Supranationalism powerpoint


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Supranationalism powerpoint

  1. 1.  When a number of individual states come together to work together toward common goals. Italy, Germany, and Greece all transformed from separate entities into single countries. League of Nations and eventually the United Nations. NATO, NAFTA, the Arab League, and the African Union. The most successful example of supranationalism is the European Union.
  2. 2.  A collection of European countries. They have worked together to create a unique European wide market that has helped keep peace between the nations and raised the standard of living among all its’ citizens. Border control has been removed between member countries, allowing for people to move freely among the E.U. EU decisions are made by joint cooperation between a EU elected parliament, and the individual governments of each country.
  3. 3.  In 1950 France, Belgium, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg united together in the European Coal and Steel Community. The main goal was to make the countries of Europe interdependent on one another so that the continent wide wars of it’s past would stop. Today there are 27 countries in the EU. The member states work together today to maintain the interdependency that keeps Europe peaceful.
  4. 4.  To strengthen member’s economies through the reduction or removal of tariffs ex: “NAFTA” To promote peace through interdependence ex: “EU” To allow for the movement of people throughout member nations. To protect each other, “strength in numbers.” ex: NATO
  5. 5.  European Union as example Economic interdependence started with Benelux countries, France, Ger many reducing tariffs, trading of coal and steel more productive. Reduction of tariffs allows for increased trade activity, trade flourishes and businesses are more successful. Euro allows for more convenient exchange between countries
  6. 6.  For centuries Europe experienced war as the many countries fought one another. By joining together into a supranational entity such as the EU, countries weave their economies together. This interdependence ensures that countries will not go to war with one anther, because attacking one would affect the economy of the aggressor as well. In terms of the EU, the Marshall Plan was the beginning of economic interdependence, as each country in Western Europe had to come together to work out how to spend the money.
  7. 7.  The European Unionallows for the free movementof citizens amongst themember countriesThis freedom lessens theimportance of boundariesand has eliminated the needfor border control amongstthe member nations. The movement of peopleallows for the spreading ofdifferent cultures andpeople, allowing for workopportunities along with asense of being “European”
  8. 8. Supranationalismlessens the importanceof nations.Nations lack “lastingpower” Members ofsupranationalorganizations lose theirindependence, rely onsupranationalorganization.Nations willeventually becomenation states in face ofglobalization andcultural melting pot.
  9. 9. Supranational unionscan bring down a strongcountries economy byhelping other culture.“Cultural Hybridization”can lead to thedestruction of nationsown culture.Supranational unionsbroad laws andregulations do not fit inwith every countriessituation perfectly.Supranationalism canlead to oppression ex:USSR
  10. 10. Supranationalism andGlobalization go “handin hand”Western culturespreading through worldleads to a standardizedculture Independent nationscan form undersupranationalorganizations with theincrease in similarities.Isolationism hasproven not to work ex:Cuba, North KoreaLarge supranationalorganizations will beprimary way for nationsto have global impact.