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Rx Recruitment


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PPRS: Pharmacy Patient Recruiting Services

Published in: Healthcare
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Rx Recruitment

  1. 1. Introducing a division of
  2. 2. PPRS HELPS COMPANIES REACH • Millions of patients via the pharmacy networks of • Thousands of pharmacies across the US ✓Chain pharmacies ✓Independent pharmacies ✓Specialty pharmacies
  3. 3. PPRS HELPS COMPANIES RECRUIT PATIENTS FOR CLINICAL TRIALS • Clinical trial patient recruitment & retention is a major problem • Pharmacists have not been utilized effectively as recruitment partners • PPRS helps Pharmaceutical Companies, Agencies, CROs and Clinical Trial Sites run patient recruitment programs at pharmacies: ✓WITH a small financial commitment ✓WITHOUT large up-front costs
  4. 4. PPRS ALSO HELPS ENGAGE PHARMACY PATIENTS FOR • Pharmaceutical education and marketing • Health plan marketing • Market research • Digital health programs
  5. 5. PPRS PHARMACY PARTNERS • Set up unique, HIPAA-compliant advertising programs to recruit patients at US pharmacies • Use powerful pharmacy software search engines to help find highly targeted patients • Leverage pharmacists to enroll patients in relevant program at pharmacies or • Contact patients via text or voice messaging
  6. 6. Patient history/ co-morbidities Health Plan Info Age / gender Unique patient identifier number Geography (down to zip code level) PPRS: EXAMPLES OF HOW PHARMACY PARTNERS TARGET ELIGIBLE PATIENTS
  7. 7. The nation’s largest diabetes publisher since 1995, including Walgreens Diabetes & You. We have educated over 100 million pharmacy customers with diabetes, prediabetes and other chronic diseases HCP INFLUENCERS NETWORK Helps companies engage and educate patients with chronic diseases via our network of over 15,000 trusted health care professionals @ 20+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Working with pharmacy retailers & their partner companies • PPRS is part of OmniChannel Health, leaders in health education and engagement • OmniChannel Health works with PPRS customers to create impactful programs for pharmacy patients