Jonathan O Toole, 0650935.


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Jonathan O Toole, 0650935.

  1. 1. Infant between the ages of 12-24 months. Product for home use by parents and adult family members. Product to by let out by Enable Ireland and Mid-Western Health Board etc. Product to improve balance, posture and walking pattern. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: A DEVICE TO HELP DISABLED INFANTS WALK IN AN EARLIER STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT, the product will be aimed for home use. The family will go to a professional physiotherapist to see if this product could be used to help the infant. The main stakeholder groups will be in- fanrs who suffer from Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome and Cerebal Palsy. w One in one thousand childern have Spina Bifida in Ireland May of these childern never walk. One in six hundred babies have Down Syndrome in Ireland. One in eight hundred babies have Cerebal Palsy with motor problems.
  2. 2. Support for harness for infant safety Overhanging Support Shell nice simple shape easy to clean. Vacuum Formed sides for Modular Design Clean white belt for easy clean and healthy surface for infants. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  3. 3. Series of rollers on walking surface. Hard solid shell with smooth edges. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  4. 4. Soft padding around shell. Whole track bed made of ball bearings in housings. Ball bed promotes easy movement and also the infant can walk in reverse. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  5. 5. Infant can wear shoes. Ball bearings can be small and held close together. Balls that will be visable on track. Ball bearing location bed. Balls held in housing. Balls are spaced out on bed to provide moving surface for infants to walk on. Spring. Product present sensor. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  6. 6. Safety tubing to hang harness from. Circle frame design. Safe soft edges loads of room Jonathan O Toole, 0650935 for controls.
  7. 7. Pivot chair on the product to help infants parents/family members to see to infants foot steps. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  8. 8. Suppport frame also for harness. Projector for Cause & Effect. Support frame. Track projects image to help with Gait pattern. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  9. 9. Infants feet create ripples on the water The cause and effect Fish swim away surface. playing helps with the to hide for ripple. infants development. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  10. 10. Sensor mate to help with balance & posture sensor feedback. Patterns are one whole gait step apart from each other. The infants foot act like the switch to play to music. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  11. 11. A projection screen that folds out from the treadmill that can be projected on or a pattern belt can be attached. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  12. 12. Track surface can be changed from hard to soft. All pads are held within products wall/shell. Solid hard plate under soft cushion pad. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  13. 13. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  14. 14. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  15. 15. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  16. 16. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  17. 17. infant can be just placed in over or under strap could be used. Support beam could be used to support infant. Elastic enclose. No harness but still the infant is fully supported. Infants center of gravity in center of product & support beam. Moving platform of the slow moving treadmill. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  18. 18. Support beams give Structure beams to a little bounce but support the support are still strong and beams where the very saft. infant would be placed. Supporting infants without using harness. Jonathan O Toole, 0650935
  19. 19. “I’m an InDiviDual First” Jonathan O Toole, 0650935