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Company webcast royalcast-platform_uk

  1. 1. POWERFUL ’PLUG AND PLAY’ WEBCAST PLATFORM CHOOSE QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM AND SECURITY AND USE ROYALCAST TO PRODUCE YOUR OWN WEBCASTS YOURSELF. The RoyalCast Webcast platform allows you to create your own high quality Webcasts, at any moment in time, from any location and as often as you like. With your own Webcast encoder, licence and audiovisual equipment, you will possess all the equipment needed to start Webcasting and will be certain that your message is being conveyed clearly and powerfully.Shell informs her global management team. If you wish, we can also take the entire process of Webcast production out of your hands and provide a high-quality Full Service Webcast. All this based on the RoyalCast Webcast platform.Deloitte provides periodic updates of her affiliates.WHAT IS WEBCASTING?Webcasting is based on the ‘One to Many’principle, which means it differs from servicessuch as conferencing. With a Webcast you cantherefore reach your entire target group all atonce and from one location.Webcasting allows you to harness the powerof video and PowerPoint slides, in order thatyour target group can follow a presentation orother meeting live. If you wish, viewers can alsoparticipate interactively in the Webcast. Naturallythe Webcast is also available on demand straightafterwards, which means that you can reach yourtarget group online both directly and afterwards.Time and location no longer play a role.
  2. 2. WHAT IS ROYALCAST? ADDITIONAL WEBCASTING SERVICESRoyalCast is the Webcast platform from Company In addition to RoyalCast, Company WebcastWebcast. More than 10 years’ Webcasting also offers additional Webcasting Services.experience has resulted in this unique and If required, we can fully organize a Webcastadvanced ‘Plug and Play’ Webcast platform based for you. In such cases, thanks to our ownon our ‘One to Many’ philosophy. RoyalCast RoyalCast Webcasting platform we can take allenables you to determine when, how often and organization and production activities out offrom where you want to Webcast. your hands and supply a high-quality Full Service Video or Audio Webcast.With a RoyalCast licence you will have theopportunity to produce and distribute your own Production ServicesWebcasts extremely easily and independently If you have your own RoyalCast licence, thento any target group selected by you. You can it’s possible that you may require support inalso enrich your Webcasts with such things as the form of technology and/or audiovisualPowerPoint slides and various interactive equipment in some scenarios. In such cases youmodules. RoyalCast can also be connected can hire a variety of Production Services fromto your existing audiovisual equipment in a us which will aid you in your effort to produce astraightforward manner. successful Webcast. In this regard you can enlist our services for each event and take advantageRoyalCast allows your target group to follow the of our Production Services in any location youWebcast live and to participate in an interactive choose. We also offer video production services.manner. After completion, Webcasts are also If you do not have your own audiovisualavailable on demand. This enables you to reach equipment, or require an extra set, we cana large group of people via a PC, laptop and/or also supply device such as SmartPhones and iPads.Thanks to easy-to-read statistical overviews, for Distribution Serviceseach Webcast you are given a clear picture of the Whether your viewers are using your companynumber of viewers, who viewed it, for how long network and/or from other networks across theand when. globe, with RoyalCast Distribution Services the Webcast is always available. We’ll see to it that your Webcasts are distributed to your viewers in a secure manner. If your target group is on the roadHOW DOES THE ROYALCAST WEBCAST a great deal and/or is equipped with so-calledPLATFORM WORK? mobile devices, then they will still be able to watch the Webcasts. Your viewers can view theThe RoyalCast Webcast platform offers you a total Webcast on their PCs, as well as from an iPad andsolution consisting of the Encoder, the online Android Tablet or mobile phone such as aManager, the Player, the Search Portal and the Blackberry or iPhone.Distribution of the Webcast. Should your company network have bandwidthThe unique thing about the user-friendly restrictions, we can resolve this for you too.RoyalCast Webcast platform is that you do not This usually requires customization, as everyneed any technical knowledge and/or IT support situation is different. Therefore, thousands ofto get started with producing, broadcasting and employees will still be able to simultaneouslyrecording Webcasts. So it’s truly Plug & Play! view the Webcast on their laptops. This is without creating capacity problems in terms ofThe various components of the RoyalCast your own internal network. You can thereforeWebcast platform are explained in more detail be certain that your message is being conveyedbelow: clearly and directly.AUDIO/VIDEO ROYALCAST ENCODER ROYALCAST MANAGERNaturally, every website begins with an audio The RoyalCast Encoder sees to it that the After we have installed the RoyalCast Encoder, ➜ ➜ ➜and/or video signal. This signal is connected to audio/video and the data signal (e.g. PowerPoint have connected it to your audiovisual equipmentthe RoyalCast Encoder. You can use your own or another program) are automatically recorded. and you have followed a short training session,existing audiovisual equipment for this. It is also you will be able to get started immediately withpossible to use your existing video conference The RoyalCast Encoder is in direct contact with the online RoyalCast Manager.system as the audio/video input for the RoyalCast the online RoyalCast Manager over the Internet.Encoder. If you do not have your own audiovisual The RoyalCast Encoder comes in two versions: The RoyalCast Manager offers you the option ofequipment, we can provide you with that as well. a mobile encoder and an encoder that can be scheduling and producing Webcasts and viewing used in a permanent location. The benefit of the management information online. Within a few mobile encoder is that it can be used in several seconds a Webcast will have been produced and locations. The stationary encoder, on the other you will be able to choose to enrich this with hand, is immediately ready to use from a set metadata, e.g. information on the speaker and location due to audio/video, data and the the subject. You can also add PowerPoint slides, Internet already being connected. appendices, documents or links to a Webcast.
  3. 3. Example of the RoyalCast webcast player, with slides running in sync withthe video image. The slides can also be controlled manually. Information onthe speaker and topics is displayed under the video screen. The webcast isalso searchable by section, as well as by the text in the slides.ROYALCAST PLAYER ROYALCAST SEARCH PORTAL ROYALCAST DISTRIBUTION➜ ➜ ➜The RoyalCast Player consists of a video image If a large number of Webcasts are recorded, The RoyalCast Webcast platform is a totalthat runs in synch with a data signal, e.g. a it will be important that your target group solution. Consequently, as an organization youPowerPoint presentation. We will provide you can find the right Webcast quickly and easily. do not have to make any further investments inwith a RoyalCast Player in your own house style. The RoyalCast Search Portal shows several servers, storage, IT support or periodic updates.Viewers can retrospectively search through archived Webcast as well as the Webcasts that It is all included in the annual RoyalCast licence.Webcasts based on text used in the data signal or are to be broadcast in the future. Your target This saves you time and ensures you are able toby navigating through the PowerPoint slides. If the group will find it exceptionally easy to search focus on more important things. With RoyalCastWebcast has been divided into chapters, it will be based on date, speaker and/or subject. The Distribution we see to it that all Webcasts canpossible to search on the basis of this indexation. RoyalCast Search Portal is perfect for integration be viewed by your target group on their PC, Mac into your own website. or Linux computer, as well as on mobile devicesAn MP3 file can be created for each Webcast, that such as iPads, Android or BlackBerry devices.viewers can then download and play as a podcast. RoyalCast Distribution also offers security optionsIt is possible to expand the RoyalCast Player with by means of which Webcasts can be securedinteractive modules such as: ask a question, using such things as an ‘IP Lock out’ and/or achat, poll, questionnaire/survey form, exam/test password.and evaluation. A Webcast can also be shared bymeans of social media.
  4. 4. ROYALCAST AS A ‘MUST HAVE’ WITHINYOUR COMMUNICATION MIX.MANY COMPANIES HAVE ALREADY BEENCONVINCED.If you want to regularly communicate withvarious target groups, then RoyalCast is thesolution for you. RoyalCast has been successfullydeployed as a ‘Proven Technology’ by hundredsof organizations worldwide for extremely variedpurposes.You can use the RoyalCast Webcast platform for avariety of applications, such as:√ Marketing campaigns & sales presentations√ Internal communication, staff meetings & A ROYALCAST WEBCAST… management updates √ Gives you a communication tool that can be√ Quarterly, half-yearly and annual presentations used in a wide variety of ways. of figures √ You will be able to produce and distribute√ Press conferences, analyst meetings & Webcas ts easily and independently. analyst days √ You can create unlimited Webcasts for a fixed√ Strategy updates, shareholder meetings & amount per year. town hall meetings ROYALCAST IS A PRODUCT OF √ You will greatly improve your reach and the COMPANY WEBCAST√ Reorganizations, merger and/or acquisition impact of your message at low costs. plans RoyalCast is the Webcast platform of Company √ Your target group can decide for themselves Webcast. RoyalCast is a unique Webcasting√ CEO announcements, corporate results & where and when they will watch the Webcast. platform and offers ‘Plug & Play’ Webcasting crisis communication solutions for both the viewer and the user. √ You can enhance your audio and video Choosing RoyalCast means choosing quality,√ Web lectures, webinars, online periodic training Webcasts with PowerPoint slides and interactive professionalism and security. You can use & other training sessions modules. RoyalCast to independently produce your own Webcasts; you can also enlist our services√, advertising campaigns & √ Just like hundreds of other organizations world- to take care of a Full Service Webcast for you. sponsorship events wide, you will be getting our Proven Technology. ABOUT COMPANY WEBCAST√ Customer days & product launches √ You will have a total Webcasting solution, including hosting & streaming. Company Webcast specializes in Webcasting√ Events, congresses, seminars & debates and thanks to our customers, partners and √ You will be able to reach your target group live user-friendly solution we are market leader and on demand via the Internet and mobile within the Benelux region. Our customers use telephones. Webcasting for things such as Investor Relations, Corporate Communication, Internal Communication, √ You will have extensive management Marketing Communication and periodic training information about each Webcast and for (accredited or otherwise). From our office in the each viewer. Rivium near Rotterdam, we are active throughout the world for more than 200 organizations √ You will also (if you wish) be able to enlist such as Heineken, Shell, AkzoNobel, AEGON, our services to take care of your Full Service AstraZeneca, the Province of South-Holland Webcast. and Exact. √ You will be able to fulfil your policy with regard To obtain further information about what to sustainability, as well as flexible and home Webcasting entails, and to gain extra inspiration working. about how Webcasting can be used, please refer to our website. For further information on the costs, please refer to our pricing menus. Phone: + 31 (0)10 – 28 29 500 POSTAL ADDRESS Postbus 4461 3006 AL Rotterdam The Netherlands VISITING ADDRESS Crystal Building B Rivium Boulevard 220 2909 LK Capelle Aan Den IJssel The Netherlands
  5. 5. BE INSPIRED BY THE FOLLOWING WEBCAST EXAMPLES: CONFERENCE & SEMINAR The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment used a webcast during its conference on the ‘Labour Market in the year 2020’. Conference speakers included Henk Kamp, Bernard Wientjes and Agens Jongerius. The webcast enabled the ministry to reach a much larger target group than just the conference hall attendees, both live and on-demand. MEMBER MEETING To keep supporters up-to-date on the ongoing pension negotiations, the Dutch public service union Abvakabo FNV webcasted its members meeting so that all of the members who were absent would have the opportunity to hear what was discussed at the members meeting. PROVINCE OF FLEVOLAND To increase involvement in politics, municipalities and provinces are broadcasting their council and assembly meetings live over the Internet. In the webcast player, citizens, journalists, officials, etc., can see the speaker, along with the (current) agenda items and any attachments. Afterwards, the meeting is fully searchable by topic, speaker and party.
  6. 6. STRATEGY UPDATE For its new ‘2014 strategy’, the Board of Directors of the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (the TNO) put on its ‘soapbox sessions’ at various offices. Not all employees were able to attend. That’s why the TNO decided to webcast the sessions, so these employees could still watch the presentations. Even those who were actually able to attend were still interested in the webcast ‘for future reference’.PRESS AND ANALYSTPRESENTATIONSAs an exchange-listed company, Dutchtelecom firm KPN regularly presents itsresults to the press and analysts. KPN useswebcasting to reach these (global) targetgroups with the same information at thesame time. This allows KPN to increaseits transparency as an exchange-listedcompany. GLOBAL WEBCAST FOR EXECUTIVES AkzoNobel uses our webcast solution to reach its (top) executives around the world. In one hour, everyone is up-to-date on the state of affairs, the policy and the outlook. Viewers can participate by asking questions in the webcast player.
  7. 7. WEBINAR Getronics organized its ‘Sustainability & ICT’ webinar to involve its customers and partners in current developments in the field. Several panel members explained their thoughts on various topics, and viewers had the option to submit questions and respond to polls.TRAINING INTERMEDIARIESZwitserleven uses webcasting to providetraining courses to its distributors andintermediaries. In addition to this, theyalso use webcasting to keep intermediariesinformed of developments in the market,new products and current topics. PRODUCT UPDATE OR LAUNCH Toshiba used webcasting to introduce a new Game Laptop. This gave journalists from various countries the opportunity to watch the launch live from Germany, ask questions and report on it directly in the media.
  8. 8. E-LEARNING: HEINEKEN UNIVERSITY Heineken wants to train and reach its (global) employees efficiently and in a targeted manner. This can further reduce expenses for travel and accommodations. Heineken University uses its own cameras, and with the RoyalCast webcasting platform, it can produce (unlimited) webcasts all on its own.WEB LECTURES: BROADCASTAND ARCHIVE LECTURESMany academic institutions webcast allof their lectures, which means studentscan watch lectures from home and evenreplay them at their own leisure. NyenrodeBusiness University uses the RoyalCastwebcasting platform to broadcast its weblectures, as well as other seminars andgatherings of interest. In this way,Nyenrode is building up an enormouswebcast library and retaining knowledgeand information within its organization. CERTIFIED REFRESHER TRAINING Certified refresher courses are offered to general practitioners and diabetes nurses via webcast. Sanofi Aventis has set up the ‘diabetes academy’ and offers all manner of refresher training online for physicians to earn their mandatory certifi- cation points.