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OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors


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Addressing the demands of the digital workforce will only be possible through the simplification and transformation of current HR processes. How can organizations accelerate the day-to-day activities and still provide the agility needed to meet the engagement expectations of the new digital workforce? By extending their SAP SuccessFactors solution with Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText™. Integrated within the SuccessFactors UI, all relevant employee file content is readily accessible to business partners, which empowers them to effectively manage talent, lead HR specific projects and achieve service level expectations of the new generation workforce.

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OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors

  1. 1. OpenText Extended ECM for SAP® SuccessFactors®
  2. 2. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 2 Introducing OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors Supports document management processing from Hire to Retire
  3. 3. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 3 How do you manage your HR Documents? Are you still relying on paper files? HR Document Management Challenges
  4. 4. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 4 HR Processes are Document intensive whether paper or electronic Recruitment & Onboarding Payroll & Comp. Benefits & Health Performance & Management Learning & Development Separation & Retirement Offer Letter Job Description Background Check References I-9 NDA EEO Welcome video Employee Handbook Forms W-2 W-4 Direct Deposit Garnishments Incentive Plan 401 (k) Beneficiaries Bonus Plans Pension Plans Stock Options Executive Plans Verify Dependents FMLA docs STD docs Beneficiaries Direct Deposit Fitness Reimbursement ACA (Affordable Care Act) Performance Review Reference Letter Disciplinary Letter Promotion Letter Transfer Letter Expat Docs Job Analysis Sexual Harassment Trainings Certifications OSHA Training Professional Memberships Videos Term Letter Exit List Un-Employment Vacation Payout Legal Document Retirement Plans COBRA Beneficiaries
  5. 5. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 5 and grow to a massive scale • 30-50 unique HR documents per employee • >2 transactions per documents per year • 7-30 years document retention time
  6. 6. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 6 and massive volume The volume of HR documents and related transactions is massive • 100,000 employees (at ca. 15% turnover rate) • 3 - 5 Million unique HR documents • 6+ Million annual document transactions
  7. 7. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 7 causing key pain points Day-to-day operations High creation, discovery, & archiving costs as well as difficult access for employees and managers Paper handling & storage Secure transportation of employee documents, high costs for printing, copying, mailing, and archiving (in-house + external service) Compliance Keeping up with ever-changing regulations requires high effort and increased risk during audits Legal risk & security loss due to fire, water damage, theft, fines and losing litigation case, secure physical archive and data protection
  8. 8. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 8 HyperConnected Content for HR Processes OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors integrates documents seamlessly into HR Processes
  9. 9. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 9 Easy Employee Collaboration Ÿ Seamless UI integration Ÿ Easy Access Ÿ File sync and share Ÿ Mobile support Only Extended ECM For SAP SuccessFactors provides Efficient HR Administration Ÿ Self-Service Ÿ Document Generation Ÿ Document Onboarding Ÿ HR Reporting & Workflows Ÿ SAP HCM integration Centralized Content Management Ÿ Employee File Ÿ Document Types Ÿ Permission & Control Ÿ HR Workspaces Ÿ Dossier View Ÿ Search Global Information Governance Ÿ Lifecycle Management Ÿ Document Retentions Ÿ Regional Compliance Ÿ Completeness Check Ÿ Audit & Activity Log
  10. 10. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 10 OpenText Extended ECM for SAP SuccessFactors Provides measurable performance benefits and cost savings
  11. 11. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 11 95% Reduction in document duplication 20,000 hours saved per year finding records 360 view of staff files 4200 hrs saved processing, filing and time retrieving documents 89% Quicker HR document creation with improved compliance and less errors 4.5 min call handling time avg 1,800 to 2,000 calls per day Customer Benefits
  12. 12. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 12 Your gain. Guaranteed governance Reduced HR administrative costs Faster implementation Reduced legal risk and liability Reduced service center response time Reduced staff communication cycle time Increased HR staff productivity Better employee satisfaction Reduced IT administration and storage costs
  13. 13. OpenText. ©2016 All Rights Reserved. 13 OpenText Suite for SAP SAP Ariba Solutions | SAP S4/HANA | SAP Hybris | SAP SuccessFactors Solutions | Microsoft INFORMATION DELIVERYINFORMATION MANAGEMENTINFORMATION PROCESSING Invoice Management & OCR Business Center / Digital Content Processing xECM for Sharepoint INFORMATION GOVERNANCE Archiving & Document Access Core Document Presentment Hybris Digital Documents Employee File Management Extended ECM Digital Asset Management xECM for SAP SuccessFactors On Premise | OpenText Cloud | Hybrid
  14. 14. @opentext @jon_beardsley