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Leading in learning as Lead Learners


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Leading in learning as Lead Learners

  1. 1. leading in learning neit 2010 Jonathan E. Martin Head of School St. Gregory College Preparatory School
  2. 2. In this day and age, many schools incorrectly view successful education as an extremely complex process, but the formula for a really first rate education is relatively simple: put highly qualified, caring faculty, and eager, bright youth together in a personalized setting with a robust curriculum– and let things happen.
  3. 3. the world is spinning kevin kelly, what technology wants
  4. 4. leading learning as lead learners
  5. 5. spring 2008
  6. 6. carol dweck, ph.d. mindset
  7. 7. what is the fixed mindset? how does the fixed mindset limit us? what is the growth mindset? what are its advantages? what other comments on Dweck would you share?
  8. 8. dweck take-aways
  9. 9. leading our own learning
  10. 10. read books
  11. 11. a critical part of our job as educators and parents is to understand a child’s daily experience in school… let’s go back to school michael thompson, the pressured child. what matters is what’s happening in the classroom tony wagner, the global achievement gap
  12. 12. visit schools, observe learning, shadow students
  13. 13. network
  14. 14. a coral reef is the planet’s most amazingly fertile place of organic innovation, and twitter today is our coral reef steven b. johnson, where good ideas come from
  15. 15. twitter
  16. 16. blog
  17. 17. how can we promote learning among the adults in our school?
  18. 18. time
  19. 19. structured collaborative reflection & planning cfgs
  20. 20. transparency
  21. 21. experimentation medina, lemov
  22. 22. what’s working in your school?
  23. 23. thank you