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  1. 1. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett This Hunger Games point of saleMr. Natty & L’Oreal’ This battery point of sale is very takes up a large area so it more large so it attracts attention andL’Oreal Men Expert noticeable and attracts customer yet it is very thin so it can easily fit attention more easily along with theSituation & Brief onto the end of an isle. It is a very picture/design tells a visual story easy design to remember andTask Analysis & Links FX about the product. It is very different distinguish because of the iconic compared with the other point ofInitial Specification battery pillars either side of the sales because it promotes the product point of sale.Research Plan on more than one side.Person & Product Int’Market Research This Simoniz point of sale has a The glass box covering the product on very bright and distinctive orange this make up point of sale makes the10 Min Observation colour which is good as it means product seem important as it cannot beCompetitive Products customers are more likely to notice touched. But this does mean that you it but this is bad as there is too cannot test the product. The shelves areQuestionnaire much visual noise which could put too enclosed and low down, which makesMood Board the customer off. it hard for the customer to access the product.Product ProfilingCustomer Profiling The pictures on the side of this Loctite This Tatty Teddy point of sale hasResearch Summary point of sale give added information to images of a teddy bear which is the text by giving a visual example. part of the brand that helps you toFurther Specification Also, the words on the side of the point remember the brand as it is partly of sale such as “ Ultra” feel powerful to because it looks lovable to charmEvaluation Pages the customer which could persuade customers, and has simple/fancyEvaluation Pages them to buy the product. The sloping patterns that seem more gradient make it more stable and safer. sophisticated to the averageEvaluation Pages customer.
  2. 2. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & HackettMr. Natty & L’Oreal’ This Coca Cola point of sale stands out This child’s toy point of sale has a as it is a bright red colour and there is catchphrase on it that helps theL’Oreal Men Expert not too much visual noise. The product customer to engage with theSituation & Brief is visible yet kept cool in the lower product and it is spread over the compartment with an example of the whole point of sale which meansTask Analysis & Links FX products on the top shelf. This point of that once the customer reads it theyInitial Specification sale also has wheels so it can be moved. have already sub-consciously looked A bad thing however is that you cannot at the whole unit which could helpResearch Plan see the branding on the roof. them to buy a product.Person & Product Int’Market Research This Iphone 4s point of sale is very This Ipad point of sale has a quirky, simple yet effective because of the curvy shape which could catch10 Min Observation image and product name in the customers attention better as mostCompetitive Products background. As it is an expensive point of sales are square or flat on. product it is available for a trial which is Also the white is a calm colour,Questionnaire good for customers interacting with along with the different colours ofMood Board the product. However, this is not very the cases and the yellow good for sustainable as once the next version is catching a customers eye.Product Profiling released it is redundant.Customer ProfilingResearch Summary The colours of blue and white on this This Bic point of sale found from PG Tips point of sale seem very calm the internet is a good because it isFurther Specification and relaxed to the customer , which not just a random shape but aEvaluation Pages might help them to buy it as they feel scaled up version of the product more comfortable . Plus the monkey is itself. The bright blue catches yourEvaluation Pages seen as friendly to encourage you to attention but it is not too strong inEvaluation Pages buy the product. terms of visual noise.
  3. 3. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & HackettMr. Natty & L’Oreal’ This Krispy Kreme point of sale is very This Milka point of sale has a clear theme large so it attracts customer attention relating to the product. The iconic MilkaL’Oreal Men Expert easily but I find the size compared to cow helps it appeal to younger childrenSituation & Brief product volume is not worth effective. and the cow print helps the point of sale The green and white colours are not too look more like a cow. The iconic purpleTask Analysis & Links FX much and the product is well lit. To get a colour helps the customer to identify theInitial Specification doughnut from the top shelf can be product with the buckets adding to the difficult for a customer so it is not the cow theme.Research Plan most ergonomic point of sale.Person & Product Int’ This doughnut point of sale’s brightMarket Research The TV screens on this JML point of pink colouring is eye-catching but I find sale are really good as they attract the10 Min Observation it is too much visual noise. The glass- customers attention with the sound sided design means that you can seeCompetitive Products while giving a visual demonstration of the products even at the back of the the product without being overQuestionnaire point of sale. I like the slide mechanism interactive or using up the product as it as it means you don’t have to reach toMood Board is virtual. The blue and white colours the back as the next product will slide are also very calming for the customer.Product Profiling down once a doughnut is taken.Customer Profiling This Garnier point of sale has a very iconic This National Lottery point of sale is veryResearch Summary double helix shape. The bright green is iconic because of the bubble-like shape andFurther Specification good for catching a customers eye but all blue & grey colours. This has to be a design being one colour is too much visual noise. that is easy to recognise as so many peopleEvaluation Pages Also the design of the point of sale means do the national lottery. This is deliberatelyEvaluation Pages that the product is not easily accessible in placed by the front of the store so be places such as the middle. people will see it once they enter the shopEvaluation Pages plus when they have done all of their shopping.
  4. 4. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & HackettMr. Natty & L’Oreal’L’Oreal Men Expert  Lynx products are aimed at young men from the ages of 11-25. Lynx packaging is very bright and bold with a range of interesting patterns andSituation & Brief swirls in colours such as blue, green, yellow and orange usually with a black lidTask Analysis & Links FX or edging. Lynx have a range of fresh smelling deodorants and shower gels that are made to appeal to the younger man.Initial SpecificationResearch PlanPerson & Product Int’Market Research10 Min ObservationCompetitive ProductsQuestionnaireMood BoardProduct ProfilingCustomer ProfilingResearch Summary  Fish are a specialist hair styling brand with a traditional Soho salonFurther Specification theme. However, the Fish packaging and product design is veryEvaluation Pages bright and extravagant with packaging colours including bright blues, bold red and luminous greens. Fish aim their products at theEvaluation Pages young adult through to the middle aged man.Evaluation Pages
  5. 5. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & HackettMr. Natty & L’Oreal’L’Oreal Men Expert  Old Spice have a very masculine range of products for the middle aged man. The product is usually packaged in a tall, thin capsule with the OldSituation & Brief Spice logo of a sailing ship. The main branding colours are red and whiteTask Analysis & Links FX with some turquoise blue as a secondary colour.Initial SpecificationResearch PlanPerson & Product Int’Market Research10 Min ObservationCompetitive ProductsQuestionnaireMood BoardProduct ProfilingCustomer ProfilingResearch SummaryFurther Specification  Hackett are a very smart and stylish brand aiming at the younger aged man. Hackett have a vision of fashion and style with the aspect ofEvaluation Pages social interaction and being with friends. Hackett packaging is veryEvaluation Pages simple with just the name and minimal information. Typical Hackett colours are blue and white sometimes including silver or justEvaluation Pages transparent.
  6. 6. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & HackettMr. Natty & L’Oreal’L’Oreal Men Expert  Mr. Natty is a male grooming company that is presented as an old fashionedSituation & Brief concept with modern colours and ingredients. Most of the Mr. Natty productsTask Analysis & Links FX come in a little tub and the Bay Rum type aftershave in a bottle. There is a large emphasis on facial hair and moustaches, with other areas as well.Initial SpecificationResearch PlanPerson & Product Int’Market Research10 Min ObservationCompetitive ProductsQuestionnaireMood BoardProduct ProfilingCustomer ProfilingResearch SummaryFurther SpecificationEvaluation Pages  L’Oreal Men Expert are aimed at the older and more mature man. Their product line has a scientific emphasis with the fighting of wrinkles and greying hair theEvaluation Pages main selling areas. The brands main colours are orange and grey nut hey alsoEvaluation Pages have black, white and some opaque areas.
  7. 7. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & HackettMr. Natty & L’Oreal’L’Oreal Men ExpertSituation & Brief  The L’Oreal Men Expert brand is aimed at the 30yr-50yr old age category. L’Oreal Men Expert are a more of a scientifically based brand, designing products moreTask Analysis & Links FX for the effect of the product than the fragrance or the scent. The type of peopleInitial Specification who would buy this brand of product are people who are conscious about their visual appearance under the effects of aging and time. This product is also aResearch Plan more mature man’s and gentlemens type of product and not designed for thePerson & Product Int’ younger generation of people who do not yet feel the effects of aging. Some of the products are focussed on being used to improve a man’s skin e.g. to fightMarket Research against wrinkles and other products include remedies for a man’s hair e.g. to10 Min Observation remove grey hairs. Models and other brand promoting figures include the names of Pierce Brosnan, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Cantona and Hugh Laurie. TheyCompetitive Products promote the products by showing the target market and engaging with peopleQuestionnaire who would use the L’Oreal Men Expert range of products.Mood BoardProduct ProfilingCustomer ProfilingResearch SummaryFurther SpecificationEvaluation PagesEvaluation PagesEvaluation Pages
  8. 8. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & HackettMr. Natty & L’Oreal’ Situation:L’Oreal Men Expert  LOreal Men Expert need a new point of sale display unit that helps to introduce younger customers than theSituation & Brief normal target market to the brand so that they will know about and want to purchase the product in the future when they become a customer in the target market age range. The point of sale display unit also needsTask Analysis & Links FX to raise the awareness of the brand to past and existing customers.Initial SpecificationResearch PlanPerson & Product Int’ Design Brief:Market Research  I will design and make a point of sale display unit for the male grooming company L’Oreal Men Expert. The point of sale will appeal to a slightly younger band of customers than the usual target market in order to get10 Min Observation them involved with the brand for the future. The point of sale display unit will also include the typical brandCompetitive Products colours of orange and grey whilst clearly displaying the brand name and any important regarding theQuestionnaire product. The point of sale should also attract the attention of existing customers to the brand to encourage them to spend more money on L’Oreal Men Expert products.Mood BoardProduct ProfilingCustomer ProfilingResearch SummaryFurther SpecificationEvaluation PagesEvaluation PagesEvaluation Pages
  9. 9. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & Fish Task Analysis LINKS FX: Establishing a need:Old Spice & Hackett Logical = L Illogical = I  Functionality & Features: Colours, pictures, shapes, design,  Too much writing  Stand out and advertises brand materials, video, smells, sounds, tasting, textures.  Ergonomic considerations  Not enough informationMr. Natty & L’Oreal’  Reflects the brand  No branding  Visibility & Position: In it’s own space, no other choice or products  Draw in customers-sound, video, lights  Visual NoiseL’Oreal Men Expert in the way/around it, eye-level hanging, moving.  You can see the product  Too interactive , no intent of purchase  Use of testers  Removing product from the POS  USP – Unique Selling PointSituation & Brief  Target Markets: Young, teenaged, middle aged, older  Position in relation to foot fall  Too many options generation, male or female, unisex.  Below eye levelTask Analysis & Links FX Need = N  Be Sustainable  Aesthetics/Branding: Shape & colour scheme, name & price of  To clearly display the product  Allow customer interaction with the productInitial Specification product, lighting, from a distance/up close, distinctive, eyefall.  Attract customer attention  Must clearly display the branding  Materials: Plastics, glass, metal, wood, finishes: reflective, matte,  Hold the potential customers attentionResearch Plan Display any important information clearly smooth, textured, recyclable, sources.   Give the customer ability to access and purchase the productPerson & Product Int’  Safety: No spiky edges, any parts that stick out, brightness, sound  Consider ergonomics, safety and theft level, fire resistant, not combustible/explosive Keep = K and Scrap = S (From initial investigation)Market Research  Pillars on battery POS Height of JML Screens  Sustainability: Materials used, uses for other products/designs,  Simple Iphone 4 POS Luminous orange on car wax10 Min Observation recyclable, adaptable, component replacements  National Lottery shape Coca Cola roof branding  Cow theme for Milka Doughnut height for Krispy Kreme  Environment: What type of shop, which isle/area, positioning,  PG Tips monkey & colours Shelf height for LoctiteCompetitive Products  Coca Cola rainbow design Red pattern on make up direction of display, consideration of footfall and eyefall.  Scaled up product-BIC Colour of other doughnut POSQuestionnaire  Information on Hunger Games Black colour on Teddy POS  Interactivity: Samples, testers, sensors, theme, method of  Concept of JML Screens Luminous green on Garnier purchase, use of 5 senses (video, smells, sounds, tasting, textures)  Tagline on child’s toy POS Shelves for make up POSMood Board  Garnier POS DNA shape Sustainability of Iphone POS  Information on Loctite POS Design of Ipad case POS  Social Networking/Web: Use of QR and barcodes, Facebook/Product Profiling twitter pages, website (layout and branding). Form vs Function = F  A product/POS has to have a good form, meaning a good appearance and visualCustomer Profiling  Construction: Where will it be made, processes, assembly, source features to interest the customer and make them want to buy it. However a good product/POS needs to have a good function, meaning it has good features and be of a of materials, types of glue/joints. good quality/reliability etc. A company who do this well are Apple. They have a range ofResearch Summary good looking products, so have a good form. They also have great features,  Ergonomics: Ease of view/reach, distance from customer to applications and they last a long time, so they have a good function as well. AnotherFurther Specification product, level, position/angle. company who do this well are Aston Martin with good looking and performing cars. X Factor = XEvaluation Pages  Price: Value of the product, reputation of the brand, time it will be Some POS displays stand out from the rest, this is because they have an X Factor. I have used for, type of shop it is in. chosen what I believe to be the best features that are the most effective.Evaluation Pages  A POS that is the scaled up version of the product/does what the product does  Future: Future products/releases of the brand, trends/fashions,  A POS with an odd shape that is iconic/easy to remember like the national lottery POS other companies , direction of the market/technology.  A POS that either moves, floats in the air or is suspended somehowEvaluation Pages  A POS that impacts on customers senses e.g. smells, sound, taste, texture, video (JML)  A POS that speaks to the customer when a movement sensor is activated  A POS that glows in the dark and has an enticing lighting system.
  10. 10. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & HackettMr. Natty & L’Oreal’  Aesthetics: The point of sale must display the iconic L’Oreal Men Expert branding colours of grey, orange and black. The point of sale must clearlyL’Oreal Men Expert display the brand name and show the colours of blue for L’Oreal and then the white for the Men Expert. It must also display the relevant information for the product.Situation & Brief  Cost: The point of sale must have good quantity to value ratio meaning that the amount of money that is spent on each point of sale is in proportion toTask Analysis & Links FX how point of sales will be made. This will affect whether the point of sale will be made of high or low cost materials. Depending on big the point of sale is depends on how much it will cost in floor space in a shop. The cost can vary depending if the point of sales are delivered whole or that they areInitial Specification collected in a flat pack form and are assembled separately to the manufacturer.Research Plan  Customer: The point of sale must be aimed for the target market that the actual product is aimed for. The shops that this point of sale will appear in must be the type of shops that the target customer will be going into and shopping in. Also the type of area or place that the customer will shop, workPerson & Product Int’ or live.Market Research  Environment: The point of sale must be positioned in a place that has consideration of customer foot fall, whether outside or inside and the type of products or themes that the point of sale will be with. For example if all the other products have an Olympic theme it could have something that ties in10 Min Observation with that theme. The product must have some consideration about sustainability and where the materials and components come from.Competitive Products  Size: The point of sale should have considerations for ergonomics/anthropometrics and how the customer will see or touch the point of sale. The size of the point of sale must reflect the size of the actual product. It must also be stable for it’s height or shape so that it will not fall over. Depending onQuestionnaire how big the point of sale is and how much floor space it takes up will determine the cost to the shop of putting up the point of sale.Mood Board  Safety: The point of sale must have safety in respective of the customer. For example not be a choking hazard for children or have sharp edges. It must also be stable so it doesn’t fall on anyone. The point of sale must also be safe for the staff in the shop as if a thief tries to steal the point of sale or theProduct Profiling product the staff will be the people who have to try stop the thief which could be dangerous to the staff unless the shop has a specific security team to protect these types of products.Customer Profiling  Function: The point of sale must market the product and attract the desired target market. It could have a tester or some way of showing what theResearch Summary product does. The point of sale could display some history of the brand or some sort of scientific element to make the point of sale/product seem more advanced. Along with the tester it could have some sort of interactive element to it to attract and keep customer attention.Further Specification  Materials: The point of sale could be made of materials like steel, orange plastics, glass and possibly some black high impact polystyrene as theseEvaluation Pages materials fit the colour scheme and typical design of the brand.Evaluation PagesEvaluation Pages
  11. 11. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett Primary Research:  Market Research:  Person & Product Interaction: Secondary Research:Mr. Natty & L’Oreal’ I will look at current brands in the male grooming market and I will go into a male grooming store and  Mood Board:L’Oreal Men Expert then create a diagram contrasting the target market age watch how people touch and interact with I will look for pictures that I believe are ranges to cost. I should then see a correlation between specific products. I want to find out how a relevant to the brand and target market thatSituation & Brief L’Oreal Men Expert and the other brands in the market. I will I am aiming at. Using this, I hope to associate customer interacts with a product and what then use this information to see how expensive the design of other brands and products to L’Oreal MenTask Analysis & Links FX they do with it, so I can find out ways to my point of sale will have to be in order to fit into the quality Expert to gain a view of what a potential of the brand and those competing around it. I will look in keep a customer interested at my point of customer is into. I will look in shops and useInitial Specification shops and on the internet to find out an approximate cost sale and to interact with it so that they the internet for the pictures. Before I do this I from a brand and the age range the brand is aiming at. might purchase the product on my point of need to think the products and designs thatResearch Plan sale display. you would you would associate with thePerson & Product Int’ brand L’Oreal Men Expert.  Ten Minute Observation: I will go into a male grooming store and WeekMarket Research stand for ten minutes watching certain Gantt Chart 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Product Profiling: customers. I want to find out the main I will look at the L’Oreal Men Expert range10 Min Observation 1. Investigation and of products and assess their colours, areas of customer footfall, so I know Clarification of problems designs and shapes. Along with this I willCompetitive Products where to position my point of sale and 2. Development of determine which products I like and look the main areas of eyefall, where the good, to the products I do not like so well.Questionnaire Design proposal customers look. Before I do this I roughly I will do this to learn more about theMood Board need to know the layout of the shore and 3. Making/Modelling brand, the type of products that they where the specific men’s products are. I design and the design of the packaging. IProduct Profiling also want to find out what colours and 4. Evaluation and Testing can use this to create an accurate point of designs might interest or attract a sale in relation to the brand of L’OrealCustomer Profiling Men Expert. customer.  Questionnaire:Research Summary I will create a questionnaire containing  Competitive Products:  Customer Profiling: various questions regarding point of sale I will research the type of things that myFurther Specification I will look at the current brands that I would consider to displays, age and L’Oreal Men Expert, that I type of customer are into. I will study things compete with L’Oreal Men Expert in the male groomingEvaluation Pages will give to a number of middle aged men. I like: where they might live, their holidays, market. I will then analyse the aspects of the other brands and what makes them a competitor and if there are any features or will then collect in the results and adapt my cars, travel, habits, likes and other socialEvaluation Pages design ideas to the views and influences of economics. I will then use this information to design ideas that help them stand out in the market. I will then see how I could apply these things to L’Oreal Men Expert to the target market. Before I do this I need to understand my customer better so I canEvaluation Pages create a point of sale display that would create a point of sale that not only reflects the brand well but decide who I will give the questionnaire to fits in well to the rest of the market. and where I will conduct the research. appeal to them, to make them buy the product.
  12. 12. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett  As part of my research I went to Boots, John Lewis and House of Fraser. While I was in the male grooming section of these shops I watched people how different customers were interacting with products on shelving units, to get an ideaMr. Natty & L’Oreal’ of basic person and product interaction then how the customers interacted with the point of sale display units. I then recorded exactly what the customer did and the common behaviour that I noticed with the customers was:L’Oreal Men Expert  For Shelves: The customer would walk up to the shelf/isle then they would briefly look over the whole shelf/isle beforeSituation & Brief being attracted by a particular product, design or colour scheme.  The customer would then pick up that product and read the information on the front of the product. If the customer wasTask Analysis & Links FX not impressed by this information or design at close inspection they would return the product to the shelf and look for another product that had caught their eye.Initial Specification  Once the customer has selected the product that they want, they would feel how much the product weighs, considerResearch Plan how it fitted into their hand, shake it and consider other ergonomics.  The customer would sometimes pretend how they might use the product and usually open the lid to smell the product.Person & Product Int’ If they liked the smell, ergonomics and thought that the product fulfilled their needs they would then briefly read the information on the back of the product and want to know the price.Market Research  If the price was not visible or there was a complicated deal/offer then it would put the customer off buying the product. However, if the customer had clearly seen the price and there was no complex offer then the customer would put the10 Min Observation product into their basket.  Finally, the customer would briefly check the whole isle as they walked towards the checkout/other department butCompetitive Products never picking up another product as they do not have enough time.Questionnaire  For a point of sale: The customer would walk up to it and look straight at the design, pictures and features before looking at the product or brand. If this looked appealing to the customer they would touch the product as it is usuallyMood Board being touched in picture (If there is one), and to get a feel for the product. Example: In this picture you can see a  Once the point of sale has got the product into the customers hand they would spray it on to their hand or cardboard picture of someone holding the product.Product Profiling test strip if there was one. The product is also available for testing and is easily accessible for the customer  If the customer liked the smell of the product then they would look for and take the packaged version from the side of to purchase the product. The name of theCustomer Profiling the point of sale but didn’t bother if they couldn’t see the product or if they had to ask to get it. product and the brand are also visible.Research Summary  What I have learnt:Further Specification  I have learnt that people initially look for a sophisticated visual design to catch their eye.  The point of sale must then feel comfortable to the customer as they interact with it.Evaluation Pages  The point of sale must display interesting and relevant information, especially the price and brand name.Evaluation Pages  A picture helps the customer to interact with the product, along with some sort of sample.  If I apply these things to my point of sale it should make it appealing to the customers.Evaluation Pages  The product must easily be accessible for purchase and must not have too much choice as will put the customer off.
  13. 13. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett Lab Series is aimed one of the oldestMr. Natty & L’Oreal’ target markets and it has a high cost. It is also a very scientific brand.L’Oreal Men Expert  What I have learnt:Situation & Brief From this diagram that I have created I can see the correlation between the age of target markets to the costTask Analysis & Links FX of products from a range of brands. I can see that L’OrealInitial Specification Men Expert is in the upper right quadrant alongside brands like Lab Series, Regaine and Dove Men + Care and Nivea forResearch Plan men in the male grooming market. These are the competing products with L’Oreal Men expert as they havePerson & Product Int’ the same target market are of a similar cost.Market Research10 Min ObservationCompetitive ProductsQuestionnaireMood BoardProduct ProfilingCustomer ProfilingResearch SummaryFurther SpecificationEvaluation Pages Lynx has the lowest cost in comparison to the rest of the market and it has theEvaluation Pages lowest aged target market. Hear are some pictures of DoveEvaluation Pages Men + Care and Nivea for Men that I took when I was carrying out my research.
  14. 14. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett  While I was in Boots, John Lewis and House of Fraser I stood in the male grooming section for tenMr. Natty & L’Oreal’ minutes in each store and watched how customers went around the store, where they looked andL’Oreal Men Expert what else they did. The common patterns and other things that I noticed were:Situation & Brief  In the ten minutes:  Once people had entered the store they were attracted by areas in the shop that did not fit theTask Analysis & Links FX pattern of the store layout. For example a isle that is perpendicular to the rest.  I also noticed that one of the best places to place a point of sale is in at the top or bottom of anInitial Specification escalator. This is because the customer is fixed in line to the point of sale until they get off theResearch Plan escalator and is kept there for an extended time as the escalator moves rather slowly.  The male grooming area is usually at the side or back of the store near the checkouts.Person & Product Int’  Staff are usually located by the more expensive products to provide security and to help shift theMarket Research more expensive items to the passing customers by giving information and advice.  Once in the male grooming area the customers usually look just below eye level but when walking10 Min Observation around, eye level is the most effective height for attracting customer attention.Competitive Products  Silver is the most common colour that appeals to middle aged customers, along with a intuitive design that is simple otherwise the customer finds it too much.Questionnaire  All ages of people go into the male grooming area and they all browse the entire set of age ranges for products just because of the design of the some products.Mood Board  Point of sales that are just in open space get seen but are not always processed by the customer,Product Profiling yet point of sales near the product they are promoting are much more effective.  Middle aged men only like one or two brighter colours per product otherwise it is too bright.Customer Profiling  Too much choice or limited accessibility to a product often put the customer off buying.Research Summary  Traditional and scientific based brands appeal to the middle aged customer.  Customers usually pass through areas at the sides of the store to get to male grooming.Further SpecificationEvaluation Pages  What I have Learnt:  From my observations I know that by putting my point of sale somewhere like at the top of anEvaluation Pages escalator, it will attract more attention and more sales.  Having a picture on the point of sale helps customers to visualise the product.Evaluation Pages  Having a staff member by my point of sale can help the sales and security of the brands products.  A good design and appropriate colour schemes can attract people from other target markets.
  15. 15. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & Fish  Brands that would compete:Old Spice & HackettMr. Natty & L’Oreal’  LAB Series:  Nivea for Men: This brand aims at the middle aged man This brand aims at the slightly youngerL’Oreal Men Expert and older with simple packaging with a middle aged man and contains a blue main colour of white and secondary colour and white colour scheme oftenSituation & Brief of mainly blue or green. This brand would containing silver as a secondary colour.Task Analysis & Links FX compete with L’Oreal Men Expert because This brand would compete with L’Oreal they specialise in the scientific side of the Men Expert because they have a rangeInitial Specification product and spend a lot of money on the of slightly more affordable products designing and testing of ingredients to which are well designed and haveResearch Plan make their products do the job. This is appealing packaging. L’Oreal MenPerson & Product Int’ similar to L’Oreal Men Expert as they also Expert have well designed products too spend time perfecting their ingredients. but customers may go for a lower price.Market Research10 Min ObservationCCompetitive Products ompetitive  Dove Men + Care:  Regaine:Questionnaire This brand aims around the middle aged man This brand aims at a specific target market with a grey and white colour scheme with that can vary in age. The customers thatMood Board secondary colours such as blue, green and they aim for are suffering from hair loss andProduct Profiling red. This brand would compete with L’Oreal balding. Their main product is the foam Men Expert because of the emphasis of being which would compete with L’Oreal MenCustomer Profiling caring and gentle on skin with soothing Expert as they are a specialist brand with all creams and gentle moisturisers. L’Oreal Men of their knowledge in a single product whichResearch Summary Expert have a similar range so would compete could make it better that the L’Oreal MenFurther Specification with this brand. Expert range of hair treatments .Evaluation Pages  What I have learnt:Evaluation Pages From this analysis of the competing brands I know that my point of sale will have to be of a moderate cost so that it increases the visual value ofEvaluation Pages the products so that they will be able to compete with Lab series. I also know that the point of sale will have to show that the products are gentle and effective to compete with Dove Men + Care. My point of sale must also be well designed if it is to compete with Nivea for Men. Finally, the point of sale must show that the products are of a specialist quality to help them compete with Regaine.
  16. 16. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett  I created the questionnaire (right) that contains 10 questions about pointMr. Natty & L’Oreal’ of sales, age and L’Oreal Men Expert. Then I gave this questionnaire to a range of middle aged men around the L’Oreal Men Expert target market.L’Oreal Men Expert Once I had collected the answers in I created a table (below) containing the results of my research.Situation & BriefTask Analysis & Links FX Response: Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4 Question:Initial Specification Q1) Age O% 55 % 40 % 5%Research Plan Q2) Issues 20 % 35 % 2% 20 %Person & Product Int’ Q3) Concern 5% 65 % 20 % 10 %Market Research Q4) Product use 10 % 50 % 20 % 20 %10 Min Observation Q5) L’Oreal M.E 25 % 60 % 12 % 3%Competitive Products Q6) Feature 30 % 10 % 45 % 15 %Questionnaire Q7) Colours 40 % 25 % 15 % 20 %Mood Board Q8) Information 30 % 55 % 15 %Product Profiling Q9) Images on POS 10 % 60 % 25 % 5%Customer Profiling Q10) Interactive 5% 60 % 35 % O%Research SummaryFurther Specification  I have found out that: From my target age range, not that many people suffer from an ageEvaluation Pages related problem. However, they are concerned about the future effect and most people in this target market are prepared to buy a product if it isEvaluation Pages presented in the right way. People look for a well designed POS first thenEvaluation Pages one with good colouring, then interactivity and information. Also that they don’t want too little or too much information, would usually prefer a picture on the POS and would prefer an interactive POS.
  17. 17. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett  These Images: Depict the watches they would wear, shaving products they would use, the cars they would drive and a few images relating them to the brand.Mr. Natty & L’Oreal’L’Oreal Men ExpertSituation & BriefTask Analysis & Links FXInitial SpecificationResearch PlanPerson & Product Int’Market Research10 Min ObservationCompetitive ProductsQuestionnaireMood BoardProduct ProfilingCustomer ProfilingResearch SummaryFurther SpecificationEvaluation Pages  The customer would drive a silver Jaguar or a silver Mercedes type car:Evaluation Pages  What I have learnt: With all of these images I can see which brands L’Oreal Men Expert is associated with and define what type of products my target customer isEvaluation Pages into. This is shown through the type of person my target customer is: a middle aged man that shaves with Gillette and has hair just before or during aging, open collar shirt, silver watch and brown shoes. Cars that this target customer would typically drive would be a silver Jaguar or Mercedes. The orange and silver products relate to L’Oreal Men Expert, and the DNA structure shows how it is a scientific brand.
  18. 18. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett  L’Oreal Men Expert have a range of products for the middle to older aged man with an emphasis onMr. Natty & L’Oreal’ treating and preventing the effects of aging like grey hair, wrinkles and dry skin, these objectives are visible in the design and the packaging of the L’Oreal Men Expert products.L’Oreal Men Expert  The packaging and branding of the L’Oreal Men Expert range of products are mainly orange and silverSituation & Brief in colour. Orange, to catch the customers eye and attention. Then accompanies by a softened silver type colour to present the product as good quality and to look more expensive.Task Analysis & Links FX  The secondary colours that accompany the orange and silver are black and white, these colours are usually used for the information and text/text boxes and in contrast with each other.Initial Specification  The L’Oreal Men Expert range of products often have a small section of information on the front of theResearch Plan product which includes the brand name, the products name and some scientific information about what the product is used for and what area it helps/treats. While giving some written detail about thePerson & Product Int’ product they also enhance the design and layout.Market Research  The layout of the packaging/design is not usually full on square, so they have an indented side, an The eye roller has too much visual unsymmetrical layout or overlapping features. noise & the text is too small while10 Min Observation  The products can come in a variety of cases and containers depending on the product itself. For the all black title on the icy cleansing gel would look better inCompetitive Products example, the face wash comes in a typical triangular casing, moisturising lotion in a small squirt-able two colours. It is unsymmetrical. tub and the eye roller in a rod. They all have a circular base and can stand up on their own.Questionnaire  I personally like the indented edge design on the moisturiser and other products, I also like the “L’Oreal” text in white and then the “Men Expert” in black. I don’t think the brand name looks as goodMood Board or appealing in just a single colour.Product Profiling  With the eye roller I think that the whole design in orange is a bit too much visual noise and the text size is a bit too small compared to the product.Customer Profiling  The average size of a L’Oreal Men Expert product is 10cm tall and 5cm wide-(Excluding the eye rollerResearch Summary and moisturising stick). This will be useful determining the size of my point of sale display.  The products don’t weigh very much so the point of sale does not have to support a large amount ofFurther Specification weight and the products don’t contain any easily breakable materials.Evaluation Pages  What I have learnt: This moisturiser has the Now that I have looked into the designing and packaging of the L’Oreal Men Expert range of products, I indented edge and goodEvaluation Pages can now create a point of sale display that will not only portray the brand well but will also compliment and combination of the fourEvaluation Pages blend in with the products that they design as well. I now know that I need to include all four colours in my branding colours. The title point of sale and have some sort of indented or overlapping edges. I now also have a good knowledge and is good as it contains two understanding about the type of products that L’Oreal Men Expert design and manufacture. colours instead of just one.
  19. 19. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett The type of customer that would use L’Oreal Men Expert would:Mr. Natty & L’Oreal’  Middle aged-Is at a mature, well established age and not be too young or too oldL’Oreal Men Expert  Family man-He has a wife, possibly children and is very caring and approachableSituation & Brief  Job-He has a reasonably high and steady income from a respectable companyTask Analysis & Links FX  Income-Earns a good living and has a disposable income that is regularly used  Accommodation-Lives in a detached house with sizeable rooms and gardenInitial Specification  Location-Lives on the edge of a known town with modern and well kept facilitiesResearch Plan  Casual Fashion-Often wears an open button type shirt with brown leather shoesPerson & Product Int’  Travel-Drives a well priced car such as a silver Jaguar or silver Mercedes  Timekeeping-Wears a silver watch of a more expensive than average brandMarket Research  Holidays-Goes on moderately costing holidays to exotic locations multiple times10 Min Observation every year. Travels business, sometimes first class with British Airways  Grooming-Shaves with Gillette, styles their hair and uses a mature aftershaveCompetitive Products  Mentality-Keeps up with fashion and trends while having their unique style, also looksQuestionnaire for decent products that can help with their aging to keep up their public imageMood Board  Likes-Interested in some sport like golf, some culture and colours like silver  Habits-Watches the news, is punctual, intellectual and always writes with a fountain penProduct Profiling  Social Status-Well respected, goes on regular dinner outings to friends & restaurantsCustomer Profiling  Background-Middle to high class working family, with one or two brothers/sistersResearch Summary  Food & Drink-A good taste in wine, steaks, expensive bread and some cheesesFurther Specification  What I have learnt:Evaluation Pages I now know a lot more about the type of customer that I am aiming my point of sale at. This helps me because it means that I know more about what my target customer likes, how they think andEvaluation Pages what they look for in a product/ point of sale. Studying their habits and other information has givenEvaluation Pages me ideas on how I can make my point of sale appealing to this target market and this in turn will make my point of sale successful and effective.
  20. 20. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett  Competitive Products:  Ten Minute Observation:Mr. Natty & L’Oreal’ • L’Oreal Men Expert is in competition with brands such as Nivea for Men, Dove Men + • A great place that attracts customers attention is Care, Regaine and Lab Series at the top of the bottom of an escalatorL’Oreal Men Expert • My point of sale will have to be of a moderate cost and have a moderate visual value • A picture helps a customer visualise the product • It should show that the products are sensitive on skin and effective at its’ purpose • Having a staff member with my point of sale, itSituation & Brief • It must also be well layed out, look appealing and show specialist brand knowledge will help to sell product and have more securityTask Analysis & Links FX • A good design and an appropriate colour scheme can attract customers from other target markets  Customer Profiling:Initial Specification • From this I now understand more about the type of customer that I am aiming at. My customer lives in a fairly modern detached house with a good job, family, goes on  Person & Product Interaction:Research Plan exotic yet moderately costing holidays, wears a silver watch, has a good taste in wine, • People look for a sophisticated visual designPerson & Product Int’ wears an open collar shirt with brown shoes and is a respectable figure with a good social status. • It must feel comfortable during interaction • Display relevant information: Price/NamesMarket Research • Product needs to be accessible for purchase  Market Research:10 Min Observation • L’Oreal Men Expert appears in the upper region of the market in terms of cost and age • There is not too much choice range. It is next to brands like Lab Series. This shows that more money is spent on the • Include a picture and a sample/testerCompetitive Products more scientific products which I should apply to my point of sale. At the opposite endQuestionnaire of the scale the low cost, low age option is clearly LYNX.  Product Profiling: • I need to create a point of sale that mainlyMood Board contains the colours of orange and silver but  Mood Board: also includes black and whiteProduct Profiling • I can see that the customer who would buy L’Oreal Men Expert would also buy from • My point of sale must include an indented edge, brands like Gillette, Jaguar, Mercedes, Omega and items such as brown shoes . The overlapping features or an off centre displayCustomer Profiling other images show items and products relating or that I consider relevant when • The point of sale must blend in with the product designing my point of sale. This includes images of oranges , people of an • The colour of the brand name on the point ofResearch Summary approximate target market and a DNA strand. sale needs to made up of more than one colourFurther Specification  Questionnaire: This page is the summary of allEvaluation Pages • Not that many people suffer from age related problems from the L’Oreal Men Expert target market of my research from the different • People just buy the products because they worry about the future effects and their public imageEvaluation Pages • Prepared are prepared to buy anti-aging products if they are marketed in an appealing way research methods that I haveEvaluation Pages • An interesting design is the most important aspect in a point of sale then the colouring, then used. I have put it all together to interactivity and then lastly information, there should not be too little or too much show what I have learnt from my • A point of sale looks more appealing if it has a picture and they are more likely to buy it if it is interactive research.
  21. 21. Navigation:Initial ResearchInitial Research 2Initial Research 3Lynx & FishOld Spice & Hackett  Aesthetics:  Cost:  It should look appealing to the middle aged man  The point of sale should be of a moderate cost and not overly expensiveMr. Natty & L’Oreal’  The materials must show quality to the brand but not be too expensive  It should have the branding colours of orange,L’Oreal Men Expert silver, black and white  It should be easy to recognise as part of the L’Oreal  Customer:Situation & Brief Men Expert brand  It should aim at the same target market as the brand  It should display the brand name, product name  It should be appealing for the middle aged manTask Analysis & Links FX and any other relevant information  It should have an interactive feature that engages with that target marketInitial Specification  It should contain an image that relates to the brand  It should have an appropriate lay out  Environment:Research Plan  It should be in the male grooming section of a store like BootsPerson & Product Int’  It should be placed by the L’Oreal Men Expert range of products  Safety:  Another good place is to put it at the top of an escalatorMarket Research  It should not have any overly pointy or overly sharp features that could be a hazard to a customer  Function:10 Min Observation  It should have a stable base that doesn’t fall over  The point of sale should attract the target market it is aimed forCompetitive Products and can cope under a shop scenario  It should promote the brand and it’s range of products  It should not contain any harmful objects like a  It should have a tester/a way for the customer to trial the productQuestionnaire biohazard, a radioactive element, fuel or chemicals  It should have some sort of interactive feature that in some way allows  It should be well built, in regards that it does not fall the customer to engage with the POS/product that holds their attentionMood Board apart after a short amount of time  It must be comfortable and ergonomic to interact withProduct Profiling  Materials:Customer Profiling  Size:  It should be made of reliable and lasting materials  It should be fairly ergonomic to interact with, so not  It could include some metal, possibly aluminium/steel, some plasticResearch Summary too high up or too low down possibly acrylic/high impact polystyrene, glass and some others  It should be large enough to accompany the  The materials should look attractive and appealingFurther Specification product that it is promotingEvaluation Pages  It should not be too tall and should have a considerably stable base  Page Summary:Evaluation Pages  With all of these things under consideration I will be able to apply  It should not be overly big in the respect it will costEvaluation Pages to much to display in floor space them to the design of my point of sale display to make it successful for my target market and that it works well under all of the categories.