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  • Kim Edmonds & Tiffany Hsu SUBARU Client ChallengesGood afternoon…Kim Edmonds– Acxiom – Managing Global Client ServicesWhen we last met, we talked about some of the challenges ACXIOM is facing with respect to managing social for your client SUBARU. Based on that conversation and several with your other offices in Little Rock and San Francisco, I want to take you through the Marketing Cloud to give you an idea of how we can help you scale and improve the quality and engagement of the brand experience. I think you’ll quickly see this can be applied to most of your other accounts too. So…. Let’s take a look at the agenda…..
  • AgendaBusiness Objective Social Landscape MC Drives Value Q& A Ok Public Comp.. I’d like start by reviewing the business objectives we spoke about at our last meetingFrom there, I’d like to take you through the social landscape that exists today, then finally how the SF MC drives value and helps you accomplish your objectives.Does this look OK to you?Great. Because we’re a publicly traded company, everything we talk about today….
  • Public Company NYSE / CRM Safe Harbour Forward Looking StatementsThis is where I remind you that SFDC is a publicly traded software company listed on the NYSE under the ticker symbol of CRM. Our safe harbor statement can also be found our website… in essence this says that this presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions, and if that’s fine- lets dig in
  • ObjectivesLet’s start by reviewing your objectivesUnderstanding Invaluable Customer Communities & Feedback at Mass..Creating consistent & Compelling Content across multiple channels.Drive Conversations & Conversions OnlineReport on Success MetricsBest in class social strategyDoes this cover all your objectives?OK. Let me start by telling you a little bit about Salesforce.
  • Mark B & Cloud Computing 3 B run rate #1 Cloud Computing Forbes Let me start on why I’m excited to be part of this company and here today to talk to you.For the last 13 years, Marc Benioff has been delivering a message of how business is changing and cloud computing is coming. Salesforce.com pioneered the SAS business model and as you can see from the above growth and results – $2Billion in revenue in FY12 and $3 Billion in expected revenue run rate for FY13.The transition is happening and SFDC is # 1 in Enterprise Cloud Computing, You can also see that the industry has responded to Salesforce.Forbes said we're the number-one most innovative company in the world. And Fortune Magazine rated us as one of the world's best places to workAnd one of the key tenets of the Enterprise Cloud Computing model is driving Customer success. With a subscription model, we are entirely focused on customer success since our business depends on customer renewels- it’s part of our DNA and it’s all about keeping EDELMAN DIGITAL and your clients as customers for life.Let’s take a look at the Enterprise adoption of social networking….
  • MC – Help You & SUBURU Social EnterpriseCustomers Social SF Proven Track Record…The Marketing cloud, which can help you be the rockstar in helping SUBURU become a socially connected enterprise. Salesforce is the leader in delivering enterprise solutions on where and when customers are doing businessAnd today, the customer is socialWith that in mind, SF is using a proven business model to help companies adapt to this shift to Social.Lets look at how social has changed marketing
  • People Faceless Data but Opportunity People are peoplePeople are Not just Faceless Data ........The world of social has so much important information you can gather about your clients customers. You need to take advantage of the information and completely transform the way that you’re engaging your clients customers. People are people and .......
  • Connected Social World Connected Real Time Engagement Targeting & ROIwe're more connected than ever.These Insights create opportunity. (Think about the customer that tweets about the great Test Drive - how can you then build on his individual experience to Market and Drive sales. With Social Insights we have the ability to be more targeted and drive Real ROI There is huge opportunity to interact with your clients customers like never before and build connections that drive sales.Marketers ....
  • 74% CMO impacting Sales 92% Customers Recommend Product FollowingBecause Social is impacting Sales 74% of CMO’s say that social media is having an impact on sales AND 92% of consumers say they are more likely to recommend a product they are following. Wow, this sounds like a great opportunity, but wait…
  • 1/3 Campaigns No Social 68% CMOs Unprepared Why, 3 reasons…..We were shocked to find only one third of all marketing campaigns have a social component? Why is that? Why is it that 68% of CMO’S say they feel completely unprepared for social? Remember that fragmented approach we talked about.Well there are a lot of reasons but there are 3 main drivers….
  • Fragmented Marketing Unified Data Tools & Channels Why?And those are: Fragmented Marketing, No unified Data, and Too many tools.fragmented inside the enterprise. Multiple groups doing their own thing often with mixed messages being delivered to the consumer. This creates some confusion and distrust with the customer.*There’s also a lack of consistent Messaging. There’s multiple touch points and measurement dashboards that struggle to tell one overall story. ,Then there’s the fact that there’s multiple channels, multiple tools. Literally hundreds, if not thousands. This creates confusion as to which tools to actually use.*all about content creation and content distribution. The challenge and the opportunity lies in getting the rightcontent to the right people at the right time. That’s the power of social.Why Is there confusion?
  • .Because Multiple People Across Enterprise Customers & Multiple Channels Consistency your Tool Kit?…because the information spans into multiple people across the enterprise who are creating content from different points of view. Consider all the different channels, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and on and on and on.People interested in SUBARU use all of these channels. Different demographics use different channels.Acxiom is trying to help SUBARU create consistency with the channels used, the message delivered, and the content created.So what exactly is in your toolkit?
  • Specialist Tools Fragmented Data The problem is…. there are hundreds of specialist tools out there trying to solve various pieces of social marketing. You have multiple listening tools, multiple publishing tools, multiple engagement tools.The bottom line is that many agencies have piecemealed the social strategy together for their clients with out a frame work to rely onMultiple tools only further blur the lens and add to the confusion
  • without Unified Solution / Insights? Brand Interests vs EngagementPower of Social -Right Content to Right People Subaru ‘s Presences…Without a unified view, it’s hard to get true insights.Today, there’s very little social strategy based on social contentInsights need to go beyond a brand’s interests, and demographics. More importantly the need to help a company understand what content drives the highest level of engagement, what content is getting shared virally, what content is driving Conversations & Connection to the Brand? Let’s take a look at Subaru’s online Social Presences
  • Multiple Presences Management? Solution?Managing all of these sites is a big investment of time and energy…. Even if it’s a combined effort. Not to mention Inconsistent Messaging and the potential loss of brand control. So how can Acxiom respond to this? What the solution?? the world's first and only unified social marketing suite.......
  • … Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 6 Areas Listening to CRM Listening Content promote Engagement Ads Measurement CRM SuiteThe only suite that does everything from social listening to CRM integration. And provides you a platform which you can build and execute your social strategy, And there are six key areas of activity that successful social companies do-- Social listening: understanding what is happening across 400+ million sources of content about brand, competitors, and industrySocial content: Creating compelling social presences that drive engagement and activity across paid, owned, and earned channels. For many agencies and brands this is a very manual effort.Engagement: A single dashboard where everyone participating in social can engage with customers at their point of need.Social Ads: creating ads and targeting customers based on demographics and activity on social. Measurement: understanding the value of social activities across social channels and campaigns. Workflow & Automation: integrating social conversations back into your CRM and delivering them across the enterprise. Or to look at it more holistically – this suite ….
  • Radian6 & Buddy Leaders Forrester, Gardner MC Success Client’s like SubaruWe’ve combined the Leader in listening, Radian6 + leader in SOCIAL MARKETING, Buddy Media to make the Marketing cloudBoth companies have great momentum going into this, as both are industry leaders with thousands of customers.. Look at our customer success55% of the Fortune 1008 of the 10 largest advertisersAnd thousands of customers both B2B and B2Cand we have great automotive success stories- brands like Ford – who like you are trying to manage a number of properties globally -- local agility with global ability – just like SUBARUSo... How does this apply to SUBARU’S business objectives????. It obviously aligns with your clients focus on brand awareness and driving customer loyaltyNow, let’s talk about how we build on the good foundation you’ve started....
  • Single Suite .. Listen, Publish, Engage, Amplify & Measure Understand Channels Influencers Opportunities Competitors …With the Marketing Cloud you can get actionable insights from over 400 million social data sources – the public areas of Facebook & LinkedIn, community sites, blogs and forums, and more.We are also one of the few companies with a direct relationship with Twitter, to get all 400 million tweets per day in real-time.You already know how the Marketing Cloud Listening capabilities helps you understand: Which channels are important to your industry and communityWho influences your industry and why they are importantWhat your customers and key influencers care aboutThis will help you uncover marketing opportunities and help you target the channels that your industry cares about with content that your buyers are interested in.And you can also gain strategic insights into your competitors like Honda or Ford… or in your direct case Ogilvy, Webber, Razorfish, etc.RESULT: 94% of our customers improving their brand monitoring through social listeningSo if Listening = Insights, then we…
  • Insights to Action Customer Intimacy & ROITurns insights into actionYou can use customer connections to build customer intimacy.You can also use insightsto develop engaging content, and publish ads that drive additional engagement, which then turn into brand loyalty.Its about Social delivering social ROI
  • Insights What and Where Publish Insights include…..InsightsInsights will help you understand what content to publish and where to publish it and at what time? * It also lets you know how best to engage with a connection ..Insights give you invaluable informationto truly optimizeyour social strategy by using by using an end-to-end social media marketing suite.Some of these insights include
  • Discovering trends, hot Topics, and Sentiment Business Objective – Understanding Communities Feedback Social Content…..Discovering trends, hot topics, and sentiment analysisUtilizing Insights we can address a very Key business objective which is discovering engaging content for publication ,Insights also covers one of your other Business Objectives about understanding the SUBARU customer COMMUNITIES better.Today while you have visibility to monitor these insights, there are conversations that are taking place, shaping SUBARU’s brand perception without their knowledge. Insights that can be utilized across the entire SUBARU enterprise including Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Product design.Lets talk more about Social Content...
  • In Social /Content King Personality Like AppleIn social , Content is King.Publishing social content gives you the opportunity to create a personality online far beyond the products you to sell. When you think about Apple, they don’t sell iPods or iPads; Apple A Vision and an Experience.
  • Publishing = Participation Example…As social content is king.Publishing * gives you the opportunity to create a socially engaging content that drives Customer Participation and Loyalty. It also allows you to take Already Engaging Content and publish it as Social Ads, therefore the Content and Experience becomes the AdWhen you think about Apple, * they just don’t sell you an iphone or an ipad. They sell you a vision of technology.Lets look at a specific example of compelling insight we would use to create content for SUBARU.
  • Teams Activate Content #Share the Love, 5 Charities Consistent Messaging Tracking ROIUtilize the Acxiom and SUBARU Teams to activate content. Together you can build out a common theme for content…. As we continue to look at your business objectives, consistent brand feel – the MC allows you to easily deliver consistent content to ensure the feel or brand experience is maintained across a number of platforms.…..and began building out a common theme for content …..As we continue to look at your business objectives, consistent brand feel - the MC allows you to easily deliver consistent content to ensure the feel or brand experience is maintained across a number of platforms.So we found that the SUBARU SHARE THE LOVE EVENT was an amazing positioning of content that could be used to further engage & Track Conversions... Using the #sharethelove hash tag, they were able to drive awareness for 5 key charities ( Alzheimer’s Association, ASPCA, Make a Wish Foundation, Meals on Wheels and USO ).. but what if Deploying this content across various regions and track real ROI on what’s being raised for these Charities and Direct Subaru conversions as well from this event? Even using Social Community content to further drive Conversations and Conversions? This example shows how we would deliver the great content from marketing campaign (traditional and non-traditional) from your website across Facebook presences, YouTube, mobile devices..... And even mainstream media.Another way to extend the reach for SUBARU…..
  • Syndicating…is to syndicate this content across other social sites like SUBARU’S WEB SITE. Industry blogs and forums will help give VW an added Brand Lift.So now we have accomplished our goal of finding and publishing content with a consistent message that is going to drive engagement and increase our fan base and help SUBARU BECOME NO.1!You should note that the MC platform is the only platform that allows you to easily push your content across these multiple channels -So now that there is some consistent content out there across the channels -- we are now in a position.........
  • Engagement Real time Understand which content…....to engage.....Studies show that you essentially have a 3 hour window in social to effectively react to anything in social, as we can see here, if you want to leverage creative content from a sites like Pinterest.So it is very important we are a position to engage, and respond quickly to capitalize on the opportunity to establish a connection...and build the relationship.Marketing Cloud gives you the ability to engage in real time, where and when your customers want to connect and thereby creating a very personalized experience for your customer.It’s important to understand what content…
  • Capitalize Engaging Content …is generating the most traction. This will allow you to capitalize on the content so that you can continue to drive social interactions across all platforms for SUBARU.Once You understand what content is driving the most engagement You can ……
  • Amplify Content Target Subaru’sAmplify your message*an even broader audience gets to see that engaging content! our tech helps optimize your ad buying and amplify our ad to the right audience at the right time.quickly in real timeyou can promoteads are performing while pulling back on the ads that are not.Lets have a look at some of SUBARU’S content ……
  • Subaru’s AWD Challenge Amplify and Micro Target…we would consider amplifying,In this case we choose the SUBARU AWD CHALLENGE video….. the video is still very active with over 400,000 views. Another way to amplify is by micro-targeting….
  • Manage Paid Content/ Ads…the best performing content via paid adsWe could easily promote this content as a Sponsored Ad. This is a great example of how using Facebook we Could turn great earned content into Targeted Paid content. So now we have fully launched this campaign .....But…..Is it working?
  • ROI….Well with the Marketing cloud unified solution we give you the ability measure and track your social ROI. and because you have one suite you can optimizes your marketing campaign in real time, maximizing ROI for your clients.You also indicated....
  • Subaru/ Actionable Metrics ROI to Justify Spends 1 of MC Most Impt Differentiator … its important to equip SUBARU’s Executives with more actionable metrics. This can justify ad spends and efforts in social.It also gives them an ROI - to the value of likes and sharesThis is the value of the Marketing Cloud with regards to analytics,…but.. the marketing cloud’s most important differentiator…
  • CRM True RelationshipsIs CRM integrationIt’s about genuinely understanding SUBARUs customers by building true Social profiles. Clients remember our interactions with us, they expect us to remember those same conversation, and what better way to capture them is using our CRM tool. Think about how using our CRM will help you execute and manage influencer programs for your clients. The ability to harness the true power of the most influential people for Disney. So now we can use our customer profile to build a true relationship.
  • Review Listen Content Open Web Amplify Measure Coordinate I know you guys are well on your way to doing great things for SUBARU. We want to help you take it to the next level.Listening: You’re already doing this with the MCBuild Out ContentDistribute – efficientlyAmplifyMeasure – improve the and expand how you currently measure using the MCAlign – Individuals and TeamsSo, let’s work together and turn SUBARU into a Customer For Life.
  • Acxiom/ Subaru Partnering Combing Social and Customer Data Customer for Life Value is hugeI believe when we partner this kind of customer connection will turn SUBARU into an ACXIOM customers for life. And who doesn’t want customers for life?The important thing here is to understand is, it’s about combining your social data with your customer data and having that information at your finger tips… …The value is huge....
  • Tangible Ongoing Revenue Customer Acquisition = Profitability….. Lets look MC Look Results……And very tangible . Like ongoing sources of New revenue, increases in profitably, lower customer acquisition costs. We can take customers like this, help them as advocates and create lasting connections and Customers for life. This power of a customers for life….made possible by SF Marketing CloudLets look at some results..
  • How Social Agency? Propose 30 days.. Global Client Services, Marketing Teams & Account Unified Vision to SubaruSo, how do we help you become a highly efficient socially connected agency? We want to help you understand who your clients fans are, where their fans are and how to deliver the most intimate experience wherever when ever they choose to engage.Before we open it up for questions I’d like to propose three things….Let’s get the ACXIOM MARKETING team trained on the Marketing Cloud within the next 30-daysLet’s bring the ACXIOM /SUBARU Team together with the Salesforce SUBARU and Agency Teams. If we truly open up about our collective relationships with SUBARU I’m confident we can help them reach their goal to be No. 1. We should do this within the next 30-daysPlan a joint meeting with SUBARU to present our unified vision for how we’re going to work together to help them achieve their goalNow, lets open it up for questions…
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  • Jrb first call deck

    1. 1. “Nearly 70% of recent car buyers said review sites (and social media) influenced where they shopped”Digital Air Strike @ jonrobertson315 @JonRobertson jrobertson@salesforce.com
    2. 2.  Review of business objectives Social landscape How the Salesforce Marketing Cloud drives value Q&A/Next steps
    3. 3. Safe HarborSafe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995:This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any suchuncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of salesforce.com, inc. could differ materiallyfrom the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements ofhistorical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product or service availability, subscribergrowth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for futureoperations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments andcustomer contracts or use of our services.The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and deliveringnew functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operating losses, possiblefluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our securitymeasures, the outcome of any litigation, risks associated with completed and any possible mergers and acquisitions, theimmature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate ouremployees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited historyreselling non-salesforce.com products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potentialfactors that could affect the financial results of salesforce.com, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the mostrecent fiscal year and in our quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the most recent fiscal quarter. These documents and otherscontaining important disclosures are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site.Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statements are notcurrently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchasedecisions based upon features that are currently available. Salesforce.com, inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend toupdate these forward-looking statements.
    4. 4. Business Objectives Understanding Invaluable Customer Communities & Feedback at Mass in Social Creating and Publishing Compelling Content Drive Connection and Conversions online Reporting on Success Metrics Better Equipped ‘Social Strategy’
    5. 5. #1 in Enterprise Cloud Computing Growth/Revenue Leader Industry Leader $3 Billion #1 World’s Most Revenue Innovative (expected FY13) Company 2011, 2012 37% Annual (Forbes) Growth #1 Enterprise Cloud 56 Billion Computing (IDC) Transactions per quarter #1 Cloud CRM (Gartner)
    6. 6. Turn Insight Into Action With The Marketing Cloud Cloud . Mobile . Social
    7. 7. Social Media Has Changed Marketing ForeverThe Largest Shift in 60 Years Old Way New Way Unsolicited Engaging One to many Transparent Untargeted Targeted Static Real Time
    8. 8. People Are No Longer Faceless Data Residential Cell phone addresses numbers Email Cookies that addresses expire in 30 days
    9. 9. People Are PEOPLEAnd Are More Connected Than EverEnormous Opportunity:Listen in real timeBuild &engage connectionsTurn insight into actionBe more targeted than ever
    10. 10. Marketers Must React74%Of CMO’s say 92% More likely tosocial media is recommend aimpacting sales product they are following
    11. 11. There’s a Disconnect Why is it that over 1/3 of marketing strategies include little to no social Source: IBM CEO Study integration?
    12. 12. Most Companies Struggle With Social Marketing Fragmented No Unified Too Marketing Data Many Systems Ineffective Marketing Results Multiple groups Campaigns and Multiple point engaging engagement solutions disconnected Mixed Disconnected messages Multiple from the measurement enterprise Customers only dashboards see one brand Inefficient & No customer uncoordinated record or profile
    13. 13. Social Media Has Created Chaos For Marketing
    14. 14. Specialist Tools Solve Small ProblemsBut Create A Much Bigger One Too Many Systems Complicated Landscape Disconnected from enterprise Inefficient & uncoordinated Average number 178 of social media channels per companySource: Altimiter Group
    15. 15. Companies Lack A Unified View Disconnected Systems Not coordinated Multiple measurement No single - view Of companies run social 79% marketing in silos, discretely or an ad hoc basisSource: IBM survey
    16. 16. Subaru and a Unified Strategy & Management
    17. 17. World’s Only Unified Social Marketing Suite Turn insights to actions and connections to customers for life
    18. 18. Proven Leader in Social Marketing Strong Momentum Market Leadership Customer Success #1 Forrester Wave Leader Gartner55% of Fortune 100 Magic Quadrant8 of 10 LargestAdvertisersThousands ofcustomers Engagement & Analytics
    19. 19. Foundation of Social Strategy: ListeningListening = Insights Get actionable insight from over 400 million social sources Know which social channels are important to your community Understand who influences your industry & why they are important +94% Improved brand monitoring
    20. 20. Turn Insights Into Action Visualize social trends &data Use social apps &great content to connect Listen & engage globally Make smarter ad buys &amplify themessage +59% Improved campaign effectiveness
    21. 21. “Insights into action” What What ad content creative should I should I publish? run? Who are my How has this influencers person and how Where & engaged should I when should I with me and engage publish it to how should I them? increase respond? engagement? Insights
    22. 22. Listen for insights about your audience
    23. 23. Insights = Engaging Content Use insights to build targeted content that drives engagement Create a branded personality beyond product Build true connections to customers Turn insights to actions and connections to customers for life
    24. 24. “Insights into action” Insights
    25. 25. Build engaging content, deploy universally
    26. 26. Syndicate content on open web
    27. 27. Engagement = Connection Respond & connect with customers on their platform of choice Create scale with workflow & integration with CRM Grow your community of advocates & fans Social media users who receive great service tell an average of 42 people
    28. 28. Discover which content drives engagement
    29. 29. Amplify Compelling Content Manage & execute optimized social ad campaigns Turn awesome content into social compelling ads Max ROI on Paid Advertising Social Profile Turn insights to actions and connections to customers for life.
    30. 30. Focus on most engaging content
    31. 31. Amplify and micro-target best performingcontent via paid ads
    32. 32. Track social ROI Track results in one application Adapt campaigns in real time Use data to create new campaigns with proven results Only 10% of marketers are accurately measuring social ROI
    33. 33. Bring it all together with actionable data andanalytics
    34. 34. CRM Integration: Align Sales, Service & Marketing 82%Adult Internetusers are reachedby social media Social Profile Build social customer profiles Route social insight across your company Listen at social scale and speed Turn insights to actions and connections to customers for life.
    35. 35. So how do we make it happen – a recap1 Listening for Trends 4 Which Content is and Sentiment positively trending to Amplify2 Build Out Social 5 Measure Results Content Distribute Content to Align Sales, Customer3 6 Social and Web Service and Marketing Presences
    36. 36. Turn Connections Into Customers For LifeBuild unified social profiles of yourcustomersLeverage social networks for insightIntegrate with Sales Cloud &Service Cloud +44% Increased social sales
    37. 37. “Connections into customers for life” Increased profitability! More revenue Lower customer service costs. Social Profile Lower customer acquisition costs More advocates selling on your behalf
    38. 38. Customer Success Across Every Metric +59% Improved Campaign Effectiveness Source: Radian6 Customer Relationship Survey conducted December 2011, by an independent third- party, MarketTools Inc., on 800+ customers randomly selected.
    39. 39. Become a Socially Connected Enterprise Cloud . Mobile . Social