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Design it Clean 2017


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Introduction to Design Thinking/Water Treatment

Published in: Education
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Design it Clean 2017

  1. 1. Design it Clean The best solutions start with EMPATHY
  2. 2. Design Process What’s wrong with this picture?
  3. 3. Design is a cyclical Process Few!!! That’s better
  4. 4. Empathy First Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. If we can truly understand the challenges of others we can design better solutions
  5. 5. Real World Example Empathy and good design involves constant feedback and improvement. The Embrace website: Designing a $25 Incubator: $25 Incubator Shows Good Design Can Save Lives Affordably:
  6. 6. Water Filter Challenge Let’s look at an example of an issue related to access to clean drinking water. Carter Center Guinea Worm Eradication Program: Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Parasites—Dracunculiasis:
  7. 7. Discussion - write interesting things in your water Journal What is a neglected disease, and why does it exist? What other neglected diseases or neglected problems might stem from lack of clean water? What would you do if you could not easily access clean water? How and why are teams successful when they take on these problems? What ideas might you contribute to helping teams like these identify similar problems and create solutions?
  8. 8. More Resources Let’s look at together Keep track of thoughts and questions in your water journals
  9. 9. Forming Teams When is your birthday? What is good teamwork? What are words that describe good teamwork?
  10. 10. Examine Field Reports The reports that you look over are based in REALITY. These are REAL problems being solved by the following organizations! United Nations The World Bank U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Doctors Without Borders The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation nonprofit organizations (
  11. 11. Field Report Discussion
  12. 12. Area Profiles/Need to know Lists