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IT 2.0 Transformation 101

Next-Gen IT 2.0 Consulting leverages proprietary CAPstone Strategy to achieve 2x Innovation, 4x Velocity, 10x ROI.

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IT 2.0 Transformation 101

  1. 1. IT 2.0 Transformation™ 101 12/28/2016 Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 1 The “IT 2.0” Remedy From 29% success to 90% Success!
  2. 2. What is “IT 1.0”? (THE PROBLEM: 29% success, $3T Losses) • Project Success (“modern resolution”): On-Time, On-Budget with Stakeholder Satisfaction • New CHAOS database of project statistics: Outcomes of 50,000 projects worldwide since 2002. (60% from USA, 25% from Europe, and 15% All Other Countries) 12/28/2016 Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 2 HOW DO YOUR PROJECTS COMPARE? 2 1 1 IT Waste Worldwide (approx. 3.9% GDP): Corporate annual IT losses of $3 Trillion 2
  3. 3. “IT 1.0” Juggernaut (THE PAIN: Which do you experience?) • “IT 1.0” SYMPTOMS – Do you wonder why so many IT projects fail to deliver ROI? – Do your IT costs seem to grow exponentially over time? – Is IT delivery consistently a bottleneck? • “IT 1.0” INFIRMITY – IT is a Cost-Centre – Digital Transformation Stuck in Analog… – IT Systems Suffering Performance & Reliability Issues… – Biz Views IT as Funnel Catcher, not Indispensable Partner… – IT Security Initiatives Neutralized By Growing Complexity… 12/28/2016 Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 3
  4. 4. What is “IT 2.0”? (THE REMEDY: Win Faster with 90% Success!) 12/28/2016 Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 4 IT 1.0: “Fail Fast/Often” From 29% success. (Biz vs IT Misalignment) IT 2.0: “Win Faster” To 90% Success! (Biz & IT Alignment)
  5. 5. Why “IT 2.0”? (THE GAIN: 2x Innovation, 4x Velocity, 10x ROI) 12/28/2016 Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 5
  6. 6. “IT 2.0” Antidotes (Not Shown) (THE HOW: Remediates 24+ IT 1.0 anti-patterns) Enterprise – EA 2.0 (Tactical Biz-IT Alignment vs Strategic Biz-IT Alignment)Enterprise – EA 2.0 IT – IT 2.0 (Object-Oriented vs Architecture Oriented) Business – BA 2.0 (Operations/Tactics/OLA/Mgmt/Expense Oriented vs Innovation/Strategic/SLA/Leadership/Investment Oriented) IT – IT 2.0 Business – BA 2.0 IT ANALYSIS/DESIGN (ARCHITECTURE & FINANCE) Unimodal Ops/DevOps vs Multimodal Inno Labs Aware (SOS – Grtnr,TDS,Lockhd) Projects Pushed vs Programs Pulled (CREM - Lean) Ad-Hoc Mgmt Sponsor vs Strategic Ldrshp Sponsor (SLA – Ldrshp Simonton) Pseudo Engineer vs EntreLead Chief Arch/Eng (SPS – EntreLdrshp, TDS) Object Oriented vs Architecture Oriented (AOA/D – Sys. Thinking) Biz Req Elictatn/Tracbilty vs Biz Plan/Drivers Linkage (SOBA – Biz Plan) Waterfall/Agile Process vs Split-Spiral Practice (S3AP – Spiral Risk Mgmt) Internal Arch vs External Arch (ToD – Aerodyn Sys Eng) Func. Tradeoffs vs Non-Func Tradeoffs (NFTA - QoD) First Concept Eng vs Super Concept Arch (LAS – AOA) Critical-Path vs Critical-Loop/Chain (CLPM – CCPM, Deming) Point-based Services vs Set-based CapabilityTradeoffs (CTC - TDS/Lean, ITSI) SME (Cust/Usr) Rep vs SME (Cust/Usr) Partnering (SPS – LSS/VoC, Agile) 1-Stage RFI/Q/P vs 2-Stage Design + Impl (RF2P - AOA) IT 1.0 Anti-patterns vs IT 2.0 Antidotes (Mitigation Strategy) Comp. Adv (Ext) Srcing vs Core Comptncy (Int) Srcing (S2 – Neo/GBS, BPO) Offshoring/Outsourcing vs SmartShoring/Sourcing (S2) IT-based PMO/VMO-CIO vs GRC-based EMO-CINO/CTIO (SOS – PMI, Neo/GBS) ORG SHAPING (CORE ORG DYNAMICS) SOURCING (CONSULTING) TEAM SHAPING (CORE TEAM DYNAMICS) Functional Mgmt (Adm) vs Process Leadership (Tech) (SOS – BPM, DFSS, LSS) Dissimilar Culture Matrix vs Similar Culture Program (SOS - SOURCING) Lang-based Use-Cases vs Graphics-based Eval (SOBA – UML) Compliance-based PnP vs Target-based KPIs (SOBA - Lean Strtp AARRR) Order-TakerScoping(Cost)vs Financial MVPDeScoping (ROI) (SOBA–LeanS/MVP,ToR,DCF) Non-Technical BA vs EntreLead BA-Arch (SPS) OCM vs OCL Leader Awareness (SLA - CQ Troutlein) PM+BA+PseudoEng vs EntreSpnsr+EntreLead+SME (SPS) ORG CHANGE LEADERSHIP (OCL) EXECUTION (PORTFOLIO) Voice of Exprt (VoE) UX/UI vs Voice of Custmer (VoC) UX/UI (SOBA – LSS/VoC, D-Thnk) Low-cycles(Indiv&Team)<3vs High-cycles(Indiv&Team)>=3+ (SPS - Tuckman, Dreyfus) Assumed Vision/Verbal vs Shared Vision/InfoGraphic (SLA – OCM, Gravitation) Expense-driven SDLC vs Investment-driven SDLC (S3AP – SOP 98-1 Accntg) Struct-based Perf Mgmt vs Knowldg-based Perf Mgmt (SOS – TDS/Lean) BIZ ANALYSIS/DESIGN (ARCHITECTURE & FINANCE) Exprt Jdgmnt Concept vs Weighted Eval S-Concept (SOBA – SQFD, Dunning-K) Ad-Hoc QoD/QA/QC vs Design for QoD (OLA/SLA) (SOBA – LSS/SFMEA, FTA) Long-cycle Delivery vs Staged Short-cycle Delivery (CDSM – Iceberg Effect) Staffaug/WO(T&M) vs Consulting/SOW(CPP) (S2) Bottom-up 1-Stage/Pt Est vs Top-down 2-Stage/Pt Est. (SOBA – Opt-Bias,Dunning-K) Object-based Diagrams vs System-based Diagrams (UMN – UML, OMT, Booch) Single Modality Anti-Pattern PMO/VMO - CIO Anti-Pattern Teaming Reuse Anti-Pattern Administrative Mgmt Anti-Pattern Administrative Perf Mgmt Anti-Pattern Ad-Hoc Sponsor Anti-Pattern Blind Change Leader Anti-Pattern Blind Workforce Anti-Pattern Drum Multi-tasking Anti-Pattern Planning Criticality Anti-Pattern Microscopic Modelling Anti-Pattern Microscopic Thinking Anti-Pattern Architecture Definition Anti-Pattern Microscopic Tradeoffs Anti-Pattern Microscopic Interfaces Anti-Pattern Concept Singularity Anti-Pattern B/N/LDUF SDLC Anti-Pattern CapEx Accnting Design Anti-Pattern Estimate Singularity Anti-Pattern Pseudo UX/UI Anti-Pattern Ad-Hoc Scoping Anti-Pattern Ambiguous Requirements Anti-Pattern Blind Compliance Anti-Pattern Ad-Hoc QoD Anti-Pattern Pseudo Concept Anti-Pattern Req. Elicitatn/Traceabilty Anti-Pattern Fail-Fast/Often Delivery Anti-Pattern 1-Stage Sourcing Anti-Pattern Locl Ops Commdty Srcing Anti-Pattern Intl Ops Commdty Srcing Anti-Pattern Comp Adv Sourcing Anti-Pattern Pseudo SME Anti-Pattern Pseudo Cycles Anti-Pattern Pseudo Team Anti-Pattern Pseudo Engineer Anti-Pattern Pseudo Architect Anti-Pattern IT 1.0 Anti-patterns IT 1.0 Anti-patterns The chart on the left lists 36 IT 1.0 anti- patterns identified as root causes for the dismal worldwide 29% success rate and $3 Trillion in annual failed IT projects over the previous 2-decades. IT 2.0 Antidotes 36 IT 2.0 antidotes were researched, developed, tested, and refined for over 2-decades to mitigate the root-causes of IT 1.0 failure and are available for purchase as IT 2.0 GoldPapers™ on an 64Gb USB 2.0 Gold Bar Drive. IT 2.0 GoldPapers™ 64Gb USB 2.0 Gold Bar Drive Contains: • EA 2.0 NDA • 36 IT 2.0 Antidotes • ROI Calculator • Project Success Calculator http://www.it2catalysts/contact
  7. 7. “IT 2.0” Practices (THE MAGIC: Delivers 90% Success) 12/28/2016 Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 7 Executive Leadership Strategic Sponsorship Strategic Program Shaping™ (SPS) Servant Leadership Algorithms™ (SLA) SDLC Process Scalable Split-Spiral Scalable Split-Spiral Architecture Practice™ (S3AP) Theory-Of-Design Algorithms™ (TODA) Business Analysis Focus on Biz Drivers & Non-Func Req. Statement Oriented Business Analysis™ (SOBA) Non-Functional Tradeoff Analysis™ (NFTA) Software Design Architecture Oriented Architecture Oriented Analysis & Design™ (AOA/D) Lateral Architectural Simplicity™ (LAS) IT 2.0 Best Practices IT 2.0 Transformation™ GoldPapers (Proprietary Methods) Resourcing & Procurement Smart Sourcing, CPP, & CTC Independents Smart Sourcing™ (S2) RFP 2.0 Procurement™ (RF2P) Project Mgmt Critical Loop & Critical Resource Critical Loop Project Management™ (CLPM) Critical Resource Enterprise Management™ (CREM) 90% SUCCESS RATE IT 2.0 Transformation™
  8. 8. “IT 2.0” Effectiveness (THE MOVE: Towards Disruptive Innovation) IT 2.0 Transformation™ Utilizes the Scalable Split-Spiral Architecture Practice (S3AP), the only IT Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) based on 20-years of R&D to leverage both Theory-Of-Design algorithms (TODA) and proven practices from both Lockheed “SkunkWorks” and Toyota “TDS”. Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 8
  9. 9. “IT 2.0” Comparison (THE DIFFERENCE: From 29% to 90%) 12/28/2016 Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 9 29% Biennial Average 90% Biennial Average “Waterfall/Agile” “IT 2.0 Transformation™” IT 1.0 Success Rates as defined by Standish Group Biennial CHAOS Report -Disruptive Innovation! -Maximum Velocity! -High-ROI Results!
  10. 10. “IT 2.0” Case Study (THE RESULTS: Mobile Technology Startup) • BACKGROUND – Mobile Technology Startup in Denver, CO • THE PROBLEM – Strategic projects were stressed (late & over-budget) – Customers were upset and complaining • THE INTERVENTION – IT 2.0 Consulting® (between 2013-2015) • THE RESULTS – 4 Projects Recovered – New jobs created – Upset customers converted to repeat business – ROI = 1.5 to 2.1 (150% to 210%) 12/28/2016 Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 10 “Implementing IT 2.0 Consulting® was like flipping a switch…” -Patrick B., CEO
  11. 11. Contact Us Today! (THE SUPPORT: 90 minute response time) 12/28/2016 Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 11
  12. 12. “IT 2.0” No Risk Engagement (THE OFFER: Value in 2-Days or Less or its Free) • SERVICES (24-Point Assessment, Advisory, Training, Audits): – Minimum Engagement is 3-Days of IT 2.0 Consulting® (fully refundable) – Money Back Guarantee: Full, prompt, & courteous refund if not 100% satisfied! • GIVING BACK: – When you do business with IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC 10% of all proceeds donated to charity! • CONDITIONS: – Expires 2/28/17 – Must be a New Customer (US Corporations only) • GETTING STARTED: – Redeem at – Click Contact 12/28/2016 Copyright © 2016 IT 2.0 Catalysts, LLC All Rights Reserved. 12 Money Back Guarantee Full, prompt, & courteous refund if not 100% satisfied by end of 2nd day! $