Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) is a new cross-University experimental unit compromising of 10-15 academics, learning technologists, educational developers and researchers. From Autumn 2014 the Lab will be located on the refurbished top floor of the Frederick Lanchester Library.

The role of the DMLL is to challenge and enhance traditional approaches to teaching and learning. It will provide the support, expertise and resources needed to enable projects to experiment with new approaches and technologies.

The DMLL is looking to recruit a Principal Project Lead who will lead defined areas of teaching and learning experimentation and innovations within the DMLL at the University in one of the following areas;

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs),
Flipped Classrooms, Open Courses,
Distance Learning and Gamification.

The Lab is designed to work closely and engage with the Coventry University Faculties to embed new approaches to the classroom.

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Disruptive media learning - Expression of Interest

  1. 1. Disruptiv eMediaL earning #disrupt_learn Teaching Learning Conference Coventry University, 26th June 2014
  2. 2. #disrupt_learn
  3. 3. Shaun Hides @shaunhides Jonathan Shaw @time_motion #AdobeEdu12 #disrupt_learn
  4. 4. Disruptive Media or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Learning Lab • respond to external changes which we don’t control (push) • maximise enhanced capabilities, which we can direct (pull) • support learning experiments and projects in safe space • connect, collaborate and experiment #disrupt_learn
  5. 5. The 21st century academy Traditional educational/ publishing and media platforms (books) will not disappear. Nor will expertise or authority. What will change is that they will be valued differently #disrupt_learn
  6. 6. Connected Mediated Learning #disrupt_learn
  7. 7. recent disruptive media #disrupt_learn
  8. 8. recent disruptive media where anyone can be a producer of content #disrupt_learn
  9. 9. push #disrupt_learn
  10. 10. Media – becoming more connected/distributed, mobile, prosumer The tech. landscape – disrupted #disrupt_learn
  11. 11. Students are connected/distributed, mobile, prosumer; but we are not The learning landscape - disrupted #disrupt_learn
  12. 12. Scholarship - disrupted Connected/distributed, mobile, prosumer media are changing content creation and publishing; but we are not #disrupt_learn
  13. 13. • Digital–connected media – prosumers • Digital natives – un-knowing fish in water • Agglomeration • A content wall - the end of scarcity • New modes of engagement • Attention scarcity/economy #disrupt_learn Summary
  14. 14. pull #disrupt_learn
  15. 15. Social Media Engagement #disrupt_learn
  16. 16. LECTURER EDUCATOR #disrupt_learn Platforms to experiences
  17. 17. Summary • Essence/differentiation magnification • Scale and reach • Lowered threshold costs for entry • Collaboration and connection accelerated • Learning through doing • Engagement as action #disrupt_learn
  18. 18. Adele Reed #disrupt_learn agenda #disrupt_learn
  19. 19. xMOOC #disrupt_learn
  20. 20. xMOOC #disrupt_learn
  21. 21. DMLL #disrupt_learn you researchers learning technologistssubjectlibrarians learning developers facilitators leaders
  22. 22. safe-space intellectual & physical #disrupt_learn
  23. 23. collaborative-space intellectual & physical #disrupt_learn
  24. 24. hybrid-space physical & digital #disrupt_learn
  25. 25. #disrupt_learn we want to experiment with you
  26. 26. we want to free you and fund you... #disrupt_learn
  27. 27. we want to free you and fund you... £££££££££££ #disrupt_learn
  28. 28. we want to experiment with you #disrupt_learn
  29. 29. • How we can help explore what the 21st century university can be • What challenges and problems learning technologies we need to address • Where the core values of what we do lie? • How to use the capabilities of new media to magnify that value • How we can develop digitally ‘professional/fluent’ digital natives • What benefits can we develop from putting technologists, developers, librarians and Academics together • What new models/ways of working would be effective /disruptive for HE • How we can work on developing radically new pedagogies and radically new relationships with/offers to, our communities #disrupt_learn The kinds of things we hope to learn and share working in this way
  30. 30. £1k (fast-tracked) #disrupt_learn £2-6k (let’s talk) £8k+ (longer-term) funding available Internal ONLY we’re afraid!!! > <
  31. 31. Why do you want to undertake the project? #disrupt_learn Expression of interest 3 Simple Steps - CLICK HERE 1. 2. 3. What is your idea? What support you would like from the DMLL?
  32. 32. Shaun Hides @shaunhides Jonathan Shaw @time_motion #disrupt_learn Presentation available at: