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Queen of spades


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Queen of spades presentation.

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Queen of spades

  1. 1. Jonathan Figueroa Student : AMERICAN LITERATURE Alexander Pushkin The Queen Of Spades
  2. 2. -The Queen Of Spades Means Secret Hostility-
  3. 3. Hermann - Officer of the engineers in the Imperial Russian army.
  4. 4. Hermann used to often watch the other officers gamble, but never played himself. “ I am not in a position to sacrifice the necessary in the hope of gaining the superfluous.” Card Gambling
  5. 5. tomsky - O ne night Tomsky told a story about his grandmother, an elderly countess. Elderly Countess Anna Fedotovna
  6. 6. Count of st. Germain – Told the Countess the secret to win at cards. Young Countess Anna Fedotovna
  7. 7. hermann – Became obssesed with obtaining the secret of the cards. (1949 british film adaptation)
  8. 8. Lizaveta Ivanova – The Countess’ Ward (Companion)
  9. 9. Hermann – Starts courting Lizaveta, and persuades her to let him into the Countess’ house.
  10. 10. Hermann – Once inside the Countess’ house, he demanded the secret from her.
  11. 11. Unexpectedly, the Countess dies because of the shock (fright), after Hermann pointed his gun at her.
  12. 12. Hermann – Fled to Lizaveta’s apartment and told her what happened to the Countess. Afterwards, he escaped with her help. Lizaveta was disgusted and in pain when she realized Hermann’s romantic advances were only a mask for greed.
  13. 13. Hermann – A ttended the funeral of the Countess, and felt terrified when he thought he had seen the old lady open her eyes in the coffin, to look at him mysteriously.
  14. 14. Later that night, the ghost of the Countess appeared. It revealed the secret three cards ( three, seven, ace ). Hermann must play just once each night, and was ordered to marry Lizaveta.
  15. 15. Hermann – Took his entire monetary savings to Tchekalinsky's salon, where wealthy men gambled for high stakes.
  16. 16. Hermann – On the first night, finally playing with the secret, he bet all his money on the three and won. On the second night, he won again, betting on the seven this time, just as planned.
  17. 17. On the third night, Hermann bet on the ace - but when cards were shown, he found out he bet on the Queen of Spades , rather than the ace, and lost everything he had. The Queen then appeared to wink at him.
  18. 19. Hermann – Went insane (mental, crazy, mad ) and was sent to an asylum. He could only keep muttering: “ Three, seven, ace! three, seven, queen! ”
  19. 20. Theatrical Plays & Films
  20. 21. Opera
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