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Creativity crash course observation project


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Creativity crash course observation project

  1. 1. Sprouts & Walgreens: A Contrasting Study Jonathan E. Martin Nate Martin (age 10) Creativity: A Crash Course MOOC November 1, 2012
  2. 2. DifferencesNate.• Walgreens is less natural• Sprouts is a grocery store; Walgreen’s drug.• Walgreens is blue , grey and white-Sprouts is green and brownJonathan• Sprouts has higher ceilings, more airy.• Sprouts has lots of unpackaged foods on display; Walgreen’s has only packaged foods.• Sprouts has younger and more “hip” employees.
  3. 3. SimilaritiesNate• They’re both stores• They both have impulse items near the exit• They both have big signs.Jonathan• At both, people are there to get stuff, not browse.• Both have are crowded with merchandise.• Both have a wide variety of items.
  4. 4. Sprouts–suggestions from Jonathan• The “farm stand” design and aesthetic was previously unnoticed by me, but on closer examination it became more apparent and quite appealing. The colors, green and brown, and the carts on which sat food displays, support the effect.• I’d suggest they do more with this– make it more evident than it is now– put out hay or straw in certain places, dress employees in plaids or in overalls, put a tractor in front, put prices on chalkboards, etc.
  5. 5. Walgreens- suggestions from Nate• Not as bright• More adaptive environment [more colorful , different gendered employees, better placed products]• Closer to door pharmacy• Not as bright sign