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The childish indian or How to Avoid the Negative Stereotype


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A talk presented at Agile India 2012 in Bangalore, India.

Published in: Business, Technology
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The childish indian or How to Avoid the Negative Stereotype

  1. 1. How to AvoidThe Stereotype ofThe Childish Indian
  2. 2. A Difficult TopicIndians are NOT childishThe stereotype is immaturePeople are professionalTwo culturesSliding scale
  3. 3. About MeLiving in New DelhiAgile CoachTeam LeadSolution ArchitectDeveloperDanish and Indian distributed team
  4. 4. The ProblemInherent problem in distributed teamsLack of trustBut more so outsourcing to IndiaWhy?
  5. 5. AgendaExplaining theNegative Stereotype Time Morality Responsibility
  6. 6. Time - storiesThe TrainerOffice Mornings
  7. 7. Time - discussionPerspective: Indian time Danish timeHow late is late?
  8. 8. Time - solutionsSimple Dont be late Let people know if you are lateNot so simple Discuss time culture in your office
  9. 9. Morality - storiesCold DrinksOffice Candy
  10. 10. Morality - storiesQueuingPlaying theGame
  11. 11. Morality - discussionPerspective: Indian morality Danish moralitySitting in a Team - Explain the stereotype to a Dane
  12. 12. Morality - solutionsNo easy solutionDiscuss working cultureExplain the issues that are a fact in India
  13. 13. Responsibility - storiesWork AloneTake InitiativeFollow UpCommunicate Defects or Delays
  14. 14. Responsibility - discussionPerspective Danish ideal of the professional employeeBrainstorm Put post-its on the wall
  15. 15. Responsibility - solutionsThe Indian Ideal of the professional employeeShow responsibilityMeans to get thereThese are very difficult things - agile methods can help
  16. 16. Avoiding the StereotypeYou can do itStart by stating the issues Ask - Listen - ExplainFind a common solution
  17. 17. Agile methodsExtreme ProgrammingScrumRetrospectivePlanningWhole Team
  18. 18. Cultural TheoriesOur wayYour wayA common wayHow to get there?