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A Social Business Plan for Vounteering


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A co-design approach towards a sustainable business plan for volunteering at the Euclid conference in Naples in September 2010

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A Social Business Plan for Vounteering

  1. 1. Challenge 3 (Mylene Jonker and Jonas Piet)A Social BusinessPlan for Gioco
  2. 2. So who is Gioco?
  3. 3. The problem:“Culture is the only power we have to change the city & faceillegality. If we educate people, we avoid that they go intoillegality, and society doesn’t have to recover this situation.”“It seems a simple thing, but we don’t succeed becauseinvestment in culture is considered loosing money”Martina Romanello, Gioco
  4. 4. The Big Idea:From an ‘artisan-way’ To a ‘Wiki-way’ of co-production Gioco initiates activities Some people initiate, many in a localized network contribute (financial/non-financial) (Gioco provides space, tools, etc.)
  5. 5. How that could work for Gioco:Profitable Activities Self-funded Activities we(e.g. Pizzafest) (e.g. Theatrelab) won’t charge for (e.g. Playlab)Capitalising on assets Crowdsourcing & Cross-funding & CSR& social value Finding new things people pay fore.g. Storytelling session e.g. Theatre e.g. Connectingwith a company (while production funded the Playlab to a Giftthe Cooklab caters) upfront + pillow rent Matching Program
  6. 6. The setup of a Lab nowadays the idea funding approved end presentation small part of the entire process funding proposal waiting... still awaiting the funding...
  7. 7. The setup of a new Lab... 1st idea contributions 2 idea nd presentation idea revised share sustained involvement big part of the entire process New sit uation!
  8. 8. Step 1:Open upG I O C OWhat we do: With the aim to:Use free online/offline platforms more people, more contributionsSet up an advisory team think beyond individual projectsDo an evaluation session to learn what works
  9. 9. Revenue Theatre Lab (Dec)Step 2: EuroUp Sell expected crowdfunding drinks & food ticket sales pillow rentWhat we do: With the aim to:Experiment with ways Build experience withto monetise revenue modelsEvaluate the impact Learn what works Write success stories (toCollect evidence apply for funding Step 3)
  10. 10. How do weStep 3: work? 2. 3. 1. 6.Scale up 4. 5. sociazione e dalla Circo- scuola elementare nel scrizione di S. Giovanni Comune di Torrioni a Teduccio., nell’ambito (AV); - spettacolo di della quale abbiamo animazione di strada allestito una mostra sulla con i “piccoli artisti di civiltà contadina: strada” nell’ambito della VI edizione dello • Attività ludiche Strit festival; nell’ambito delle iniziative previste per • Attività ludiche in oc- la carovana antimafia casione del “Marano vanni a Teducci, Comune in collaborazione con ragazzi spot festival”; Attività di animazione di strada nell’ambito di Napoli 94° Servizio l’associazione “LIBERA”; Assessorato alla dignità; • Atività ludiche per le vie dell’iniziativa “Vivamo partecipazione alla “Festa • Attività ludiche in del Comune di Portici in insieme il nostro quartiere” della primavera”, promossa occasione della occasione del Natale; promossa dal Centro d’incontro “Asterix” S. Gio- dalla Consulta delle as- inaugurazione dellaWhat we do: With the aim to:Repeat & package methods Multiply Gioco’s activitiesNew projects to offer to New incomeclients in commissionShare methods Communicate impact, increase credibility
  11. 11. Potential contributions from partnersduring setup (matching with) CSR Programs Help writing funding proposals Governance Entrepreneural advice Impact evaluation Cultural collaborations Best practice Networks Gioco Setup + Inspiration Core team Advisory team Other partners