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2018 Diabetes


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2018 Diabetes Programs

Published in: Healthcare
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2018 Diabetes

  1. 1. presents Reach patients with diabetes, prediabetes and other health conditions via trusted healthcare professionals Reach Costco members with diabetes, prediabetes and other health conditions who opt-in to
  2. 2. 2 • Our INFLUENCERS are health care professionals (HCPs) including Certified Diabetes Educators, Registered Dietitians, Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. • Our HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCERS NETWORK allows you to connect with over 15,000 HCPs—to educate them about programs, products and initiatives for their patients with diabetes and prediabetes and other chronic conditions. WHO ARE THE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCERS?
  3. 3. 1. We have a database of 20,000 opt-in subscribers who are Costco members with diabetes or prediabetes. We run regular ad campaigns for advertisers, and even send daily emails to over 1,700 subscribers in addition to our weekly newsletter to all regular subscribers. 2. The Diabetes Website is the hub for all diabetes and heart health content, including updates on diabetes and heart health screenings. 3. We continue to add award winning diabetes and heart-health content to also created a very popular Diabetes & Heart Healthy Shopping Guide at CDIABETES.COM SUMMARY Home Page
  4. 4. • The centerpiece of our promotion for is on the Costco Facebook page. • This page has over 1 million fans. • Costco has given us the opportunity to run SEVERAL, regular paid and unpaid posts on their Facebook page to promote and the Costco Diabetes & Heart Healthy Guide on Some links are below: Costco Facebook Page post for CDIABETES.COM PROMOTION
  5. 5. “OmniChannel Health Media has worked with Costco for nearly 20 years, helping us to educate and engage our customers with diabetes. They developed our diabetes website from scratch. The website provides great health content to our Costco customers with diabetes, and it is reviewed by their trusted editorial board. This site highlights the unique benefits of shopping at Costco for people with diabetes, including many articles about diabetes-friendly foods and pharmacy products (Rx and OTC). Overall, they have been an invaluable partner in helping Costco to increase its influence among people with diabetes.” Michael Mastromonica, RPh. Assistant Vice President, Pharmacy Services Costco Pharmacy “Working with Diabetes Influencers created a more widespread digital/social awareness of our diabetes program, and their ground- based networking helped create engagement, interest and participation with individuals, providers and institutions well beyond what we were able to do on our own.” Ron Kaz, RPh. Director, Pharmacy Marketing Albertsons Pharmacy 5 TESTIMONIALS
  7. 7. From the article on about Healthy Food Tours and Retailers, and our company's role in helping to promote diabetes initiatives at Costco: "Educational materials and programs. A growing number of grocery stores have organized efforts to promote healthier decision-making such as diabetes diet information websites offered by Costco and other food retailers and developed by OmniChannel Health Media." GOOD PR FOR CDIABETES.COM