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Patent wars, Innovation, Roads


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Published in: Technology
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Patent wars, Innovation, Roads

  1. 1. (or the Art of fostering innovation while protecting your assets) @jon_bou
  2. 2. A long time ago in a country far, far away. . . . @jon_bou
  3. 3. Venice, 1450 @jon_bou First regulated patent system on a large scale, mostly in the field of glass making
  4. 4. @jon_bou XVth century Venetian merchants emigrated and spread the use of patents
  5. 5. Why would a French state protect the interests of a Venetian merchant? @jon_bou
  6. 6. @jon_bou Inventor Exclusive rights for commercial use Society Detailed public disclosure of the invention
  7. 7. @jon_bou Exclusive right to sell an invention
  8. 8. An invention is patentable if: @jon_bou • it’s novel • it involves an inventive step • it is industrially applicable
  9. 9. @jon_bou Exclusive right to make copies of creative works that have been instantiated in a tangible form
  10. 10. @jon_bou Innovation spread through the silk road, the spice road, the sea lanes
  11. 11. @jon_bou Truck ideas and Road ideas “in this world there's two kinds of [ideas], my friend” Scott Jensen
  12. 12. @jon_bou Truck ideas…
  13. 13. @jon_bou … and road ideas
  14. 14. @jon_bou ROAD IDEA TRUCK IDEA
  15. 15. @jon_bou ROAD IDEA TRUCK IDEA
  16. 16. @jon_bou ROAD IDEA TRUCK IDEA HTTP
  17. 17. @jon_bou “In The Road Ahead, Bill Gated predicted that the Information Super Highway would rule the future. In the first edition, The Information Super Highway was to be the logical successor to the Internet, but definitely not using Internet technology.” November 1995, First edition The Ben Horowitz leaks:
  18. 18. @jon_bou ROAD IDEA TRUCK IDEA
  19. 19. @jon_bou ROAD IDEA TRUCK IDEA
  20. 20. A little bit of background 1995 @jon_bou 2003 2007 2012 publishes is born acquires sues 2006 licensed under sues 2010
  21. 21. The Google vs Oracle case COPYRIGHT @jon_bou PATENTS DAMAGES
  22. 22. The Two Patents 6061520 RE38104 « Method and system for performing static initialization » « Method and apparatus for resolving data references in generated code » @jon_bou
  23. 23. The Copyright infringement @jon_bou 37 Java packages alleged of infringement: • rangeCheck function (9 lines) • several test files • structure, sequence and organization of the Java API • API documentation
  24. 24. District court April 31, 2012 “Anyone is free under the Copyright Act to write his or her own code to carry out exactly the same function or specification of any methods used in the Java API. It does not matter that the declaration or method header lines are identical
  25. 25. Court of Appeals May 9, 2014 “The structure, sequence and organization of an API are copyrightable”
  26. 26. Did Google infringe the copyright or was it a fair use? Back to the District court Fair use: doctrine that permits limited use of copy-righted material without permission from the right holders
  27. 27. @jon_bou
  28. 28. Well we shouldn’t even care @jon_bou It’s not the moral of the story
  29. 29. « Data is the oil of the XXIst century » (ew) @jon_bou Patents, copyright, sopa/pipa don’t suit data
  30. 30. Beautifully designed APIs protect data @jon_bou
  31. 31. Web APIs are the new software patents @jon_bou PATENT Open data, services and resources to third-parties. Legal and commercial protection and monopoly API Publications and explanations of scientific inventions Counterpart: Legal and commercial protection and monopoly Counterpart:
  32. 32. Open APIs, like patents before, breed ecosystem innovation @jon_bou (… but it’s not enough)
  33. 33. API exploration and discovery @jon_bou (How to scale the API economy ?)
  34. 34. Some are already building the roads @jon_bou {API}Search
  35. 35. « Where we going, man? - I don’t know, but we gotta go. » @jon_bou